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How Wide Should My Driveway Gate Be

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  • How Wide Should My Driveway Gate Be, Fitted Height, Physical Height, Double or Single Gates, Standard Gate Sizes
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  • 12-04-2022
How Wide Should My Driveway Gate Be

One of the questions asked when installing a new gate is: how wide should my driveway gate be? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear.  We look at the factors to consider when installing a new gate onto your driveway.

If you've decided that your home or commercial property would benefit from a driveway gate, you'll have to determine the best width and overall size. Automatic driveway gates are fantastic for increasing the value of your property and curb appeal, security reasons, keeping out unwanted visitors, and protecting your family, pets, or workers. 

Whatever reason it is, there are numerous aspects of the project to consider, such as the operation, materials, overall design and how it should open and close. 

Adding Value To Your Home With Electric Gates

However, one of the most significant aspects to consider is how many feet wide should the new driveway gate be?

What Do The Sizes Refer To?


Many metal gates or steel gates are often listed as the gap size that they will be installed into. To obtain your ordering width, you must measure the gap size of the opening of your driveway. If you are dealing with other materials like wooden gates, it may be slightly different. 

Never be fooled into thinking that the dimensions refer directly to your gates' physical width. On many companies' sites and online stores, you'll find that they present various suitable designs for various openings. Such often means that so long as your gates are within these standard sizes, their gates will suit your desires and requirements. 

Physical Height 

The physical height concerns the measurements in the product details, depicting the actual height of your gate. Physical height does not include the ground clearance height included during its installation. The physical height tends to be 50mm / 2" shorter than the fitted or installed height. 

Fitted Height 

The fitted height refers to the height of the gate once it has finally been installed by professionals alongside its preliminary 50mm / 2" gap along the bottom for ease when opening and closing. 

Look At Your Driveway Size

Standard driveway sizes of most cities in the UK tend to sit between 9-12 feet; however, commercial properties may have far bigger driveways that stretch into the 20s. Assess the shape of your driveway; if it's a more straight driveway, you may decide to opt for a small single-gate, but if you find it has more of a curve, wider gates will open more turning freedom. 

 How Wide Should My Driveway Gate Be?

Consider The Vehicles

Unlike a garden gate or fencing, your driveway gates will allow vehicles through, sometimes, more than one type of vehicle. Look closely at the type of vehicle that passes through your driveway; Cars? Trucks? Motorhome vehicles? Boats? Any extensive sized vehicle requires larger spaces to pass and turn through successfully. However, assess your property closely; if you require this gate for a domestic home, a wider gate will not suffice and will ultimately be more expensive due to its materials and labour. If you desire a double car drive, multiple vehicles is also something to consider.

Standard Gate Sizes

Unless you live or work in an incredibly unusual building with a steep curving slope, the issue of finding suitable gate widths for your driveway shouldn't be too challenging. In the UK, residential properties typically range from 9-12 ft, often smaller than 20ft, unlike other countries like America that can have driveways that span 9-24ft. 

You want to begin the process by measuring your driveway; a tape measure or metre-stick will suffice. Your gate must be a tad wider than the driveway entrance to your property; for example, if it currently measures 9 ft, 6-inches, a 10ft gate will best suit your establishment or domestic residence. You always want to select the next foot upwards on the scale. 

Car Gates vs Truck / SUV / Motorhome Gates

Ten or twelve feet tend to be the most popular size of gates; however, before settling on a gate-type and size, ensure you've considered the types of vehicles at your disposal and those entering and exiting your building or location site. Decipher whether or not you have a curved or straight gate entrance to establish your final width.

If your driveway is entirely straight, you can utilise a smaller single gate; however, a wider gate may suffice if your drive curves sharply. We highly recommend a double gate for those working or living in a condominium, apartment complex/block of flats or a more commercial application with plenty of vehicle traffic from a two-way street or incoming traffic. 

Many tend to utilise full-size pickup trucks that haul boats and trailers and SUVs for their work or need to fit them into their household driveway. Other recreational vehicles tend to have a much larger footprint that one cannot drive in with a driveway gate that is entirely too small. The wider and essentially bigger your gate is, the more you'll be expected to pay in labour and materials, so choose a gate that suits your vehicles and your budget. 

Generally, smaller gates are far easier to maintain. However, suppose you are concerned about the access level of more extensive construction vehicles, utility vehicles, and larger vehicles' moving about. It may be best to install any removable fences or fence sections instead of paying a costly amount for enormous gate openings that you may only require a few times a year. You'll still be able to save money on installing smaller gates, yet it can considerably reduce expensive upkeep on your gate.

Double Or Single Gates

Often customers get stuck on whether they should choose a single or wider double gate that swings inward or outward to best suit their household or establishment building.

Alongside your aesthetic preferences and the overall style you desire, every gate setup has a variety of pros and cons that set them apart and appeal to different commercial and residential properties. 

For example, a single gate will require a single automatic gate opener device yet only requires half the hardware and labour. Such gate choice could allow you to save money in the long run, as there are significantly reduced upkeep costs on your mechanics. 

However, you will need the full twelve feet worth of clear space for it to swing open to completion. A double-leaf gate configuration will only need six feet. Single gates tend to require more expensive, heavier gate posts that can hold their weight. 

For those with driveways that have relatively steep slopes, you must install gates that can swing outwards of your property, towards the roadway. Doing so will allow you more ground clearance and ensure gravity doesn't cause your gates to swing back on your vehicle. 

Many find double gates to their home or property far more elegant for their needs; however, it primarily comes down to the driveway clearance you possess, your personal preferences and the planning permission you gain. 

For commercial properties, it can be a little different. Suppose your establishment has a relatively narrow clearance or limited space, yet it is frequently used; you may select the third option, which is a sliding gate. Sliding gates will take up much less space and aren't likely to cause vehicle damage like a swinging gate might. 

You don't want your gates to swing open and hit against your doors or your own vehicle because the measurements were not accurate. Heavier gate materials like steel and wrought iron are compatible with these buildings as they can provide extra levels of security.

Double sliding gates can allow for much faster exit and entry into your establishment; however, you must remember that they require more maintenance due to the fact they have more moving parts and are far more costly. 

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