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Top Ways To Improve Curb Appeal To Your Home

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  • 20-07-2022
Top Ways To Improve Curb Appeal To Your Home

Are you looking for the top ways to improve curb appeal to your home? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. Find out more about the ways you can make your home entrance way impressive to visitors.

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Suppose the exterior of your home requires a little more curb appeal and interest. In this case, you can do a few extra things to improve the aesthetic value of your home and get guests, bypassers, and potential home buyers enticed by the view. We all know impressions count, so giving the front garden of your modern home a bit more love can't hurt.

Significantly, your home's exterior walls and floors match the interior in visual quality, especially if you're looking to sell in the future. Adding curb appeal that matches the architectural style tends to be an easy job and an inexpensive way to boost the visual aspect of your home and have a big impact on its overall value.

Types Of Domestic Wooden Gates  

Top Tips 


Greenery & Flowers

One of the most impactful and seemingly apparent ways to boost curb appeal is by adding seasonal flowers and fresh greenery to the front lawn or yard. If you fear you don't have the money or time to spend on pots of new flowers or plant maintenance, we recommend creating a similar effect with window boxes and planter beds.

You can use greenery and colourful flowers as outdoor art to accentuate critical aspects that you wish to highlight, such as entryways, doorsteps and windows. If you cannot find any room, we suggest purchasing some hanging baskets to place on either side of your door or a new garage door. 


Take care of your lawn.

Any green thumbs out there will know that lawn care is one of the most significant aspects of maintaining consistent curb appeal.

You'll want to frequently care for your lawn by raking off any debris or leaves, pulling out harmful or displeasing weeds and mowing the grass. Whether real or fake grass, lawn care shouldn't become too hectic or significant a project as long as you maintain upkeep.


Clean your gutters

Cleaning gutters in and out with a power washer and thorough scrubbing on the outside with metal polish will help rid any debris, dirt and grime until it looks as close to new.

A little elbow grease can go a long way!


Upgrade your house numbers

You can successfully modernise your home's entire look purely by removing the existing house numbers and replacing them with a more appropriate material or font that suits your property aesthetic.

You'll want to select a font that complements the architecture but also grabs the attention of bypassers, guests and potential buyers. It's a relatively straightforward job that you can complete in 30 minutes or less, giving it a new lease of life. 


Hide electrical fixtures

It can be off-putting for some when the electrical box at the front of your home stands out obnoxiously. The best way to combat this is to camouflage your fixture with a quick paint job, ensuring it seamlessly blends in.

You'll want to select a colour that suits the home's style and paint it correctly.     


Power wash

There is very little in the world of home improvements and gardening that is more satisfying than power washing your driveway, porch or pathways and getting rid of all the grime and dirt lingering for months or years, along with its siding. 

Plenty of hardware stores will allow you to rent one for those who don't own any power washer or garden hose devices. 


Small repairs

Take excellent care of small repairs, such as burnt out bulbs, old porch light fixtures, ripped screens or chipped paint from weather damage.

Even minuscule flaws can stand against a bright or charming exterior and pull at a bypasser or guest's focus. Take some time out to give a quick fix to the flaws that may be outstanding on your home's front, ensuring you have all the high-quality tools to do the job justice. 


Drives, paths and gates

Over time, your paths, paving, and doorsteps can get slippery and grubby throughout the year. We highly recommend a pressure washer to refresh and clean block paving and concrete on your driveways.

You can get your surfaces back to their previous colour and get rid of any moss, fresh mulch and dirt. There are many pressure washer accessories and original features on the market in the UK that are specifically designed to target paving and speed up the process. 

If your front porch or garden beds are a much smaller space, a jet or pressure washer may be too abrasive and challenging to utilise. In this case, we recommend buying a good scrubbing brush and using a bucket or washing bowl of water to cleanse the concrete or paving and prevent mould growth. 


Tackle vegetation

It's effective to trim back all overhanging vegetation on paths, gates or walls, especially if they hang over the front door hardware for aesthetic and practical purposes. It won't get trapped when you close the door; it will look far neater and be more welcoming as it lets more light shine on your home.

Ensure you buy a solid pair of secateurs to tackle issues of overhanging or dead vegetation with ease. You can even invest in a trimmer or hand-push mower for your front lawn, as traditional mowers can stunt you from reaching difficult areas. 


Clear the cracks

Drives and paved paths can often spring unruly weeds that are difficult to keep on top of, especially over the warmer months in the summertime.

You can purchase a high-quality weeder product and weed killers for much larger areas to rid the unwelcome visitors. Gardeners can invest in edging tools to smarten up overgrown paths, flower beds or paving for a stunning tidy finish. 


Refresh gravel 

Gravel is a landscaping material that tends to dwindle across your front or down the streets, especially as it experiences more and more foot traffic or harsh weather conditions. To keep these matters in check, you'll want to continue topping up your gravel with similar natural stones all across your driveways or clear pathways to keep it looking neat.

Invest in a high-quality garden rake, and this will help successfully even out the existing and new gravel, ridding any lumps and bumps that could be difficult to walk or drive over. Doing so is incredibly low maintenance and may only need more attention in the autumn or spring when there could be freefalling leaves or cherry blossoms. 


