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What Do Electric Wooden Gates Cost

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  • 22-11-2022
What Do Electric Wooden Gates Cost

Are you asking: what do electric wooden gates cost? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. We look at the factors affecting the cost of an electric gate. Read this before buying a new driveway gate.

Why install a driveway gate?

Driveway gates are generally the first thing guests, friends, family, and bypassers notice when visiting or walking past your house or property. Gates of this kind infuse style, personality and functionality to your home's curb appeal, alongside unique features to enhance the level of privacy or security.

You can utilise these fantastic gate mechanisms with a built-in power supply and structures to shield you from the streets, making it more challenging for intruders, vandals and burglars to gain entry. Gates offer thorough protection from young children and pets, as they won't be able to escape your front or back garden.

You can also install a new driveway gate with single sliding gates or an electric gate system with brand-new gate hinges to replace an old existing gate that is so faulty professionals cannot repair it. 

Adding Value To Your Home With Electric Gates

How much do wooden driveway gates cost?

Wooden gates can curate a beautiful entrance or flat driveway to your household or property, as there is a wide range of styles, types and wood designs to select from. It can be one of the cheapest yet most stunning types of driveway gates depending on the number of gate panels and the materials, especially those that fall in the lower cost range.

As a material, wood offers affordable privacy and excellent designs; however, many types require frequent maintenance to ensure they are consistently aesthetically pleasing. Wooden driveway gates have an average running cost of £1,650, with £1,000 for materials and £650 for labour. 

How much do automatic gates cost? 

For those considering an electric gate installation for their home or property, we recommend collecting price estimations ahead of time so that you can pick your own gate style, colours, patterns, sizes, and professionals to suit your theme and budget.

Keeping within budget is crucial, and there are plenty of estimator websites and sources online that can assist you in curating a suitable, accurate average.

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) monitor numerous professional estimating companies on different prices across the industry.

You can expect to pay total prices that span from £1,500-£1,300 purely on raw materials and approximately £500-£1,000 for its electric gate installation costs.

What Do Electric Wooden Gates Cost

On the other hand, additional electric gate costs must be considered when creating a reasonable and accurate project budget, such as maintenance costs, access control box complexity, gate automation kits, electricity supply, design, and others. 

Factors affecting the cost of electric gates

The highest cost comes from the different aspects of the electric gate, which include the following factors:

Opening methods: For those that have selected more complex or industrial 4G intercom system devices, these are typically more costly to buy than a standard hardwired intercom. However, you'll have to pay more for professional cabling performed by electricians for hardwired gate systems, hydraulic systems, linear screw motors, single-gate motors or subterranean motors that ensure electric garden gates work. You may struggle between a swing or sliding electric gates; however, both offer a wide range of pros and cons to consider.

The size: The wider and higher your electric gate is, the more it will cost due to the amount of material, gate posts, and mechanisms used to build it. Suppose your entrance is of a unique size; this will increase the electric driveway gate costs immensely, as it can be more challenging labour.

Its design: It's more expensive to have professionals implement gates with intricate and ornate design work instead of standard designs common throughout the local area. There are numerous bespoke designer brands with vast collections at premium electric gate prices. Another factor that adds to the overall cost is the type of finish and colour used.

The materials: There are numerous materials to choose from that will affect the overall costs, and these include the following:

PVC is the cheapest and lightest option to select and incredibly straightforward to maintain, so if you desire a lighter gate, this is one choice. However, it is the least secure or durable material. Softwood gates are one of the lowest-costing materials available; however, they could be more cost-effective as their low security and durability make them relatively high maintenance to install. Hardwood is a mid-priced material option with much lower maintenance than softwood, more secure and durable. It is the most cost-effective garden gate material to save money in the long term. Aluminium gates or Steel gates are incredibly durable with fantastic privacy and security, making them reasonably low maintenance. Wrought iron is one of the most expensive options with high-quality security; however, it still requires plenty of maintenance as it is prone to rust.

The average cost of installing electric gates

You can buy electric gates that are a standard 3ft high by 10ft wide metal electric gate for approximately £800-£850, which is a relatively affordable price of a few hundred pounds.

However, a similar electric gate system of the same measurements with underground gate automation will cost around £3,000-£3,500.

A 10ft broad metal driveway range with a 6ft metal gate to cover it will usually be available from prices around £1,300-£5,300 to have these electric gates fitted.

What ramps up the costs is the various factors included, such as the type of opening mechanism and the overall quality of the electric gates selected.

How Much Do Automatic Gates Cost?

Two swing gates with threaded ram motors and swing arm openers with gate stops for gate operators are cheaper than automatic sliding gates with underground motors, which are more expensive.

Tradesmen Costs for Installing Electric Gates

Typically, the installation cost won't just account for the electric gates themselves; it will also include tradesmen costs. 

The costs of such installation will be determined by its level of complexity, the type of gate chosen and the mechanisms or access control systems used to open it. As the job's materials and structure can vary so much, it is challenging to provide an estimate close to the final cost.

The tradesman's labour will often account for around 1/3 of the overall installation cost, and plenty of the labour tends to include complex underground mechanisms, which is why it takes up quite a bit of the fee. 

We'll assess the estimated labour costs for electronic gate installation without the inclusion of supply or additional charges. 

Landscape gardeners typically build brick walls, install new fences, hang manual gates and perform various services for other outdoor features; however, you don't just want any ordinary gardener to complete the job for you.

Whilst it will be more expensive, we highly encourage you to hire professional gate installers, especially if you're looking for electric gates with complete access control or intercom systems. Dealing with and installing electrical gate motors or a hidden power supply into the ground is a specialised skill.

For the sake of your security and safety, it may be best to ensure experts do the tasks. Installation charges are usually within the range of around £35-£65 for every hour of service.

Factors that dramatically impact the price are the duration of the installation and the number of electric gate engineers required to do the job.

To determine the number of engineers completing the labour, you should also look at the gate size, the installation's overall complexity and the type of mechanism chosen.

It is up to the installation or individual electric gate installer to decide how much they will charge you for the service, typically based on the scale of labour and the hours involved.

You should expect the standard work average to sit at prices around £300-£350 for every working day. Please remember that the cost may rise dramatically if you choose a more elaborate electric gate or access control system setup. 

The Average Cost Of Installing Electric Gates

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