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What Are The Types Of Security Entrances

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  • 28-02-2022
What Are The Types Of Security Entrances

If you own a commercial or residential property, you may consider the range of security options available. Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. This article looks at: What Are The Types Of Security Entrances.

Slide Gates

Sliding gates are of an excellent standard, strength, usage and tend to have a long-lasting performance.

They are a more traditional form of gate designs for a wide range of residential and commercial grade settings and help ensure your facility property and rooms are thoroughly secure. 

How Does An Electric Gate Increase Property Value?

What Are The Types Of Security Entrances

Sliding gates come in various types, for example:

Fortress Heavy-Duty Cantilevered: This system manifests as a wheel-and-ball bearing truck. Manufacturers design and complete rigorous tests to assess whether they withstand extended use and extreme weather conditions. Such forms are curate from aluminium alloy extrusions making the system incredibly durable and lightweight. 

Fortress Structural Cantilevered:

This is a semi-enclosed, double-track aluminium alloy track. It can offer security and reliable functionality for any heavy-duty situation and heavy usage. 

Fortress Box Frame Cantilevered:

It is designed to handle immense wind and gravity forces by utilising its stainless steel cable and box frame construction. The two tracks support the gate and align parallel wheels or other essential components; it is sealed with a lubricated ball that bears its truck system. 

Fortress Ornamental:

Such a form of gate provides outstanding levels of security and offers a much more aesthetically appealing factor that many desire to enhance the appearance.  It has aluminium alloy extrusions that form pickets and frames and concave or convex figurations depending on what you prefer. 

Another common type that many people use, more so for residential settings and properties, is bi-folding doors and gates.  

Often homeowners choose these for conservatories; however, they can be efficiently utilised for office buildings and educational buildings. They aren't designed for big spaces as the folded doors take up space, so opt for a different style if you require larger openings.

Fortress Ornamental Security Entrances

Pivot Or Swing Gates

Pivot gates or swing gates are prevalent for multiple common applications and commercial businesses, especially when sliding gates aren't practical. They may take up available space, even when fully open.

Vertical pivot gates open by rotating one lower corner to pivot 90 degrees upwards in a straight line before releasing into a close position.  

Sliding gates or rolling gates can struggle to function efficiently during harsh weather conditions such as snow and ice, so vertical gates are a comprehensive solution for transporting certain heights.   

Vertical Lift Gates

Suppose your application or commercial property does not have the space for double or single gates to swing inwards or outwards; an option you may have to select is a vertical gate system lift. It is perfect for areas with limited space. 

The heavy superstructure, engineered footings and chain drive mechanism ensure that your system completes precise up and down movement with its operating controls. 

Typical Commercial Security Gate Applications 

Typical Commercial Security Gate Applications
 Security Gate Applications

Airports & Seaports

Airports and seaports require security gates for various purposes and different areas across the harbour, docks or terminals. 

Companies across the UK can accommodate broad and diverse needs. It matters not whether you need lift gates for car parks or gates for aeroplane hangars or screening checkpoints. More than 25 gate system products are available to customers and applications.   

Areas of concern for many airports are the security gates and speed gates; they are often the most significant aspect of travelling. It is essential to install systems with ample clearance to accommodate various vehicle and plane sizes. 

Public Utilities

Maintaining standards and the highest possible security levels when working in busy environments like public utilities is crucial. It, therefore, requires more robust and more innovative security gate solutions with automated gates. 

No matter your specifications, many quality businesses provide:

Automated vertical lift gates.

   Cantilever sliding gates.

   Pedestrian swing gates.

Heavy-duty swing gates to integrate into your applications

Industrial / Commercial Factories

Industrial and commercial premises and factories require high-quality security gates and access control operating systems. 

They hold onto plenty of products, money, and employee data and have a duty of care to keep employees and customers safe. Ideal solutions for these applications include crash barriers, bollards, beams and plenty of other devices. 

Any crash barrier arm and gate operators are carefully engineered and constructed to ensure they meet M30/K4 and M50/K12 regulations and certification standards.

