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What Is The Electric Gate Installation Cost

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  • 07-03-2022
What Is The Electric Gate Installation Cost

Have you considered installing electric automated gates on your property? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. This article looks into the  electric gate installation cost for your home or business.

Electric Driveway Gate Installation Cost Guide

Most driveway gates tend to cost a few hundred pounds; however, when you add together all the elements and contributing factors, you may find that the price rises. These are all of the costs and estimated electric gate prices of installation for wooden and metal gates (wrought iron):

Wooden Swing Gate, 


(1.15 metres x 1.8 metres)

  • Supply Cost (Gate Only) = £250 - £1,700
  • Labour Cost = £250 - £500
  • Total Cost = £500 - £1,200

Wooden Swing Gate, 


(1.45 metres x 2.4 metres)

  • Supply Cost (Gate Only) = £500 - £1,850
  • Labour Cost = £300 - £600
  • Total Cost = £800 - £2,450

Wooden Swing Gate, 


(2.05 metres x 3 metres)

  • Supply Cost (Gate Only) = £750 - £2,400
  • Labour Cost = £400 - £800
  • Total Cost = £1,150 - £3,200

Wrought Iron Swing Gate, Small

(1.15 metres x 1.8 metres)

  • Supply Cost (Gate Only) = £160 - £430
  • Labour Cost = £250 - £500
  • Total Cost = £410 - £930

Wrought Iron Swing Gate, 


(1.45 metres x 2.4 metres)

  • Supply Cost (Gate Only) = £570 - £1,460 
  • Labour Cost = £300 - £600
  • Total Cost = £870 - £2,060

Wrought Iron Swing Gate, Large

(2.05 metres x 3 metres)

  • Supply Cost (Gate Only) = £820 - £1,900
  • Labour Cost = £400 - £800
  • Total Cost = £1,220 - £2,700

As the gate gets bigger in both width and height, your professionals will require more materials, engineers and time to complete the job, meaning the price will ultimately rise. 

The higher quality your gate is, the more costly it will be, for example, if you pick systems with powerful motors, expensive materials, etc. There is a wide range of design options, such as welded-mesh gates, palisade gates, balustrade gates and many more; the design aspect will also impact the price ranges, so keep this in mind. 

How Does An Electric Gate Increase Property Value?

How much do automatic gates cost? 

For those searching for electric gates for their property or household, it's wise to ensure you get a solid idea of the prices before you begin mindlessly purchasing. 

It is imperative to stay within your overall budget, so we have summarised the prices so that you can have a quick look at what it may cost you to have an automatic gate system installed on your property:

Swing Gates 3m Aluminium

  • Supply Cost (Including VAT) = £1,500+
  • Install Cost (Including VAT) = £500+
  • Total Cost = £2,000+

Sliding Gates 3m Aluminium

  • Supply Cost (Including VAT) = £2,000+
  • Install Cost (Including VAT) = £600+
  • Total Cost = £2,600+

Bifold Gates 3m Aluminium

  • Supply Cost (Including VAT) = £3,000+
  • Install Cost (Including VAT) = £1,000+
  • Total Cost = £4,000+

Residential Electric Gates Cost (Driveway Gate)

  • Total Cost = £2,000+

Electric Wooden Gates

  • Install Cost (Including VAT) = £1,000+

Installation Electric Gate Cost (Per Hour)

  • Total Cost = £35-£65

Electric gate installer's hourly rates.

The hourly labour costs of an electric gate installation job or project is often a third of the overall total costs. 

That being said, you should be prepared for installation costs to sit in a region of £35 - £65 per hour

The size of your opening mechanism, the complexity of the task, the duration time, and the number of engineers required will dramatically affect the overall cost.

Types of gate automation:

Swing gates

For ornamental swing gates, you often have 1 or 2 wings that will open outward or inward, much like that of mansions or stately homes you may see on TV! 

They are usually cheaper than sliding gates as they possess a more straightforward automation system. 

We do not recommend this style for those with sloped driveways. Invest in gate stops to promptly fix your swing gate motors into place for operators that may be driving through.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates allow homeowners to have a specific gate that slides across the whole opening or perhaps two that meet in the middle. 

The cost is often a tad more expensive as they require extensive groundworks for underground gate automation and drainage labour alongside the fact they are more complex to have installed. 

What does the installation process involve, and how long does it take?

Before you have professionals install automated gates onto your property, you must initially do some investigations to assess whether you require planning permission. 

Suppose your gate is taller than 1 or 2 metres, close by a motorway or public footpath adjacent. In that case, you will require planning permission from your local authority to continue your gate installation project. 

You can utilise resources such as the  Planning Portal , which will provide you with plenty of necessary information on gaining permission. 

Professionals are usually granted permission on installing new gates if your household or property site consists of a solid foundation so that they can fit automation or drainage methods into place seamlessly.

At this point, installers will run certified electricity supply technology into the gates, and any remote power, smart hubs or access control box solutions are installed. Next, they will fully install pillars into a deep concrete foundation to support the gate. 

