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Can Electric Gates Make Your Home Safer

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  • 08-06-2021
Can Electric Gates Make Your Home Safer

How can electric gates make your home safer and more secure?

How can electric gates make your home safer? Find out more about improving the security of your home with gates and automation.  

When looking at improving security at your home or business, the first place to look is at your gates and fences.  These are your first line of defence. So it is important that these set the tone for the rest of your home or business defence.

Electric gates can help massively with securing your home and making it safer for you and your family. They can control who has access to your property, and they are also a great deterrent to burglars and thieves.

Why Install Domestic Electric Gates?

 Control Who Enters Your Property:

The gates and fences you have up are generally the first things to stop unwanted guests from entering your property/house. Although using a manual gate is excellent in some instances, you can still open them quickly and get through. However, an automatic gate gives you a bit of extra security and helps you choose who to let enter and exit your property.

 Keep Children & Pets Safe:

Although the electric gates are suitable for keeping strangers out of your property, they can also assist you in keeping pets and children within your home and making them play in the garden instead of the streets, which can provide you with peace of mind from these risks. This can be very beneficial if you live near a busy road, so you don't worry about them escaping easily. 

 Access Control:

Access control can be used to provide another level of security to your home. The access control could be something simple like a keypad or an intercom so you can talk to the user and choose whether to let them enter or not. 

 Shielding Your Property From View: 

Using a pair of large wooden electric gates can be used to shield your property and family from the view of others in the street and deter burglars and thieves from trying to steal from your home/property. As a result, you will be less likely to have people trying to access your home and steal your valuables.  

 Deter Burglars And Thieves:

Large electric gates can become a deterrent for thieves and burglars trying to access your home. The use of magnetic locks and self-locking motors also help with preventing them from pushing the gates open easily and making them give up the idea.  This also means they will have a higher chance of getting caught as they will be making more noise than usual trying to enter the home. 

 No Need To Leave Your Car:

Many thieves and carjackers wait outside the gates of someone's home to get their car as they leave it to open/close the gates. With the remote control for the automatic gates, this is much more difficult for them to do as you do not leave your vehicle. This is especially good if you don't like leaving your car at night for this reason. You could have lights attached to the posts or gates that come on for the night time.

Why choose Electric Gates?

Electric gates also allow a great way for keeping pets and small child away from the road and safe in general. They also do a great job of barring cold callers before they even set foot on your property.

How can electric gates make your home safer

When any intruders see that you have electric gates, it will plant doubt in their mind. They will expect further security measure to lay beyond the gate.

A common trick used by thieves is to wait until you are out of your car operating your manual gates. While you have left the engine running, they swoop in and drive off. You may be able to get your car back through the insurance. 

Electric gates prevent this situation from happening as you never have to step out of the car to open or close them.Just press a button for them to open, and they will close automatically after you. You can drive away safely, and your property can be safe while you are away.

Of course, electric gates can't offer all the protection your business or home needs. But it is a great start. And we can offer many other products to allow you to feel even safer and in control of your property.

Are electric gates good value for money?

If you have ever considered buying electric gates in the past but have been put off by the cost, it may be time to think about them again.  In recent years electric gates have gone down in price dramatically. This is simply due to the demand increasing and companies like us purchasing parts and materials cheaper.

People trying to access your property may see traditional manual gates as an easy opportunity waiting for them. The benefit of electric gates is that they open with the push of a button. 

Either from inside your car or your home, so you can open them without getting cold in the winter or wet most of the year-round.

They are a lot more of a deterrent to anyone trying to access your property who haven't been invited.

To let people into your property, you can have an audio or video system attached to your gate, so you know who they are.

Anyone trying to access your property will see this, and that will be enough to plant doubt in their mind. 

home security

There are many other benefits to electric gates, such as more privacy.  With the cost being only around £2000 now, they are affordable and more secure than ever.

Do Driveway Gates Deter Burglaries?

If you're looking for a reliable home security system to help you and your children feel safer, driveway gates are definitely a great deterrent for a burglar. However, they don't prevent all burglaries from happening. Because driveway gates are difficult to break into and usually work using CCTV or sensors, burglars won't typically even try. They are one of the best security systems to have for your home or business, but they shouldn't be the only ones you have; furthermore, you shouldn't fully rely on them.

In conclusion, driveway gates reduce the risk of burglaries, and they are very effective, especially if you have a family or a business. If you would like to get driveway gates fitted, please search through our website for extra information. 

Biggest Deterrents To Potential Burglars

There are a wide range of deterrents to potential burglars, including:

  • Security Gates: Security gates will typically stop burglars from attempting to get into your property, which is ideal for vulnerable families and businesses. 
  • CCTV Cameras: Cameras allow police to check the footage, which will put burglars off trying to get into your property. 
  • Motion Detectors: Motion sensors are not only convenient way to operate your outdoor lighting, they are a great way of signalling any unwanted activity in the garden.
  • Alarm System: Alarms are one of the oldest, and effective methods of deterring crime; a house alarm can even be linked to the local police network for a fast response.
  • Gates with a Point: This makes it hard to escape and typically prevents burglars from climbing over the gates. 
  • Having a Dog: Most likely the oldest form of burglar deterrent, dogs will usually bark when they hear anything, so this is a deterrent to potential burglars. 
Biggest Deterrents to Potential Burglars

The Security Benefits of Installing Gates:

  • Physical Deterrent: Gates make it more difficult for burglars to break into properties and are an excellent way to deter thieves. They usually come with sensors that detect movement and cause the gates to open, which would also alert you to tell you there's someone at the gates. 
  • More Control: Having security gates installed allows you to control who enters and exits your premises. You can even hire a security guard, and you can have an intercom system, sensors, CCTV and more.
  • Security: Gates help keep children safe while playing outside in the garden. Small children won't be able to open the gates, preventing them from running into the road.

