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What Determines the Cost of An Automatic Gate

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  • What Determines the Cost of An Automatic Gate, How Much Do Automatic or Electric Gates Cost, What are the Benefits of Electric Gates, What Factors Affect the Cost of a Gate, Which Electric Gates Are Best
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  • 19-04-2022
What Determines the Cost of An Automatic Gate

Are you considering a new gate? We look at what determines the cost of an automatic gate. Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. Find out more about the factors that effect the price of a new gate installation.

How Much Do Automatic or Electric Gates Cost?

For those interested in buying automatic electric gates for their commercial property or home, it's essential to research and garner enough price information as possible. 

We understand that it's vital to obtain the gate and access control systems that suit your property and fit your budget. So we have compiled a list of price estimates collected by trusted professionals from My Build Estimate, a source monitored by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Are Electric Gates Worth It?

These are the typical prices of professional basic setup automatic gate installation and any additional electric gate cost:

Electric Gate Type Supply (+VAT)  Install (+VAT)  Total
Swinging Gates 3m (Aluminium)
£500+ £2,000+
Sliding Gate 3m (Aluminium)
£600+ £2,600+
Bifold Gate 3m (Aluminium)
£1,000+ £4,000+
Residential Electric Driveway Gates
£1,500+ £500+ £2,000+
Electric Wooden Gate 3m (Aluminium)
£500+ £35 - £65 
(Per Hour)

These running costs are rough averages; however, contact a high-quality tradesperson in your area or look at estimates on their company website if you want more in-depth estimates and accurate quotations. 

You can often expect to pay approximately £500 - £1,000+ for the installation process and around £1500 - £3000+ for the raw materials. We suggest comparing quotes from different companies and tradespeople to discover the one that fits your budget.

What are the Benefits of Electric Gates?

Electric gates offer customers numerous benefits that you can look forward to. You'll always have peace of mind that your gate is closed without accidentally leaving it open all day, as you can always carry the remote, apps or access control methods with you. 

If you're having a busy or rushed day, you won't have to go through the lengths of stepping out of your car or vehicle to close the manual gates with gate stops. If it happens to be raining cats and dogs outside, you can open the gates from the comfort of your car or close them once you're finally inside and settled comfortably by the TV. 

Electric gates add plenty of security to your home, so you can rest assured knowing that no matter if your pets or small children are playing out in the front or back garden, they are safe within the bounds of your property at all times. There's also a good solution to get rid of burglars and vandals accessing your property due to its complex control box and solid and durable materials.

There are some disadvantages or snags that you should bear in mind before you purchase any brand-new gates. We do not recommend swing gates; sliding gates may be a better option for those with steep sloping driveways. 

If you are interested in sliding gates or swing gates, we suggest ensuring that there is enough space on either side of your posts or pillars to accommodate the width of the gate; this is especially important for sliding electric gates. 

You want to have gates swinging into public roads or interfering with pavements. Do not have gates installed after you've just had professionals lay a brand new driveway, as it will be destructive to excavate it to install new, more powerful motors and wiring cables. You want to do so before any tarmac or new outdoor landscaping is installed.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Gate?

Vehicle gate

The cost of a vehicle gate will depend on various factors, such as the materials, unusual sizes, access control systems or gate automation kits chosen, and the type you opt for. 

Ensure you get a gate that suits all your commercial or residential requirements but also suits your budget. 

We highly recommend a sturdy material and one that promises security for your home or property. Typical vehicle gates cost around £800 - £3000, alongside any extras or specifications you may have.

Pedestrian gate

If you're more likely to walk through the gate instead of driving through in a car or other vehicle, the best gate to buy is a smaller non-automatic pedestrian gate at the side that is more footpath adjacent. It will be more expensive to do so; however, it will ultimately be worth it.


Automatic gates include plenty of incorporated technology to function in various ways. However, more tech typically means that if you purchase cheap versions to save money, there are ultimately more devices that could act up or things that could go wrong and remedial works can be incredibly costly. 

We highly recommend that you opt for more expensive motors and devices, as they are more likely to be cost-effective and long-lasting. More expensive equipment and controls will require better installation to offset any hassle that could occur with your cheaper motor consistently breaking down.

We suggest you consider electric gate opener controls, which will add great convenience to your life. There's almost no point in investing in automatic gates if you have to continuously get out of your vehicle and press several buttons to open and close it. 

The remote control is a necessity here inside your car or the vehicles you possess, and an additional master control switch that you utilise whilst indoors. Many sliding or swing gate motors receive signals from a phone app, and you can use these if ever you have multiple visitors or deliveries.

