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Installing Swing Gates To Your Home

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Installing Swing Gates To Your Home

Are you considering installing swing gates to your home? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. We look at the installation requirements of swing gates and the prices involved.

Installation requirements for swing gates

Swing gates are fantastic for providing households and properties with efficient entrance points that require your home or driveway to have enough clearance to swing open without obstructing public passageways and footpaths. 

Most swing gates open inwards for this reason; however, few with much space at the front of a private party can also open outwards.

Types Of Domestic Wooden Gates

Perform pre-installation checks

For those that wish to install wooden gates or metal gates, it is likely that the handle, drop bolt and hinges will come with pre-drilled holes ready for fitting or pre-installed for you. On the other hand, PVC gates may be something you have to fit entirely independently.

It matters not what model you opt for; however, you must check that all gate automation kits and access control accessories are thoroughly supplied by the company and ensure you read the manual or product description carefully, following it closely.

Installing Swing Gates To Your home

In some cases, your gate will be installed between two solid pillars, mounted carefully between each. Professional installers will successfully fit its hinges on its inside on the base and top of your pillars. 

Set-ups of this kind can be relatively inconvenient as your automatic gates may only be able to open to a maximum of 90 degrees. In other instances, the gate hinges get fitted on the pillars inside, allowing the gate open to 180 degrees. 

When using this as a pre-installation set-up, you want to protect your home against break-ins as much as possible. Therefore, ensure hinges fitted onto the outside of your pillars aren't done with weak screws that can be easily tackled by intruders who can undo them with screwdrivers or wrenches.

Prepare to install the swing gate

Your gate foundation should be complete with a hole prepared to fit the drop bolt during this stage. Pillars should be precisely in place, and installers will set up all forms of electrical conduit for those that wish to have electric gate openers installed at a different point in time, perhaps when they are freer to observe the work.

Your driveway gate opening should be wide enough to allow numerous cars or vehicles to pass through, alongside any transport that may make its way onto your premises, such as moving vans and delivery vehicles. 

You should ensure that the ground is level and flat so that underground automation and powerful motors can not obstruct the gate above. A spirit level must be on a 2-3 utterly straight metre edge. The pillar height must exceed the gate height at around 10-15cm.

Prepare to install the swing gate

Mark out the position of the gate and install

It doesn't matter whether you or an experienced team of professionals install your gate onto the corners or inside your gate pillars; you should also start by positioning the gate upright between them. 

Next, you want to grab timbers, two long planks for either side of the gate and wooden spacers and clamp the gates two leaves together at the top on either side. You want to do so using a piece of wood that spreads the length of the gap between the pillars. 

Then, ensure your gate is securely in one piece, carefully placing it atop your spacers. Once all your spacers are in place, and your gate forms one piece, you must mark your drop bolt position on the ground, upper and lower hinges. 

After doing so, you want to ensure you have picked the correct wall plugs for the groundwork and surface, inserting them into the specific holes and screw via hinge plates. For those unsure about the exact measurements, ensure your gate is in a set position after you have drilled your first hole and its hinge is in place.

Make sure it is perfectly aligned. If your gate requires the hinge to be mortared into your pillars, you must leave it perfectly in place whilst the mortar cures. In the meantime, set up an alternative entrance for the duration of the gate project.  

Check and adjust the gate

First installers will check that your gate leaves are correctly positioned to allow for efficient opening. They must adjust the fitting of the catch and drop bolt once the gate is in the closed settings.

It's paramount to ensure that the gap that separates the two leaves is even, and hinges must be adjusted if necessary.

Professionals will then secure the strike plate and the handles of your gates. Finally, they will position the gate stops by opening each side of your gate as far away as possible.

Sloping entrances and electric gates

Suppose your entrance is on a slope; we highly recommend that you opt for sliding gates instead; however, all electric gates on a slope require an adjustable special offset hinge. 

Often professionals can refer to these as rising hinges or uphill hinges. The upper part/gate leaves will separate from the base and pillar when the gate opens, and its base follows the slope.

How much do electric driveway gates cost?

As a rough guide, aluminium gates that we supply for pedestrian use often cost at least a few hundred pounds; however, driveway gates that are classically designed, bespoke or contemporary can reach prices up to £2,000 - £4,000.

Meanwhile, numerous gate motors can range in cost from hundreds of pounds for an articulated arm motor at a low intensity. They can even reach average prices of £1,000 for domestic swing gates, foundation boxes and underground motors.

Getting a professional gate installation

Electric gate installation quote

Securing an accurate, suitable quote is vital during any home improvement refurbishment or project planning, so we highly recommend that you confer with various local tradespeople in the industry. 

When searching for a reasonable budget to fit your electric gate installation costs, you must ensure that you are given fair and competitive prices in your location. 

We recommend that you ask numerous companies and services for competitive rates so that after collecting information, you can compare all the quotes and decide which best suits your project.

Getting a professional gate installation

Electric gate installer hourly rates

Running costs for the labour of an electric gate installation project tend to be approximately a third of the overall final cost. The labour costs are often included as a total instead of an hourly rate. You can usually expect the installation costs to sit in a region of £35 - £65 per hour, yet this can vary based on numerous factors.

These factors could include the number of skilled engineers onsite, the mechanism type and size of your gate, the installation's complexity and the time taken to complete your gate project.

Factors affecting the cost of an electric gate

When it comes to the parts of your system that you require, the largest price you'll be expected to pay will be the cost of your gate.

