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What Materials Should I Choose

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  • What Materials Should I Choose
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  • 12-07-2017
What Materials Should I Choose

What Materials Should I Choose For My New Gate?

Hard Wood Gates

With the exception of the 5-bar 'ranch kind' gates, wood gates tend to be solid, hence partially/totally blocking one's view to your property. 

The drawback is that all-natural warping, growth, and turning of the framework could occur. When it comes to a new gate, one service is to construct a metal structure which is then clad with timber. Hardwood is most expensive however can be best in the long-term.

Completely sheeted gates do not allow the wind to spill through them. This implies that we have to use a lot stronger operators and increase the safety and security tools that are called for. Wood gates tend to be greater upkeep.

Our Softwood gates are constructed out of a top-notch Scandinavian Redwood.  The frames are 70mm thick and the interior boards 21mm thick. We complete our Softwood gates with a gold brownish tarnish where we dip the gates in allowing the therapy to soak right into the joints for a time.

When gates have been fitted and have had time for the therapy to settle you could apply an additional discolour to a colour of your choice.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron is visually much more classy and strong with a long lifespan. They are suitable for both swing and moving gates of all dimensions as well as tend to call for less maintenance. Our regular gate styles are finished up by hot dipped galvanised or powder layered for reduced upkeep and an attractive look.

Our typical style driveway and estate gates are designed to match any style of home. With a big variety of gate design to select from, you can be sure of locating your best gate.

All our estate gates are made to measure and we could always personalise the design. This will provide you with an absolutely unique functioned iron gate.

A reasonable amount of preparation ought to be routed to safety.  Such as where a pedestrian could safely walk. Think about what safety and security functions will be needed and where you will site them. For additional information on security please see below. To recap:

  • How will the gate open?
  • What room will the gate inhabit as it relocates?
  • What security functions will be utilised to shield automobiles and pedestrians?
  • Is eviction aperture wide enough for cars turning in?
  • Is there sufficient area for automobiles to manoeuvre on the driveway? 
  • Can vehicles park without blocking the gates or security features?