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Is A Home Security System Worth It

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  • 12-08-2022
Is A Home Security System Worth It

This article asks: Is a home security system worth it? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. Find out about the reasons to invest in a home security system and the cost of home security equipment.

Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

Protection Against Imposters

You may have heard stories about people with malicious intentions dressing up as members of the police, gas technicians, or electricians in order to cheat people out of their well-earned money. Although not everyone who shows up at your front door will have hurtful intent, it is impossible to know when a stranger arrives at your door.

This can happen whether you are living out in the middle of nowhere, or in a busy city. If having strangers at your door makes you anxious or nervous, then a great way to calm some of those nerves is to have a home security system installed.

Protecting Your Home With Domestic Security Gates

Protect Your House from Invaders

Is A Home Security System Worth It?

Over the years, many studies have been done into the response given by burglars when they either see an alarm or hear an alarm when they are invading a property. Eighty-three percent of burglars stated that they would use the presence of alarms and cameras as a deciding factor on which homes to break into.

Sixty percent of burglars said they would choose a different target if they noticed a camera or an alarm. Although security systems are not one-hundred per cent burglar-proof, they do allow for twenty-four-hour monitoring of your home. Security systems are capable of locking doors, capturing footage of intruders, and calling the police automatically. These can all be extremely useful in the process of catching burglars.

Protect Your House from Emergencies

It's not nice to think about, but home burglaries are not the only issue that you need to worry about when you are away from your home. Gas pipes can begin to leak, water can start pouring out from under your sink, a tree in your garden can fall, and so on. Although there is nothing you can do to prevent these kinds of accidents from taking place, there are ways you can prevent them from getting worse once you have noticed them.

These days, advanced alarm and camera units can detect floods, fires, gas, and smoke. So even if you are hundreds and hundreds of miles away and you have no family to help you out with your property, you can use your security system to send for help as soon as possible.

Reduce the Cost of Home Insurance

There are plenty of home insurance companies that nowadays will lower their insurance premiums for their customers if the home has a security system installed. This is because the insurance companies understand that cameras and alarms are very effective in deterring away burglaries and preventing other home disasters.

This will help the insurance company save money, so they pass the savings onto the customer. Home insurance reductions can be up to around twenty per cent, depending on the type of home security system that has been installed. If you are curious about specifics, then we would recommend getting in contact with your insurance company.

Protect Your Family

Of course, we all like to think that we can trust everyone that we hire to work within our homes. But when the hiree is new, it doesn't hurt to be a little bit cautious. If you have recently hired a nanny, babysitter, dog walker, or any other type of person to help around the home, then having some kind of camera around the home can ensure that your loved ones are getting all the help that they require.

Although this may sound like you are breaking some kind of rule, it is completely legal to install cameras within your own home. This is as long as you do not record any private areas of the property, such as a bathroom or the person's room if they are living with you.

It is good practice to let the new hiree know that they are being recorded. If you are having a hard time trusting the hiree, then you can tell them it is for safety reasons.

Prevent Stolen Packages

Prevent Stolen Packages - home security

Have you ever had one of your own packages stolen away from your doorstep? If you have, then you know how absolutely infuriating this can be. The first thing you need to do is call the post office so it can be verified that the package was stolen, rather than being either delayed or lost. Next, the company that the package came from needs to be contacted.

If you are lucky, then if you describe what has happened, then they will send you a new one. Last Christmas in the UK, one out of five packages were stolen. This is an extremely high statistic. In addition to this, lost packages create a horrible atmosphere of distrust and contempt within a neighbourhood or community, as no one knows exactly who stole the parcel.

A great way to prevent this whole debacle is by installing a CCTV camera in the area where the delivery person will leave the parcel. Leave a clear sign that you are recording, and this will act as an excellent deterrent.

Keep an Eye on Aging Parents

It's a shame, but not everyone lives near their parents or can afford to pay for the help that their parents need. In some cases, people simply don't want help and would rather go without it.

If you have ageing parents that you cannot get to easily, or parents that are refusing help, but you are worried about them falling or getting into some other kind of issue at home, then you should talk to them about letting you install a preventative security system within their home. Not only will the system provide some extra security, but the system can also be connected to your phone so that you can check on your family members remotely.

No one likes the feeling of being watched and being monitored, but sometimes it is for the best. If something were to happen to one of your loved ones, you would be glad that there is a way to check on them and reach out for help.

What do home security systems do?

What Do Home Security Systems Do?

Home security systems can do far more than just deter burglars from entering your property. If you pick the right system, then it can keep you lined to your home even if you are miles and miles away. The system will also let you know whenever doors are opened and closed within the property and if any attempts have been made to access important areas of the home, such as liquor cabinets and gun safes.

There are also other smaller benefits that you will be able to take advantage of once you have your security system installed. For example, many companies will offer discounts on homeowners insurance. Here are a few of our best tips and great ideas for those that want to invest in their household exterior, add extra charm and transform its aesthetic:

Cost of home security equipment

When it comes to evaluating how much the initial investment required to add a security system to your home will be, there are various factors that you need to consider. The cost can range widely between around £200 to more than £1500 depending on exactly which system you go with, along with which pieces of equipment you decide to use with it.

The type of installation can also have a large impact on the cost. The good news here is that all of these purchases are one-time costs. This means in the majority of cases, you will own the equipment. Once the system has been installed and it is all operational, there can sometimes be monthly occurring fees to consider.

You should have a degree of control over your monthly security system costs. Packages will have different costs depending on the services that are being offered, the features, and the levels of monitoring that the system provides.

Some basic plans from companies you can trust will start at around £20 per month. However, depending on your particular needs and your budget, there are very advanced packages you can pay for. This can include services such as live and constant twenty-four-hour monitoring or even regular property security patrols. These packages can cost several hundred pounds per month, so these packages are definitely not for everyone.

If you are looking to improve your home security in Tyne and Wear or Northumberland, you will need to consider the advantages of security gates.

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