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Protecting Your Home With Domestic Security Gates

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  • 17-11-2016
Protecting Your Home With Domestic Security Gates

Choosing security gates for your home

Putting a gate on your home is a great way to protect your family from unwanted visitors to your property. It can help  provide a place where your family can relax and enjoy themselves. You will be able to feel free of  threats from intruders or opportunistic criminals. It gives you a place of peace and calm and safety for your family.

If you are choosing a gate purely on security reasons then a wooden gate is perhaps the perfect gate for you. If you are looking to add a bit of style to your home then a cast iron on can provide you with some wonderful but so can a wooden gate. If you are in the Newcastle area and are considering a gate for your home then you have many options open to you.

Depending upon the reasons for your gate this options may well be narrowed down a fair bit.  The decisions are of course yours to make. However our sales team can give you the information and advice that can help you with making these decisions. They have many years experience in providing our customers with these options.

We can  recommend the perfect systems, style and materials based on your needs. Which ever style you choose, your family will atomically be a lot safer. Most robberies are committed by opportunist passer by. They see an opening and take the chance. They won't see an opening when they see your high quality gate. They will see someone who has taken precautions and won't know what other security you have inside.

So all of our gates will work to keep your family and important items safe. The style and design is then really down to your requirements and taste.

Is A Home Security System Worth It?

Turn your gate into an attractive feature for your home

There are many people all over the world that choose gates as their first line of defence. This can be either for their home or their business. There are only so many off the shelf designs in the world  so if you choose a standard design chances are someone has that gate as well. This is fine if you are looking to simply protect your home or business.

But if you are looking to add style to your home  we think that there is only one option to go for. A bespoke design can really set your home or business apart from everyone else. It provides a style to match your personality. You choose the style that you would like and then a company like us will find a way to make that design happen.

I am sure many of you will have stopped to admire a wonderfully designed gate in the past. Most of these gates will have been designed by the owner of that property to add that crucial part of design that you just can't get with a design off the shelf. A bespoke design is the perfect way to make your gate yours.

It allows you to create the perfect design that welcomes guests into your home and gives the magic that a gate should provide. It opens up to show your house in all of it glory and as people peer through to see the house.

That's what a bespoke gate does, it provides the magic that your guests will be mesmerised by.

How to avoid the gate cowboys

Over the years cowboys have been lurking around every corner to take advantage of people. They have effected many different industries all over the UK.  

They have created a bad name for everyone in that industry including the hard working, honest companies, like ourselves. We have to take measures to ensure that our customers know that we are going to provide them with a service that they want.

With our team, you can be confident that you won't get a gate installation service from hell.

We have to take measures to ensure that our customers know that we are going to provide them with a service that they want. With our team, you can be confident  that you won't get a gate installation service from hell. 

Firstly the price. If you get a quote from a company that it vastly lower than the rest of the quotes and sounds far too good to be true then mostly likely it is. 

Of course this is a business.  All of the companies in the area, including ourselves, will try and undercut the other companies to ensure we get your work.

However our prices and the other reputable companies are going to represent the work it takes to do a good job and not a bodge job. Look for a company that has a reputation. 

The internet is a powerful tool. Look for customers that have used the company before and find out about their experience.

If you are in the Newcastle area you may be looking at a number of different gate fitting companies.  When deciding who to choose to install your gates there are a range of factors to look at Look for a company that has a reputation.

The internet is a powerful tool. Look for customers that have used the company before and find out about their experience. We have many years of experience in providing our customers with bespoke gates.  

We work hard to ensure that each and everyone of our customers gets the gates that they want. Many of our customers have reviewed us and so take a look around the web and find reviews about other companies.

If they don't have any reviews they probably haven't done much work yet. Unfortunately cowboys are every where. But using the internet and friends recommendations will save you time and money.

Choosing a company like us will allow you to get the job done right the first time around.

Why choose a bespoke gate design rather than one off the shelf?

There are many great designs of gates out there. We are sure you have seen some beautiful gates on homes and business throughout your local area. There are many around Newcastle that really make you stop and look. 

These gates are the ones that have be carefully designed by the owner to show their style and their creativity. If you are in the Newcastle area and are trying to decide on which gates to get then you will know that there are many different designs out there.

Some of them may well be something you could live with. But just remember, these gates are going to be on your home for many years. 

So choosing the perfect design is very important. This is why we offer our customers the chance to design their own. After all, you are the ones that are going to have to look at them each and everyday you drive through them.  So having a design that is perfect for you is something you should really consider investing in.

A bespoke design allows you to pick and choose not only the style of gates that you would like but also the security that your gate gives you. 

Deciding on the way that it opens, the automated features which allow you to you open it remotely. Everything else allows you to completely customise your gate to suit you and your family.

So why choose a bespoke gates? For the option of better security and being able to choose the design.

We have a design team that can help you with your bespoke design but ultimately it is entirely your decision as it is your gate.

Are remote control gates the best choice for my property?

If you are deciding which gates to get installed then like most people you may be reluctant to get a remote control gate fitted.  

A lot of people seem to think that the remote controls can break down or the motor in the gate itself can pack up. Honestly this is true but it is a very rare occasion. The motors in the gates are designed to work outside.

They are designed to be basic motors without too much fancy stuff on them. This will ensure that they don't go wrong all the time. 

They are great little work horses and with regular maintenance every year or so breakdowns will almost never occur. Of course the benefit of a remote control is that it allows you to stay in the warm and dry whenever you need to open the gate.

You can avoid the weather that the gates and motors are designed for. Whenever a guest or yourself are trying to access your property you can just push a button and let them in. 

This is much more appealing than having to go out in the rain or snow and opening the gate for them. Another great benefit to a remote control gate is that you can choose who enters your property. 

You have the power. Nobody can have access to your property without your say so. You can keep intruders out and of course keep children and pets in. These are all great benefits about remote controlled gates. 

The other great thing is that they add style and design to your home as well. They can give your home the perfect sense of taste.

You can design them yourself in conjunction with a team like ours to ensure you get the perfect gates for you and your family.

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