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How Common Is Burglary In Newcastle

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  • 14-06-2023
How Common Is Burglary In Newcastle

This article asks: how common is burglary in Newcastle? If you are considering home security, you will want to protect against burglary. Secure Automation provides electric security gate installation in Newcastle. We look at if Newcastle has a high crime rate.

Crime in Newcastle upon Tyne

It's an unfortunate fact that the crime rate in Newcastle upon Tyne is very poor. Of the 28 villages, towns and cities in the Tyne and Wear region, Newcastle has the worst reputation for crime. This makes it one of the most dangerous major cities in the North East, with roughly 125 crimes per 1,000 population in 2022. For the wider Tyne and Wear area, the crime rate is only 97 per 1,000 population. This gives Newcastle a rate 29% higher than the rest of the region.

When we zoom out to the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Newcastle sits at 403 on the list of the most dangerous villages, towns and cities. The end of 2022 was a particularly bad time for the city. Bicycle thefts were common during December, with a relative rate of 0.10 per 1,000 population. Burglary was also a common crime during this time.

In Newcastle upon Tyne, burglaries were reported at a rate of 0.43 per 1,000 residents during December 2022. Other reported crimes in the city include over 290 instances of arson and criminal damage during the same time. This puts Newcastle in the worst position for these types of crime during December. However, the most common crimes during this time were violent or sexual offences.

During December 2022, there were 14,123 instances of these types of offences reported. This gives the city a rate of 49 per 1,000 population for these particular crimes. What is most shocking is that this is an increase of 10% from the previous year.

One of the least common crimes in the city is robbery. There were only 329 reports of robberies reported in 2022. While this is still a 15% increase from 2021 figures, it's still the least perpetrated crime in the region. All in all, Newcastle has the same problems all major cities have, making security a high priority for permanent residents. 

Are Access Control Systems Important For Security?

Crime growth in Newcastle upon Tyne

From July 2021 to July 2022, crime in Newcastle upon Tyne grew overall by 17%. This is a significant increase in reported offences. Especially when you compare these figures to the rest of the country. In the whole of the UK during the same period, crime only grew by 11.3%. These figures include a range of different crimes.

However, the greatest increase was in instances of theft from a person. This is also the same across the rest of the UK, but again increasing at a slower rate than in Newcastle. One positive trend in the city is the reduction in drug offences.

In 2022, the instances of drug offences in the city fell by -21.8%. This is a significant positive trend for the city. The same offences increased by 12.2% in the rest of the UK, showing that Newcastle is tackling its drug problems effectively. 

How Common is Burglary in Newcastle? Electric Security Gates Newcastle

Does Newcastle Have A High Crime Rate?

From the previous figures mentioned, it's easy to see why Newcastle is in the top 5 for the highest crime rates for major cities in the UK. However, it's important to consider what crimes are most common. Of all the crimes reported in the city through 2022, the most common were:

Anti-social behaviour


Sexual offences

Public order offences


While rates of these offences have increased since 2021, overall crime levels have been similar over the previous two years. The two areas that have seen significant increases are instances of anti-social behaviour and bicycle theft. Alternatively, crime rates have dropped for other offences. These include things like arson and criminal damage, vehicle crime and shoplifting. Trends show that these offences are becoming less common in the city over recent years.

Of all the regions in Newcastle upon Tyne, these are the worst 5 for reported crimes in 2022:

City Centre & Arthur’s Hill 7,920 reported crimes

Byker 3,029 reported crimes

Elswick 2,543 reported crimes

Shieldfield & Heaton Park 1,557 reported crimes

Nunsmoor 1,203 reported crimes

What is the Burglary Rate in Newcastle upon Tyne?

The rate of burglaries in Newcastle upon Tyne is 558 per 100,000 population. Reports of residential burglaries in the city have increased by over 12% from 2011 to 2021, sitting at 1,138 per year. However, vehicle thefts have fallen by 26% in the same period.

This may sound worrying, and it's always best to guard against any burglary with appropriate security measures. However, these "burglaries" include a range of offences, including vehicle-related theft and bicycle thefts, potentially boosting their figures. 

Do gates prevent burglars?

Talking about all these crime figures might have you wondering what you can do to protect your home and family. This worry is one shared by everyone living in major cities, especially Newcastle. The peace of mind you get knowing you and your belongings are safe is invaluable.  One of the best ways to deter criminals is by making your home as unattractive as possible for them. There are many ways to achieve this, which we'll cover in this section.

Studies have shown that there are some effective ways to deter potential criminals, including:

  • Installing alarms or signs pointing to alarms.
  • Signs warning of dogs on the property. Having a loud dog is also a great deterrent (yapping puppies will put burglars off more than a giant rottweiler).
  • Having no clear ways to escape the property once burglars enter.
  • Installing fences that are too high or difficult to climb over. Iron fences with pointed tips on top is often the best, as this also means there is no easy escape route out of your property.
  • Having very bright exterior motion lights.
  • Having a property that stands close to a neighbouring one. 

Installing driveway gates is another way to deter potential burglars. They do this in several ways:

  • Gates are an obstacle, making it difficult to enter or leave.
  • Burglars are more likely to be seen climbing over a fence or gate.
  • Gates suggest you have other security features installed.
  • They act as a psychological barrier, making your property look more difficult to enter and leave. 

Does Newcastle Have A High Crime Rate?

However, while gates are a great deterrent to burglars, not every property can have them. How effective they are at keeping burglars at bay depends on your type of property and the other access control systems you have in place.

While gates do deter criminals, they cannot prevent all burglaries. You need to have other security measures in place to do the work your gates cannot. This includes other measures mentioned above, such as security lighting and alarms. Your gates will make your home less attractive to criminals, but they should form one part of a larger security system.

Installing security fences and plastering your walls with stickers warning about alarms is a way to boost their effects. Motion sensors and security lights are one of the best ways to deter criminals, alongside gates.

Houses without any of these features are far more likely to suffer a burglary. Homes with gates, but none of the other features, may look unattractive, but they are more likely to be burgled than others with more security features.

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