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Types Of Bollards

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Security bollards offer various benefits. They help to protect your premises and keep pedestrians safe. They can also help to regulate traffic. Let's take a look at the different types of bollards available. You can then decide on the best variety of bollards to meet your requirements. They are also known as street furniture when located on roads, pavements and pedestrian areas.

Security bollards are not merely a modern type of security and safety. They help to protect your premises and keep your employees safe effectively. In public areas, they can also keep pedestrians safe and avoid possible vehicle collisions. That's why these security bollards have become so popular worldwide.

Types of Bollards

Types and Categories of Bollards

There are different types of bollards available. They can be constructed from materials like stainless steel or polyurethane. Steel bollards have high corrosion resistance, and they are straightforward to clean. 

They're also very durable. Bollards made from polyurethane are incredibly versatile, and they are also chip resistant. They are also resistant to freezing, so they are never cold to touch. You can also get bollards made from recycled plastic.

They have a long lifespan, and they are environmentally friendly. They also require no maintenance. These bollards are perfect for marking off an area and protection around your perimeter. They are also more cost-effective and more affordable to install. Bollards have many different functions.

They are used in traffic segregation as well as for physical security. In some instances, they are installed for aesthetic purposes. 

They come in a variety of shapes, so you can choose the applications that will complement your property and facilities. They can provide a very effective barrier, primarily to protect pedestrians from vehicles.

The Benefits Of Security Bollards Installations

Controlling access to your business can sometimes feel like an on-going issue that may never get solved. Once the first problem is solved, the next arises. One new problem may well be your undoing of the complete security. After all, if one side of your business isn't securely sound then none of it is.

Security bollards are a great way to block access to certain parts of your business property and control the flow of traffic throughout it. Security bollards allow for a simple way of adding extra security and safety to your property. 

Two types of security bollards can help you take control of the people who are accessing your property. These are static or automatic options, depending on the model you require.

Static bollards

Static bollards are great for closing off access to parts of your property that no one needs to access. You will also be able to control traffic flow throughout your business.

Automatic bollards

Automatic bollards allow you to stop access altogether if required. You can keep someone waiting until you are satisfied that the person who is trying to gain access is there for the right reasons.

These bollards can take a hit from most vehicles. So it is wise to plan out their positioning. Backing into one of these bollards will mean an awful day for the car. Bollards offer peace of mind. You will be safe in the knowledge that no one will be able to ram through them during the night when your place of work or property is closed. Any car hitting a bollard at speed will write off a vehicle in one fell swoop.

Embedded Bollards

Embedded bollards are embedded deep into the ground, the deeper they are sunk into the ground, the more durable, and more robust the foundation will be. The bollard will only be as permanent as the foundation in which it is sunken. Embedded bollards are manufactured from either stainless steel, concrete or even wood.

In addition to their durability and strength,  embedded bollards are supposed to look intimidating to drivers. If you're looking for a heavyweight security post, embedded fixed bollards are easy to install and maintain for stable security at all times no matter how small or large your space might be.

Surface Mounted Bollards

Surface-mounted bollards offer the strength of traditional stainless steel and concrete bollards but are much easier to install and maintain. These bollards are highly visible without becoming obtrusive, making them ideal for preventing vehicles from drifting onto pavements, equipment or into buildings. There is no need to excavate, no pouring of concrete and no repainting.

These types of bollards are anchored directly into the concrete or asphalt surface, and you've got protection, safety and security that will last for years. Fixed surface mount bollards are intended for more heavy-duty security and can be installed easily onto a suitable slab of concrete. 

Similar to embedded bollards, these can be used permanently for protecting your property and should be quick to deter those you don't want in a specific area from entering or using a parking space where they shouldn't.

These bollards are suitable for many different locations, including warehouse walls and doors, store entrances, apartments, and other high traffic, high-security areas. Surface-mounted bollards are easy to install and built to protect from physical damage and ensure that unauthorized drivers stay away from certain areas required to be secure. 

Fixed bollards offer permanent collision protection and provide safety and a visual deterrent for any unwanted traffic.

Rebounding Bollards

A rebounding bollard is a security system that is an impactable, energy-absorbing slow-stop bollard. This type of security bollard is an excellent impact-absorbing system that protects both sides of the crash. 

They have robust steel construction and have a rebounding base. The rebounding bollard protects and minimizes damage to forklifts and other vehicles.

The bollard automatically springs back into its original position after impact and does not require replacement. Due to their strong, durable steel interior, you will find it eliminates the need for replacing concrete after impact and also reduces the long time necessary to set concrete. 

The rebounding traffic bollards successfully withstand impact, transferring energy to its flexible base that returns to its original position.

If a stationary bollard has had an impact, it will cause cracks in its concrete foundation, this will require the replacement of the bollard and foundation, for it to stand upright. 

A rebounding bollard will stand upright after repeated impacts. A further advantage of this type of system is that damage to vehicles, passengers and loads is far less due to the more gradual absorption of the impact energy.

A rebounding bollard is not usually used to provide traffic denial capabilities at all but quite often used as sign markers.

Retractable Flexible Bollards / Removable Bollards

Not all bollards are purchased or fitted with the intentions of them being a permanent fixture. Nor are they provided to deny access at all times. 

Retractable and removable bollards are designed to allow the owner to grant or deter access as and when desired to the area usually blocked by the bollard. They are also a great asset in order to regulate parking.

They neatly telescope down into in-ground receivers when unlocked, sitting flush with the ground, so they are neither a tripping hazard nor an obstruction. Installed under the ground and in the concrete, they provide excellent durability over time and would be very difficult to remove from their place, providing excellent access control where needed. 

They offer a perimeter edge that guides and manages traffic when required while retractable bollards need a bit more labour when it comes to installing they more than make up for it in long term benefits.

One type of retractable removable bollards is the pipe-in-a-tube method where a socket will need to fix in the ground. The bollard can then be removed from the device when access or parking is required. 

This method requires manual intervention to access the area. A second type is through the use of pivoting bollards; this requires a locking pin to hold the post upright under normal circumstances.

The locking pin will require removal to allow the bollard to lay flat when a vehicle is to pass over it. The most expensive method is an automatic retractable bollard. Usually hydraulic powered, the bollard retracts straight down into the ground and becomes flush with the surface during access.

Activation of a hydraulic bollard can be by any number of methods, from the security guard who might push a button to remote controls and toll gate pay systems.

Decorative Bollards

Decorative cast iron or metal posts and bollards come in a range of classic and modern styles and can be manufactured to tie into the design of any building or property. 

Decorative bollards can add another creative dimension to a landscape or help to draw out its existing architectural features, as well as to give an additional layer of protection and safety, whatever your project.

They are constructed from many different materials, from cast iron and wood to metal and plastic. Timber bollards can help to bring natural materials into an environment. In contrast, plastic bollards are low maintenance, cost-effective and durable and come in a variety of styles to enhance any location.

Parking Bollards

Each parking bollard is installed to deter theft by blocking off access to exit a parking area or drive. Parking-bollards can also be used to control access to designated parking spaces, driveways, or private roads, whether in use or not.

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