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How to improve business security for your property

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  • 23-09-2016
How to improve business security for your property

How to improve business security for your property

The Benefits of security gates, bollards and barriers for commercial properties

Find out how your business can benefit from installing security gates, barriers and bollards. Take a look at the following examples of how you can improve the safety of your business and your staff.

Commercial Security Gates

The benefits of security gates can sometimes be over looked by people running a business.  They are obviously a great way to lock your business up at night but is that the only consideration?

Are there other benefits to security gates for your business?

When you lock your business up for the evening safe and sound you may think it will stay just like that until you return the next day.

But did you know that most break-in and burglaries are the work of opportunistic passers-by?

Security gates are a great deterrent. It has been said that the best offence is a good defence. That’s exactly what security gates offer.

So if you don’t have security gates what is stopping these people from gaining access to your property?

The moment someone sees a set of security gates they automatically start to think, ‘what else do they have in there in the way of security?’.  The natural response then, of course, is to rethink the whole situation.

No one is able to claim to say that security gates are going to stop everyone. That just isn’t the case.  But they will deter a lot of people thinking about breaking into your business.  That is, of course going to save you time and money in the long run.

Opportunistic people want to know there is no way of getting caught for the act they are about to do.  Security gates automatically put doubt in their minds. That doubt is what keeps your business safe and sound while you aren’t there.

Why Install Security Barriers on your Property?

If you run a business, there may be reasons why you wish to consider installing a security barrier rather than a security gate. What is the benefit of security barriers over security gates?

Let’s explore the benefits of security barriers further.

Security gates offer a way of closing down your business safely. They  are a great deterrent for when you aren’t at your business.

Security barriers are a way of knowing who is on your property and who has access to it.

Security barriers come in a range of shapes and sizes. These  include:

crowd management barriers

car park barriers

road works barriers

These are all considered security barriers.

The ones that work best for your business are of course the car park barriers. These allow you to control who has access to your business.  They can be controlled either by having them manned or automatic.

Having an intercom system on them offers more control. So the person who drives up can speak to someone and then they can press a button and allow them access.

In this way they will allow you to know who everyone is on your property. You can also give them instructions of where to go when they are on your property. Also the person in control of the barrier can notify the people that that person has come to see.

Just by seeing a security barrier is a further deterrent to anyone thinking about gaining access to your property.

Even if someone was thinking about just hopping the gate a barrier offers a deterrent. Seeing the barrier will cause doubt to form in their mind even further than the security gate did. They will now have no idea what other security measure you have going on in your business.

security gates for business

The Benefits of Security Bollards Installations

Controlling access to your business can sometimes feel like an on-going issue that may never get solved.  Once one problem is dealt with another arises.

One problem may well be your undoing of the complete security. After all, if one side of your business isn’t securely sound then none of it is.

Security bollards are a great way to block access to certain parts of your business property and control the flow of traffic throughout it. Security bollards allow for a simply way of adding extra security to your property.

There are two types of security bollards that can help you take control of the people who are accessing your property. These are static or automatic.

Static bollards are great for closing off access to parts of your property that no one needs access to. You will also be able to control traffic flow throughout your business.

Automatic bollards allow you to stop access all together if required. You can keep someone waiting until you are satisfied that the person who is trying to gain access is there for the right reasons.

These bollards are designed to take a hit from most vehicles. So it is wise to plan out their positioning. Backing into one of these bollards will mean a very bad day for the car.

Bollards offer peace of mind.  You will be safe in the knowledge that no one will be able to  ram through them during the night.  Any car hitting a bollard at speed will  write off a vehicle in one foul swoop.

Managing your Security with Access Controls

Access Controls allow you to take control of your business and the safety of all the people who work there.

There are many things you can do although nothing is more secure than an access operating system. These systems can completely control who has access to your property and more.

Access Controls allow you to have complete control of who enters, where they go and what they do. If you have ever been broken into before then you know that you become more aware of visitors.

You may develop a feeling of mistrust with the world afterwards. You will also have a  feeling that you want to be able to protect your own property and business.

This may sound quite extreme. Protecting your business to this level can be time consuming without access controls.

You may have a large amount of deliveries and traffic coming in an out of your business each day. 

Can you honestly say that you trust every person who enters your business?

Can you say for certain that you, your staff and your products are completely safe?

Security operating systems and access controls work by pulling together great security systems. This allows you to  use them all together.

The technology they can use includes;

Key fobs


Audio and visual equipment

Key pads

Automated Barriers

And a whole lot more.

These systems are complete customisation to ensure they allow you all the security that you would like.

These systems can also be wired into the security gates, barriers and bollards to ensure you know who is coming in and who is going out of your property.

It is important to trust people but it is also important to protect your staff and your businesses future.

Find out more about our security gates in Tyne and Wear.