The last step is to install the automation mechanisms and attach them securely to the pillars and gate panels so that you may open them with ease. Such may include gate automation kits and other forms of access control that gate operators have purchased. 

The duration of time it takes for professionals to install electric gates will often vary depending on the extent of groundworks required for underground systems, the sourcing of the materials, the size of your property and the availability of the contractors you have chosen. 

Installation costs of electric gates tend to sit in a region of £1,000 - £3,000; however, this will depend on the extent of work and the supplier selected.

What Affects the cost of Electric Driveway Gates?

For those that have more of an upward slope at their household driveway entrance, you'll quickly discover that swing gates aren't the suitable option, as they will ultimately limit the space for your car or walkway. 

If you still wish to use them, perhaps because they fit better aesthetically, you can have professionals install gate hinges that tilt your gates upwards when they open, thus creating more space for yourself and the vehicle. 

Many people select swinging gates installed into their entrance with significant gaps inserted at the bottom; this isn't the wisest idea. It doesn't provide efficient security and can create an unattractive appearance. 

Many manufacturers across the market recommend sliding gates for those entrances and homes that have significant space on either side of where your potential gate would be placed, especially if you have a slope. 

Your driveway or entrance's size will also be a factor that impacts the final cost. Suppose you find you have a relatively unusual sized driveway. 

In that case, you may require a bespoke gate service, as opposed to purchasing a standard size entrance, as that way, they can tailor the gate to your household measurements. 

As you may expect, bespoke gates tend to cost much more money because they are hand-made, unlike many machine manufactured standard gates available.

Your gate motors are directly connected to your specific electrical supply. Suppose you discover there is no straightforward access to your current electric supply. 

In that case, you must contact a professional electrician; they can move your electricity supply closer to your gate for convenience. It is vital that you can still open your doors manually in a power failure.

There are five primary material types that most customers can select when installing gates, they consist of the following:

Steel and Aluminium Gates:- These metals are mid-priced materials, both easy to maintain and incredibly durable. 

Wrought Iron Gates:- While this material is on the more expensive side, it can be long-lasting if maintained regularly. 

PVC Gates:- PVC is highly lightweight and therefore not as long-lasting as any other option; however, it is the cheapest material. We wouldn't rate this material as one of your immediate choices unless you look for a lighter gate. You may find yourself consistently paying for replacement parts.

Hardwood Gates:- Oak is one of the most expensive wood materials out of the existing wood types; however, it offers incredible durability.

Softwood Gates:- It is paramount that you keep up regular maintenance on this material as it is not as durable as metals or hardwood options, yet it is far cheaper. Maintenance costs may make your experience with these gates far more costly. 

Keep in mind that the design you select for your gate will have more of an effect on the final cost. More standard, basic set-up styles and designs will cost less than more customised options and tailor-made to your taste. 

Contact local tradespeople and professionals in your area for further advice and accurate quotations to assess against your budget. 

Your final electronic gate running costs will be affected by numerous factors, including the type of opening you choose. The most straightforward construction open is a swing gate; they are effortless to install, and therefore, the duration of the building process will not be too long. 

You may uncover that swing gates are generally a much cheaper option compared to sliding gates. The price difference between small wrought iron sliding gates and small wrought iron swing gates is often between £1,770 down to £790. So, if you're looking to save money whilst acquiring a brand-new gate, we suggest a swing gate. 

Your gate posts are often created from brick piers, concrete, wood, or metal materials. You must know that installing new ones will add to your overall construction cost for those who do not have any existing gate posts or foundations that require holes. 

Professional bricklayers will usually charge around £25 - £30 per hour. Any bricklaying job or project tends to take one or two days to complete; however, this mainly depends on the overall size of your site and the posts you desire for your gate. You mustn't forget to include the overall price of the materials you have chosen for the gate. 

For those with existing posts, you want to ensure that posts are solid and durable enough to handle the weight of your gates before they are officially installed on your property. 

If you discover that your posts are wobbly or feel like they aren't as sturdy as they once were, they may need to be reinforced. Often if you have gate posts that are less than six inches or so in diameter or less than six square inches, they typically have to be reinforced. 

When you install an electric gate or automated gate, there are some essential accessories that you can purchase to help enhance your experience of the product. Some of these products aren't always necessary, but if you have the budget to buy them - why not! 

A more vital accessory might be a gate post; these are essential for holding your gates. It's also significant for you to ensure you have a parcel or letterbox, as this will allow your local postman or delivery service to leave any parcels or letters outside your home in a safe location without the need to come up to your front door. 

It also ensures packages aren't returned to the post office or the delivery company if you aren't home to retrieve them.  

Other accessories are simply options, and you can indulge in such purchases; for example, those who desire the security and safety of a fully automated system should consider buying wired or wireless controls alongside video or audio intercom systems. 

You are free to leave other features and accessories, such as keypads and push buttons, if you wish to save money on your electric gate systems, more expensive motors and access control. These are aspects that you can add on later with additional costs. 

Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.