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Why Install Domestic Electric Gates

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  • 01-03-2022
Why Install Domestic Electric Gates

Why should I install domestic electric gates? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. Find out more about the benefits of electric gate installations to your home and family. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Electric Gates At Your Home?

Homeowners strive for safety when in the comfort of their home or private property. A sure-fire way to achieve that feeling of safety is to have professional installers install automated or electric gates with access control systems on your premises.

Whether you aim to keep away dangerous inhabitants, unwanted visitors, potential burglars or the convenience of being able to lock your doors, fences and gates from anywhere, it may be a wise idea to invest in an electric gate system.

Let's take a look at the many ways that installing a normal set of stunning electric gates with access control can be such a fantastic advantage to keeping your property safe.

The most significant benefit is increased security for your property, a worthy investment. You and your family members or housemates can rest assured that no one you disapprove of can enter your home or property without your permission.

You have all the power either with intercom systems, remote controls, an app or a security key and once gates and doors are completely closed with their electric locks, no one but you and your household can enter.

How Does An Electric Gate Increase Property Value?

Why Install Domestic Electric Gates

When using electric gates, pets and young children will be safe and protected inside your residential properties, meaning they won't wander out of your home and get themselves lost. 

If you ever decide to sell your home, you can improve the overall resale value by 5%, as this feature assures new buyers that they will always feel safe and secure in their own homes.

Electric gates add plenty of aesthetic appeal and qualities; they can elevate the exterior appearance of your property.

Whether you settle on modern, chic wooden electric gates or grandiose ornate metal gates, you can genuinely wow your neighbours, community and future buyers. 

Increased Safety & Security

One of the most significant reasons most people install electric or automatic gates is for safety, security and complete control over their premises and belongings. With such systems and access control methods, you can have complete home security and peace of mind that your family will be safe and sound throughout each day.

Audio communications, CCTV cameras at the front gates, sensors and other controls, you can successfully identify callers before they even reach your door. Electric gates with these features help deter nuisance callers and suspicious visitors that could vandalise the property or steal from you as operators have to allow entry.

Protection For Your Home

Automatic gates offer various benefits that will allow homeowners and customers to rest assured that your gates will firmly close and lock after entering your property for the day or night. It will sufficiently protect your home and gardens from unwanted visitors, wildlife and pests and prevent traffic in built-up areas. Businesses also offer covert surveillance and protection as another feature you may add if you find it significant. 

Long Term Investment

When installing automated gates, you must be aware that it is a long-term investment that will ultimately increase the appeal and value of your home or property.

Whether sliding, vertical or wing gates, automated gate systems can add approximately 5% to your household value and speed up its sale duration to potential buyers.

Insurers tend to provide discounts to encourage homeowners to purchase safety and security gate systems to enhance the desirability of a house.

Protection For Your Home

It's also much more of an investment as, if you wish to gain high durability systems, you don't want to be looking at cheaper options.

If your home is in a vulnerable area or you have been under threat before, you'll want to invest in security gear at a higher price so that your house can be safe in the long term as opposed to the short term.

Don't hesitate to contact a local professional gate installation company or services to discuss free quotes or your budget. 

Privacy For Your Home

One of the many benefits of having solid gates or a close board is providing an immense increased sense of privacy. Your home should be your safety net and sanctuary, and many automated systems available to you can grant you many personal benefits and be an excellent deterrent.

I can grant you locked doors, access to camera views around your property, and even noise reduction options for those who live beside main roads or busy schools and educational compounds. Gates can prevent parking violations, illegal or improper turning on your driveway and dumped vehicles or furniture. 


Add Value To Your Property

We encourage those with the right budget to install electric gates into their property to further your home's curb appeal for potential future buyers.

Depending on the style and materials you select, automated gates can be a thing of beauty.

Alongside securing the robust security that they offer your home, this can fetch the price of your property up by a lot if you were ever to sell your home.

Whether you want steel, wrought iron or aluminium gates or wooden gates, the choice is truly up to you to enhance the durability and appeal. 


Convenience when it comes to access control systems; having the opportunity to close, open and lock your gates at any time with the click of a button, app or remote will mean you never have to do it manually. It's safe to say it adds a whole lot of ease to your daily life. 

Range Of Styles To Choose From

Electric gates come in a range of styles, and many companies that supply and manufacture them can customise them to suit the customer's requirements; there are limitless possibilities. Your sliding, swing or vertical lift gate could have all the necessary control systems to suit your needs and accommodate your specific space!

Easy To Maintain

Automated electric gates are incredibly straightforward to maintain.

Typically, low usage domestic and residential driveway gates should be thoroughly serviced by professional installers approximately 1-2 times a year.

One of our top tips is to keep checking on them every so often.

If you notice any wear and tear or faults with the access controls, contact local gate automation professionals to assess the maintenance issues and find solutions. 


Access Control Systems

Access control systems offer a straightforward mechanism allowing operators to open and close your property's automatic gates from the comfort of your home. 

These systems often include methods that allow you to visibly see and talk to your visitors when they arrive in front of your home so that you may comfortably let them inside by opening and closing the doors behind them. Controls can be wired or wireless, for example, GSM technology, radio or Wi-Fi. 

It can include additional components and devices, such as release buttons that one outside cannot access, proximity cards or tags and keypads at the gate. 

You could also choose to lay cables below your driveway that vehicles need to drive over to activate your system and gain entry.

Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.