Add storage

The space outside our homes is often utilised for practicality and serves minimal decorative purposes. Our homes' front or back gardens are often where items like bikes, bins, and other sports or gardening equipment are located.

However, plenty of garden and home improvement stores sell attractive garden storage bins, containers and units that will allow you to protect your possessions and waste in a tidy fashion. Adding outdoor furniture is also a great way to add storage to your home, especially in the sunny months when you and your family may all need a place to sit and sunbathe. 


Doors and porches

We've all got a front door that could require a little more love and care, whether you have a victorian terrace, country cottage, apartment or semi-detached home.

It's essential to ensure your front doors and porches curate an excellent first impression, making your home design appear welcoming and warm to bypassers and guests.


Refresh front doors

A specialist cleaner or a fresh lick of paint will allow any homeowner with a uPVC or wooden door to refresh and revitalise it for a brand-new look. You may wish to opt for a more neutral colour, like a beige or white door, that will blend seamlessly into the style of the building for a contemporary look.

Perhaps you're feeling brave, and it's time to go for a more bold colour that can provide a more traditional townhouse appearance. Those with front gates or garage doors, you can even do the same to provide a cohesive, neat aesthetic. 


Door hardware

You want to ensure you update any hardware on your front door to spruce up the area and make it look like new. You can add fancy new door knockers, letterboxes or plates and update the house numbers of your door or plaques with new polished brass.

If you wish to keep the current hardware, ensure you keep it clean with high-quality brass polish, sloth cloths and specialist cleaning products. A more modern or different doorbell could also be an excellent way to bring attention to your front door. The advancements in modern technology mean that wireless doorbells are effortless to have installed, and you can find them in a broad range of styles to suit the appearance of your home. 


Potted plants 

It is a truth that potted plants artfully positioned beside your front door can bring an element of colour and style to its entrance, whether you wish to choose colourful bedding plants or topiary trees. When setting other plants outside your front door for curb appeal, you'll want to choose plants that flourish or change all-year-round or even evergreen foliage. 

Add a splash of colour to your doorstep with bedding plants that you can routinely refresh as the year goes on. Hanging baskets are another delightful way to add beauty and colour to the front of your house, and it isn't time-consuming to do so. 



You can make a surprising outdoor difference by sprucing up your doorstep or porch with a few simple adjustments. You'll want to begin by decluttering the area, eliminating any rubbish and old plants, ornaments or old pots that no longer match your personal aesthetic.

Give your decking or doorsteps a thorough sweep and deep scrub down. You can then begin redecorating it; if the paint is a tad tired, you can add a new durable paint layer, pot new plants or purchase a new doormat for the finishing touches. 



Little outdoor lighting dotted across your front garden or porch can provide a pleasing and welcoming appearance on dark winter or summer evenings.

You may wish to opt for a brand new fitting that complements your home's current aesthetic for those with an existing outdoor power supply. Otherwise, we encourage you to try out stylish solar-powered lights that you can stick in the grass or on the walls of your home; they're straightforward to install and don't cost a penny to run!


Front of house

Your house's curb appeal extends further than the front door; however, if you're searching for the best ways to spruce up the outside of your home, here are our best tips and curb appeal ideas:


Clean windows

Clean windows will be a hundred times more appealing for bypassers or potential buyers in the future. They are fantastic for curb appeal and allow more light into your home to ensure it feels and looks brighter.

Be sure to purchase high-quality products and thorough cleaning equipment if you will take on this job yourself. Professional tools help finish the job quicker and provide a far superior finish. 


Window frames

I'm afraid it would be best if you didn't forget to give the window frames a thorough once-over for those aiming to clean your windows. Over time, due to debris and the elements, your window frames can become thick with dust, grease, mud or dirt, and they will massively benefit from a quick brush and wash to create a gleaming finish.

We highly recommend a specialist cleaner solution that will rejuvenate the frames made of uPVC, or you can begin repainting the window frames. You can successfully revitalise any old frames with durable exterior paint using a colour that contrasts or complements your front door or outdoor decorations. 


Dress windows

Often, shifting your focus to the interior of your home can offer a brand new vision to the exterior. For example, by updating your shutters and blinds or adding new curtains to your windows, you can change the appearance of your house with a contemporary or classic look. We recommend opting for blinds or lined curtains that are effectively seen outside for an impeccable view.

Alternatively, you may want to install brand new wooden shutters. Anything you can do to draw attention to the surrounds of your windows will add further curb appeal. For example, you may want to add some string lighting around the edges of the glass that can be seen outside of your house, which is especially effective during the holiday periods. 


Invest in a driveway gate

The primary function of any gate is to protect your family, your property and any vehicles you have in your possession. It will also help those in various businesses and industries to keep their company's products and machinery safe.

However, in a domestic residence, the gate can also serve as a way to boost curb appeal, making its entrance appear elegant and welcoming and can even add significant value to your property. 

Adding an electric driveway gate is one of the best ways to improve curb appeal to your home.

 Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.