The electric gates' cost will often be deliberated based on these four factors: 

The Method of Opening:

For example, if you select a 4G intercom system as your way of opening the gates, this system can often be more expensive to purchase than hardwired intercoms.

However, hardwired systems will require cabling from an experienced electrician, ultimately costing more.

The Material:

Of course, the materials you choose will affect the price, as some are more advanced and high-quality compared to others. 

For example, PVC is the cheapest and lightest driveway gate option, as it isn't as secure or durable as other materials; however, it is straightforward to maintain.

The Size:

The broader and higher your gate is, the more the cost will be. Suppose your entrance is positioned at a relatively unusual height or size. In this case, it can also rapidly increase the costs of your electric driveway gates.

You'll want to decide whether your household suits smaller gates or larger ones; opt for smaller ones if you wish to save money.

The Design:

More intricate or ornate design patterns and schemes will cost far more than the standard designs that your company offer you. Numerous bespoke designer brands and custom options provide a premium price.

It would be best to remember that the colour and palette you select alongside the finish you opt for will add to the cost.

Some examples of other driveway gate materials include: 

Softwood:- Softwood is a relatively cheap option; however, its high maintenance to upkeep, with security and incredibly low durability.  

Hardwood:- Hardwood is a mid-priced option that is more secure and durable than softwood materials; it is much lower maintenance costs.  

Aluminium and Steel:- These metals are a mid-priced, low maintenance option for driveway gates, providing excellent security, privacy preferences and durability.

Wrought Iron:- Out of all wood, plastic and metal options, wrought iron gates are often the most expensive choice; it offers less privacy than wood but immense security. One of the reasons it is the most expensive option is because it requires a lot of maintenance due to being prone to rust.

Types of gate automation

There are two essential gate automation systems available to customers: swing gates and sliding gates.

Swing Gates

Swing gates often offer one or two openings known as the wings; these can open outwardly or inwardly, and they are usually depicted in upper-class country mansions on TV shows and movies. 

However, whilst you can utilise them to up the elegance of a household, they are typically the cheaper option in comparison to sliding gates.

They have a far more straightforward automation system. It's best to keep in mind whilst deciding that swing gates are not the most suited to sloped driveways.

Sliding Gates

Homeowners who choose sliding gates usually opt for the type that slides across the whole opening or two that can meet in the middle.

The more complex the sliding mechanism, the more you may require groundworks for drainage and tracks, which will bump up the cost.

You must also have enough space to ensure your gates slide away from your opening to create space for large vehicles.

What does installation involve, and how long does it take?

Before you have your new automated gates installed, you need to thoroughly investigate whether or not your system or property requires planning permission. 

If you find that your gate is positioned higher than one or two metres and close by a motorway or public footpath by a highway, that is when you will need sufficient planning permission.

The planning portal is a fantastic resource that allows you to learn more about electric gate systems for a household and various other household improvements. 

Installations tend to involve professionals conducting a host of groundworks that ensure a robust solid foundation for your motor and gate automation methods; it can also be helpful for any required drainage.

What does installation involve, and how long does it take?

At this point, your professionals can run a certified electricity supply to your gates alongside installing any remote power solutions for power cuts and blackouts, be aware these may form additional costs. 

Next, your professionals will skilfully install pillars into the concrete foundation curated, allowing your gate to be sufficiently supported.

Finally, they will install the automation mechanism, attaching it to your pillars and gate panels to provide an opening for your operators and control systems. 

The duration of time it takes for your fitters to install electric gates can vary depending on a wide range of factors, such as the extent of necessary groundworks, the contractor's level of availability and the sourcing of materials.

Installing Swing Gates

If you want to install swing gates, you need to decide if they swing towards or away from the property.

Gates that Swing towards the building

  • On Residential and Commercial sites which require/desire decorative design
  • Where there is enough room in between the entrance and the property to fit the fully-open gate
  • Where there suffices room to get rid of the fully-open whilst working out a sharp curve in the drive
  • Where the ground over which the gates will undoubtedly swing is entirely degree to avoid contact
  • Does the bottom of the gate go down lower as the gates open?

Gates that Swing away from the building

  • On Residential and Commercial sites which need ornamental style.
  • Where the ground over which evictions will certainly turn is sufficient degree to avoid contact with an all-time low of the gates (or goes down lower).
  • Where there is adequate room for evictions to swing in an outward direction without intruding onto a highway/sidewalk.
  • Where you have no choice but to utilise inward-turning gates.

Gate Safety Starts with a Risk Assessment

We will provide a site survey for your automated gates. There are several consistent elements that you should consider for automatic gate safety. Safety is vital for moving, swinging, bi-folding or telescopic gates. A fundamental element is carrying out a detailed site-specific danger assessment.

This assessment is based upon the particular site requirements. It's best to measure visitors' traffic sources and how many individuals will use the gate daily. 

Consider exactly how you will operate the gate, the frequency of use, the kind of gate you desire and your bespoke options for your gate design.  

We will go on to identify the required security functions required. How and where they are utilised? Usually, these would consist of adhering to safety measures. 

When picking the precise area for your gate, you want to go with an area that allows your vehicle to leave the roadway while waiting for the gate to open.  Also, make certain to picture your gate completely open. Seek items that might block its course, including uneven ground or driveway incline.

Professional installers will examine your electrical gate system. The Installation Team should reveal the best ways to run the system and which safety gadgets have been utilised. It is essential to be available when they intend to finish so that you and the professionals can turn over the appropriate end-user paperwork.

Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.