A buyers Guide to Automated Gates

Automatic gates are a great way of protecting your home or business from intruders. They can also add value and style to your home. But choosing the right style of gates isn't always easy, so we have come up with this buyers guide to try and help you as much as we can.

 Automatic gate operating style

This is how your gates will open. The most common and convenient way of gates opening is a swing motion. These swing open and close either from the middle if you have 2 or one sides if you have 1. If you already have a manual version of this type of gate, installing an automatic version should not be any trouble.

 Choosing the materials to use 

This is how your gates will open. The most common and convenient way of gates opening is a swing motion. These swing open and close either from the middle if you have 2 or one sides if you have 1. If you already have a manual version of this type of gate, installing an automatic version should not be any trouble.

 Systems operators

A below-ground system is often more expensive than an overground system. This is due to the need of having to excavate. However, they offer a way of making your gates more tamper-proof and are often considered better looking.

These are just a few things to consider while you are thinking of getting automatic gates installed. The others are safety features and intercoms, and entry systems. If you would like some more information about these, then please feel free to get in touch.

The Importance Of Gate Safety

Gate safety is a crucial part of owning any gate. Whether it is electric or manual or for your home or business, safety is important.

The Importance of Gate Safety

Having a gate that works safely and correctly every time it opens is exactly what you should expect. If you don't have that, then you need an expert to come out and give your gate some much-needed maintenance.

Gate safety really falls to the customer, to you.  Choosing a reputable company like ourselves will ensure that your gate operates safely and will continue to do so. Trying to save a bit of money by getting your gate installed by a company without a track record can be a mistake. It may well end up costing you a lot more money to put their mistakes right. When there is a problem with your gate not working safely, it can be a matter of putting a loved one in harm's way every time they operate the gate. If the gate is operating too fast or in a jerky motion, it can catch people off guard.

Gate safety really comes down to money.  Getting your gates installed by a reputable company like us will save you money in the long run. Our prices are not that high, to begin with, and we can give you some great advice about maintaining your gate. This will ensure that it works year after year. By maintaining your gate, you will ensure that your family or employees are safe

You don't have to do a lot of work to ensure that your gates are safe. The best recommendation we can make regarding gate safety is to choose a reputable company like us to install your gates in the first place.

Tips for Buying Electric Gates

Buying electric gates can be quite a challenge. Finding the perfect gate for you and your family or business can be a real struggle. After all, you want it to invite guests in and keep intruders out.  This while being safe for your family to use. All of these needs need to come in a great looking package.

How much do electric gates cost?

  1. Firstly think about what you want your gate to do. Is it for protection? Perhaps you have been broken into and want to try and avoid it happening again. Or perhaps you want to add a bit of flair to the exterior of your home.

  2. Choose the right electric gate system for the space you have. Homes and driveways come in all different shapes and sizes. So choosing the perfect one is important. If your driveway is only just big enough for a car, then will swing gates work? Maybe you will need sliding gates instead.

  3. Ensuring you have a manual override is crucial. Electric gates are great most of the time. Even though power cuts are rare nowadays, they can happen. And electric gates are pretty useless in a power cut. You certainly wouldn't want to be stuck in your home with nothing to do!

  4. Choosing a material is another essential part of deciding what your gates will be. Choose something that matches the exterior of your home. If you have many trees in your garden, perhaps wood is the best option or if you have a wrought iron fence, then maybe continue the theme.

  5. Above all, the most important part of designing a gate is finding a company that can help you design your gate. Just remember that companies like us do it for a living. So we may well think of something that you might overlook, for example, what will happen when you get a delivery.

Asking a company like us to be with you throughout the design process will ensure that we are all on the same page. We can then guarantee the perfect gate to suit you and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric gates offer their users the power to decide who enters their property. They have great safety features and can last a long time. However, they are not always as expensive as you may think.  They can also be used in conjunction with other great safety features.

The cost of your gates will vary depending on the size of the gates that your property requires and the materials you may want to use, whether you will want intercom systems and other similar security. Taking all of these factors into account, the average price is just over £2000.

Metal tends to be the cheaper option depending upon the design you want.  However, wood is considered the more traditional. Wood requires more maintenance than metal but not a great deal. So it just depends what which you prefer, both will make your home or business secure.

You may need planning permission for new installations, so it is best to check with your local authority to make sure. If you already have old manual gates, you should be ok, but it is always best to check.

All of the electric gates will need power, and we can determine the best way of providing power to your gates.

We can install an intercom system or other form of entry system. So you can be aware of people at your gates and decide whether you want to let them in or not.

If there is a fault in the system, then the manual override in all of our gates will kick in. You can still operate the gate.

Once again, without any power, the gates will revert to manual override mode. So you will have no problem accessing your property.

This will depend on the type of system that you have. Annual maintenance from us costs between £100 and £200, except in very exceptional cases.

Typically the remote control for your gate has a signal of between 30m and 80m depending on the manufacturer. Normally a gate remote control allows you to open and close the gate at a comfortable distance.

Yes, you can install an off the shelf electric gate yourself if you want to. However, we must recommend that it is easier, safer and a lot less hassle to get us to do it for you.

If you have any more questions that we didn't answer, feel free to get in touch.

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