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How Do I Maintain My Automated Gates

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How Do I Maintain My Automated Gates

Are you looking for more information about how to maintain your automated gates? 

You may not want to replace your existing gates, perhaps because you are fond of them or do not want to bear the cost of new gates. We will, therefore, need to inspect them to establish whether they can be automated in their current state or be modified to do so. 

Meanwhile, here are the most obvious indications that your gates might require repair or modification:

  • Any cracks at the base of the brick piers - often indicating ground or structural movement of the foundations
  • Piers are not upright and/or parallel to each other - again, possible ground movement
  • Any structural deterioration - e.g. soft/crumbling bricks and mortar
  • Any past impact to gates/piers - e.g. if a vehicle has ever crashed into them

You should also be provided with user instructions. These include safety warnings and maintenance instructions. You will have these together with a logbook to record maintenance and repair activities.

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Reasons For Electric Gates Maintenance

In order for a powered gate to remain safe, it will need regular maintenance and safety checks. This is to ensure that it will remain safe and reliable in service. 

It is inconceivable to imagine a powered gate that does not require at least an annual maintenance visit. And many systems will need more regular visits dependent on use, automation and safety devices in use.

You must make sure your automatic gates meet the necessary health and safety standards and regulations made by Ofsted and the European Machinery Directive. Ensuring your gates are maintained will help you keep up with the requirements. 

If you keep up to date with the maintenance and servicing of your automated electric gate, then you will be able to use the documents as proof to the insurance company that the damage, accident or burglary couldn't have been prevented. 

Regular maintenance on your automated gate will reduce the risk of theft and intrusion and will also provide more security for you and your property. This is because an inspection will ensure there is no damage that could mean the gate can be easily broken.

If there is any damage to the gates, causing opening and closing to become an issue, then it could put customers off coming to the property. It could also slow work down if employees are struggling to get through the gate.

Inspecting, maintaining and servicing your gates will reduce the risk of any accidents happening and someone getting hurt. It will also mean you have proof to use for any insurance companies, and nothing will fall back on you.

Tips to Maintain your Automated Gate

Automatic gates, like all other moving machinery, have to conform to the machinery directive legislation. This legislation states that manufacturers must assess the risks presented to users of their equipment.

They must take all practical steps to mitigate these risks. The state-of-the-art for automatic gates is defined in the British Standard BS-EN13241-1. This is an umbrella standard which refers to various other British/EN standards.


Automation Gates will undertake all kinds of service and repair work from an annual service. A well-used gateway may need repair or the complete refurbishment of a neglected and unused installation.

Feel free to give us a ring to discuss your current situation, and we will be happy to advise you. We offer regular scheduled servicing of gates. We work in line with both manufacturers and HSE recommendations.

Every Service Will Include

  • Cleaning and lubrication of motors and gate pivots
  • Inspection of electrical boxes and resealing them as needed
  • Testing the electrical safety of the gate automation
  • Changing batteries in any battery-powered accessories.


Testing the gates involves:

  • Testing and lubricating the gate manual release mechanism
  • Testing of all gate safety features and carrying out a risk assessment of the gateway

All servicing will be carried out by an accredited engineer. The procedures and checklists our engineers will follow ensure that your gate is safe following servicing.

You must inspect your electric gates regularly to ensure the weather hasn't affected them in any way. Cleaning them as often as you can will keep them looking professional and as good as new. 

You must lubricate your gates if you start to hear noises when opening and closing them. It is a good idea to call a professional to do this, as they will be able to use the correct product.

Cleaning your gates regularly will reduce the risk of rust developing. If a bad case of rust develops on your gates, then you may end up with expensive repair bills, or you may even need a replacement.

If your gates are looking a bit down in the dumps, for example, the paint is chipping, or they are losing their shine, then they need a touch-up. Get in touch with a professional who will be able to suggest the right treatment.

It is essential to have regular servicing and maintenance checks to ensure your gates meet the specifications they need to be safe and not cause any hazards.

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