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What Are Security Considerations For Your Business

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  • 20-09-2022
What Are Security Considerations For Your Business

What are the top security considerations for your business? We explore a range of business security considerations including the addition of automated security gates.

 Data Security

Securing your digital data is required by various privacy laws and consumer protection laws. But ensuring that your data is kept private can also be an important part of ensuring you are protecting your trade secrets.

The main way that you can keep your data secure is by restricting the amount of access that employees have to the data.

By using group policies, username-level authorisations, and passwords on a network, you can minimise the number of employees that can access information that you will want to keep secure.

Another way you can protect your data is by implementing system-level defences. These systems will assist in blocking malware, spam, spyware, attacks on your network, and intrusions.

Implementing system defences can mean introducing virus protection software, firewalls, and security software to your digital systems. Additional layers of security can be added to your system by encrypting data during the process of data storage and transfer.

 Physical Security

In order to dictate the level of physical security that is required for your business, you need to think about your business's physical location, line of business, and the number of employees that work in the building.

Having a security assessment will help with reviewing the property's entry points and security liabilities, so you can gain a new perspective on how much security will be required. 

Examples of physical security measures can include biometric or bar-coded door locks, alarm systems, security personnel, restricted access areas, and video surveillance.

Security measures should be put in place to assist with external threats, but it is vital that potential internal threats are considered too.

Only employees who have been given authorised access should be allowed to enter areas such as the business's storage rooms, financial storage facilities, and server rooms.

 Equipment Security

By physically securing your business's equipment, you can protect your company from acts of theft, and in some situations, it can help with avoiding the loss of proprietary knowledge.

You can physically secure valuable equipment by using techniques and tools such as tight cabling, locks of various sizes, and very careful placement of the equipment.

For some pieces of equipment, key locks might be necessary so that staff can use the equipment when needed. An example of this would be printers that are designated for the use of financial check printing.

 Document Security

Ensuring that you are safely securing your customer information and private corporate documents is required through a variety of different consumer protection and corporate knowledge privacy laws.

Legal concerns are a top priority when it comes to document security. Documents need to be stored in a secure room that can only be accessed by company personnel who can be trusted and who have been given special authorisation. 

Every physical document needs to have an electronic backup that is stored securely by using password encryption. Only in very rare and special circumstances should the documents ever leave the document storage room.

Photocopies and electronic copies should only ever be provided to authorised personnel, and this should be on an as-needed basis.

Any employee who accesses the sensitive documents should be given instructions on the proper handling and storage of the documents.

Essential Business Security Considerations

What Are Security Considerations For Your Business

Address Your Virtual Security

Almost all businesses around the globe use the internet; in the majority of cases, this is for the facilitation of online transactions. By using the internet, you are also having to take responsibility for the sensitive data that belongs to your customers. This data is very vulnerable, and if you do not address your business's cyber security, then it is possible for the data to be stolen or copied.

Types Of Security Gates

There are a variety of different changes you can make to your business in order to ensure that this does not happen. Below is a list of recommendations:

  • Identify exactly who has access to customer and company data and then do a background check to ensure that they can be trusted.
  • Limit access to the sensitive data by using encryption, installing anti-virus software on your systems, ensuring the network access points are secure, and setting up firewalls, as well as email and web filters.
  • Go through the process of creating a recovery plan just in case the company's data is hacked.
  • Ensuring the company has cyber liability insurance is also extremely helpful.
  • Make sure that your company is using a file backup system
  • One more important point is that employees should use separate devices for their work and for their personal lives.

Secure Your Physical Business

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more common, but this doesn't mean that criminals will not target brick-and-mortar businesses too. Below are some helpful guidelines on how you can protect your physical business property, as well as your employees.

  • Ensure that the landscapes that surround the business property are trimmed. This will minimise the number of places that burglars can hide.
  • It is recommended that you install motion sensors for lighting on the business premises. Criminals are much more likely to be scared away from the property if the area around it is very bright because this will make them much more visible.
  • Take a look at the property and minimise the entry points that criminals could find their way through. Do this by securing doors by using deadbolts and installing bars and locks on windows.
  • Alarm systems need to be installed, as well as regularly checked and repaired.

Have Visible Security

According to reports that have been released recently, half of the burglars who have been interviewed have then confessed that the most effective deterrent for thieves that are targeting property is having security cameras installed and in clear view. This is a clear indicator that investing in security cameras is an excellent idea for your business.

If you cannot afford to have security cameras circle the entire business premises, then you can even purchase fake security cameras that you can then mix in with the real ones to achieve the same effect. However, this should only ever be used as a temporary measure.

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