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How Can I Make My House Look More Expensive Outside

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  • 21-07-2022
How Can I Make My House Look More Expensive Outside

Homeowners often ask: How can I make my house look more expensive outside? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. This article offers tips and solutions to improve the exterior of your home.

How Does An Electric Gate Increase Property Value?

Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Fortunately for many homeowners, there are a fantastic array of ways to redesign the outside of your home to give it an authentic high-end appearance without breaking the bank! Here's how:

You may be surprised to hear that a fresh coat of paint and a layer of stain can be what transforms the overall appearance of your front door and house façade.

Changing the colours of the walls of your home from brick brown and beige to trendy saturated blues and reds or sharp blacks or charcoal colours can enhance the house and make it stand out against the others on the street or those in the same neighbourhood. 

Renewing the entrance by adding contrasting colours or tall planters on either side of the door is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to ensure your house is more aesthetically pleasing and has a higher value. We would encourage you to use darker hues and contrasting shades to provide an air of luxury without investing in expensive decoration.

Another way to renew the entrance is to change the existing hardware, for example, adding brass hardware to a black door to curate a chic and sleek appearance. 

A minor factor to invest in includes upgrading your paths and walkways, as doing so can provide a neatness that will complement the home's exterior and make it appear far more welcoming. We would encourage you to buy rakes to tidy the stones or pebbles and free your walkways from any leaves and debris.

Symmetry on either side will also enhance the appearance of your pathways, so you may wish to add interesting symmetrical planters or luxurious garden lights up the entryway.

Ensure you're consistent in the proper lighting concepts, painting similar colours, different materials and textures like metals and wood you use throughout maintaining a sleek walkway; for example, you can choose concrete, stepping stones or bricks or even change the layout of your walkways. 

If it's a straight line, you can opt to make it more meandering to create a more rustic effect which could have a big impact on those wishing to buy the property in the future, as its uniqueness will make it stand out. 

When it comes to greenery, fully landscaping your front yard with new flowers and plants is one of the most significant ways to up your home's curb appeal. You don't have to go to the effort or expense of creating an entire garden.

However, adding a few planters or planting potted flowers here and there can accentuate specific aspects of your front door and frame specific areas you wish to draw attention to, like beside entryways or windows. Flowers and unique plants can be an attractive way to add a pop of colour to your yard.

If you discover you don't have any room on the floor or lawn for these plants and flowers without creating a hazard, we recommend hanging baskets filled with a wide variety of colours and different flowers. Alternatively, you can create more room by removing unnecessary objects and going for a minimalist feel. 

If you don't have one in your possession, we highly recommend hiring a power washer from local hardware stores and washing away years of grime and dirt from your driveway, siding, walkways and porch.

Many will provide special offers on their equipment, so keep a lookout. Power washers can help rid all forms of cobwebs and debris from all areas of your front yard, including eye-catching outdoor lighting fixtures, making the space clean and bright and giving it an upscale feel. It can also clean your home's gutters, ensuring they appear good as new. 

Beautifying the front door with decor is one of the most significant ways you can enhance the appearance of your home and offer a fresh appeal. There are so many ways to achieve this, for example:

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas; you can find ones that suit your home all year round with preserved florals and dried greenery to add some colour to your front door. Perhaps add some outdoor furniture on your porch or elsewhere outside the front of your home. Ensure it matches the colour scheme or neutral shades and is all in good, clean condition. You could set up a small table and chairs with decorative lanterns or string lanterns.

Another way to spruce up the front of your home is to replace the old house numbers with something new or a new font or texture. Update your mailbox with something a tad more stylish and new; this will significantly affect your home. Make sure it matches the overall aesthetic of the outdoors of your home for more consistency. Ensure your electrical box is painted with colours and a style that matches the outside of your home and its decoration to blend with the surroundings seamlessly.

Finally, we recommend adding an exciting sculpture to your front yard or garden, perhaps a bronze-looking piece of art or a decorative sphere. Such aspects may require you to spend a little more; however, there will likely be pieces that will fit your desired theme and do not come at extensive prices. 

Adding efficient outdoor lighting can transform your space, offering a cosy atmosphere all year round and providing a sophisticated appearance. 

There are many affordable options to select from, including light switches surrounding water features or sculptures, some at the bottoms of plants or trees to accent the leaves in the dark or nighttime, natural solar-power lanterns or wrapping string lights around tree branches or across fences to decorate them. 

Adding water features or fountains into your front or back garden can provide elegance and an air of sophistication that other homes in your area may not have, making you stand out.

If you have a much higher budget, you can even design a small waterfall or pond to fit inside your outdoor space or on the grass. Ensure you clean the water feature on a regular basis to achieve a more welcoming view.

Finally, we highly recommend you take some time out of your day to address anything that needs fixing about the front or backyard of your home for a more attractive and flawless exterior.

Ensure you repair any ripped screens, old light fixtures, picture framing, chipped paint or burned bulbs from lighting arrangements, and other issues you may uncover outside your house. If you are struggling with such repairs or outdoor renovations, call a trusted handyman or contractor in your local area to help you with such tasks, even if they are low maintenance. 

Five Key Components to updating Outdoor Space

Many outdoor areas that have curated a haphazard appearance are typically seen as messy or cheap, and jumping straight into the task of redesigning your outdoor space without a plan can cause a lack of cohesion.

There are supposedly five essential components when it comes to good landscaping created by designer Soloman; they include the following:

  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Colour
  • Textures
  • Shape

Consider the primary zones of your front yard or outdoors when it comes to landscaping.

For example, your house is the central focus, the surrounding areas, the perimeter of your household, and the paths connecting your entrance to your front door. Ensure you keep each zone in your mind whilst planning out your dream space. 

How Can I Make My House Look More Expensive Outside?

Updating the front entryway

Home improvements on the front entryway are the best way to create an expensive look for your household. You'll want to have professionals in the field lay concrete, fake grass, cobblestone or brick down, and you can even opt to paint it in various colours to make it more abstract. Contrasting colours like gold and black offer a fantastic air of luxury.

Ensure you line that pathway with lights, flowers and greenery, creating a glamourous first impression that will work wonders. 

Creating spaces with purpose 

We highly recommend divvying up your garden grass or yard and creating spaces with different purposes for those with plenty of outdoor living space.

Doing so can separate areas and make it feel less like one giant square. Section off different parts and create areas to eat, curate drinks, comfortable spots where you can sit by a burner fire in the colder seasons, gardening areas with flower beds, etc.

You can play around with different lighting, patterns, colours and textures; however, be sure to curate flow and a sense of continuity to avoid spaces becoming busy.

Considering the homes of some of the wealthiest and most famous people, many opt for minimalism to provide an expensive appearance to their homes. Look online for ideas and new ways to make your front yard look a million bucks.

Adding Driveway gates to add value

Any small investments or improvements you choose to make on your home or property should somehow add further value. Improving the overall curb appeal and making the exterior of your home more valuable if you wish to sell it in the future.

You must remember that the final amount of your household could ultimately depend on your home's design, the installations and the fabrication quality. So in, making your home more attractive with elegant driveway gates could encourage potential buyers and make real estate agents higher the prices.  

Adding driveway gates is a great way to make your house look more expensive outside.

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