If you ever experience a power supply failure, it's good to have another backup option to rely on to open your gates. Most gates have batteries used to back up their gates that they can put on a charge from your primary electricity supply. 

You can also utilise 10W solar-powered as a minor way to charge your driveway gates. You won't even have to worry because this method will work on dull days, as your panel will garner enough power from the sun to serve the motors. You may have to invest in emergency equipment if not any of these. The prices of cables, motors, and other forms of hardware can be around £300 - £2000.


Domestic and commercial homes should also consider having an intercom fitted into their electric gate system. It's perfect for companies with frequent deliveries or official visitors and can also be adaptable for those homes with family or guests that like to drop by unannounced; it allows you to identify them before opening the gates and letting them inside. 

It will prevent you from opening your doors to complete strangers without any affirmed warning. The smart hub or intercom systems can be video, audio or both at once. Its cost will often vary based on its quality and sophistication, but it will often stretch between £250 and £1500.


Installation is another significant factor when looking at the total cost of your gate build or project, and generally, it will depend on the style you want. Do you require motors installed underground for automation or the driveway completely excavated to install sufficient power cables? Would you prefer them above ground? What is the amount of labour or excessive groundwork involved?

There are several aspects to consider that could dramatically affect your final costs. According to the tasks, average costs vary from around £1000 to £3500. For many specialists in the field, the lowest day rate for a service is approximately £250 each day; however, more well-known or higher qualified professionals may charge much higher daily rates.

Which Electric Gates Are Best?

Alongside figuring out your gate's purpose, you must decide the style of gate you most desire and the one that best suits your building property or household. There are multiple options of electric gates on the market; however, swing gates and single sliding gates tend to be the most popular in the UK. Before choosing, we encourage that you do plenty of research and seek out planning permission so that you obtain the correct gate height for the area you live or work in.

Swing Gates

The most common gate in the UK is the swing gate, which can be hinged down one specific side and transformed into one big sturdy gate, or you can opt for two gates that meet in the middle and have safety edges and hinges on either side to connect them to the walls, fences or posts. 

Swing gates are utilised for various properties such as stately homes in gated communities, mansions, farms, few commercial properties, hotels, etc.

There are many swing gates to choose from, for example, palisade gates, ornamental swing gates, welded mesh gates and balustrade gates. Depending on the materials or designs you select, you can create an elegant look for your property or home using the most expensive materials and metal resources. Or you could opt for a more rustic, traditional feel with more hardwood gate materials.

We highly advise that you contact your local electric gate installers or contractors to discuss and speak about the different options at your disposal. No matter what you decide, swing gates can offer a stunning and grand opening mechanism for any property or home. They are gate style that is incredibly customisable, meaning you can opt for any designs or creation you desire.

Sliding Gates

Whilst they aren't deemed as elegant or fancy-looking as swing gates depicted in various high-style homes, mansions and historical properties, sliding gates are indefinitely more durable, secure and more challenging for unwanted visitors to breakthrough. 

Sliding gates don't have as many vulnerable points as wooden or metal swing gates; sliding gates and fencing is more rigid. 

These gates are often associated with commercial lockups and premises, as these properties require a higher level of security. Households can opt for lighter gates and therefore use materials like wood.

You may discover that this format of one massive sliding gate is replicated across many industries; many installers have the option of using two gates that join in the centre. However, it would be best to remember that two sliding gates are often less secure than a single robust gate with no apparent opening to bypassers or unwanted guests. Sliding gates are also much faster, helpful, especially for frequent pedestrian and vehicle movement in and out of your business.

Should I Choose A Wooden Or Metal Driveway Gate?

For those that desire brand-new electric gates installed into their driveway, we understand it can be a little challenging to decide whether or not you choose wooden or metal materials like steel or wrought-iron. 

Professionals and electricians who install gates and automation systems far longer than five feet recommend that you choose metal products. Over time, wood or timber of any kind can begin to warp, or its brackets may loosen, making them not as durable and reliable. 

Wood tends to be the cheapest option for gates; however, they require regular maintenance, so they may end up being the more expensive option in the long-run. Smaller gates, however, do not suffer from this issue, so for those below or at five feet, you can use metal or wood materials.

Wood needs frequent maintenance, yet it provides a more rustic natural look; however, metal is far more robust and durable, providing an elegant, sleek look. Metal requires far less maintenance costs yet will initially be more expensive, so it may be worth investing in wooden gates if tied to a specific budget. 

Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.