It is also paramount that they are UL 325 compliant. When your systems comply with these, you can have peace of mind that intruders won't invade your building.

Military Bases &
Border Stations

Security gates necessary to protect military installations must be durable and robust, and they are incredibly functional in more high vehicular traffic and heavy use locations.

It certainly pays to experience a system that is easy to operate, structurally sound and easy to operate, especially when dealing with numerous vehicles and supplies entering and leaving the bases every day.

From swing gates, pedestrian gates and turnstiles to cantilever slide gates, many companies you can discover that manufacture these military security solutions. Most will customise gates to suit all your authorised personnel requirements. Contact experts today to discuss your requirements.

Government agencies have the responsibility of protecting borders, and to do so, security gates must be capable of deterring any unauthorised or illegal access and capable of standing against attacks or vehicle impact.

There are numerous border station gate solutions to secure broad perimeters that successfully allow large commercial vehicles to gain access and traffic management.

Water treatment & chemical plants

Industrial security gates for chemical plants, power stations and water treatments or energy companies are manufactured in a wide range of different styles for every different need.

You may wish to invest in crash-tested beams, crash bollards, and shallow-mount crash bollards as they provide additional protection from high-impact attacks from other vehicles and significant accidents.

Professionals in the field will comprise specialised teams that carefully analyse your requirements to identify cost-efficient and practical solutions. 

Rest assured that with high-quality service, you'll purchase incredible products that will meet all your water treatment or chemical plant performance standards.

Each power station security gate is rigorously tested to withstand a significant level of impact, wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. Most companies will deliver excellent matching systems, such as the necessary operators, hardware and accessories required so you can have a seamless experience with the products. 

Railroad depots, crossings and train yards

Another standard gate security system is utilised for crossings, train yards and railroad depots. Gates at these locations are vital for stopping pedestrians and vehicles from crossing train tracks and other public transport tracks when they are travelling across crossings. 

The most prevalent gate choice is the vertical lift gates, as these lift high enough to left cars, people, buses, and vans pass without space limitations or fear of obstructions.   

Municipal authorities / transportation terminals / Schools & Universities

When it comes to the rise in the variety of dangers and threats that many schools, university campuses and transportation terminals face, there is a great need to enforce more robust safety requirements to protect these public facilities.

You can find a wide range of security gates perfect for these public services equipped with a wide range of security systems and gates to give you peace of mind that your work will be undisrupted. Be sure to find manufacturers with plenty of experience in designing and excellent knowledge of the most suitable materials for your property or rooms. 

For those that require gates for police stations, you'll often require vertical lift gates and government compounds tend to need heavy-duty swing gates. 

Difference Between Commercial & Residential Security Gates

Gates designed for purpose

The most significant factor to consider when assessing the difference between residential and commercial security gates is the access control needs and the perimeter of the gates required. 

Different levels of security and areas will require varied types of gates. 

Typically, you'll discover that commercial buildings, sites and industrial settings will have much more strict security requirements as they need to protect a broader range of people, data, money and products. 

They also admit a much higher traffic flow and volume than any home. 

Residential gates tend to be more low maintenance than other gates for government or industrial facilities. 

Difference Between Commercial And Residential Security Gates

As a result, it's paramount for commercial security gates to react to controls far faster, more straightforward to operate and immensely durable.  However, the controls and level of durability can be lenient for residential driveway gates unless you have a larger budget to invest in more high-tech and higher quality security protection. Contact professional automation and security service for further information or free quotes that match your budget.  


Many business security gates are constructed using aluminium, as whilst it is a lightweight metal material, it is solid and corrosion-resistant.

All fences and security doors installed should utilise some strong metal that isn't prone to damage. With this being the case, aluminium gates are less prone to detrimental wear and tear, which is a highly significant advantage that you will grow to appreciate when you don't have to splash on expensive maintenance costs over the year.

Whilst maintenance costs are low, you'll discover that you never compromise on the quality of service or security with aluminium. 

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