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Gates For Commercial Properties

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  • 26-06-2019
Gates For Commercial Properties

Choosing A Gate For Commercial Properties

For commercial premises which regularly receive public visitors, an electric gate is not a luxury, but an essential security measure. 

Depending on the type of premises you are choosing for and the level of security required, Secure Automation are the experts you can count on to provide a one-stop, tailored security solution.

What Are The Types Of Security Entrances?

Select A Gate Type

Sliding Gates

A sliding gate is a fantastic option for those with space constraints or a short driveway to provide enough space to fit your car or vehicle. They are an excellent alternative option to a swing gate. 

You'll still require a fair amount of clearance on either side of your fences to accommodate the sliding gate. Another available option to consider is a bi-parting sliding gate, split into sections for either side of the wall for convenience. 

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are different from traditional sliding gates that usually glide along tracks. 

The reason why is that they slide along post-mounted rollers and successfully open and close without needing to touch the ground. 

Its trackless design is incredibly convenient for functionality and aesthetics. 

They are great for harsh climates and for all seasons where you may encounter snow, ice, autumn leaves and debris throughout the year. 

Telescopic Gates

Telescopic gates, also known as stacker gates, are fantastic for installations such as driveways when space is quite limited and challenging to navigate. They consist of 2-3 sliding panels stacked together sideways. 

That way, less space is necessary to store the stack for the open gate. They often move along tracks to operate. 

Swing Gates

Swing gates enhance the overall properties appearance and offer a more elegant flair. 

Suppose your home or building has a more Victorian, Colonial, Tudor, or French architectural style; single swing gates are perfect. 

They require a relatively heavy-duty post to support the overall weight compared to a sliding gate. 

Double Swing Gates

Double swing gates are suitable for accommodating wide openings and provide a far more classic aesthetic to your property. Homes with more traditional styles of architecture, larger properties and private communities in the surrounding location may prefer these gates. 

These are a more expensive option than single swing gates and need second openers. 

Select A Material

Steel is a material you can select. Steel is considered a superior material when it comes to gates. There aren't many other metals that can match the strength of steel; it's low maintenance, long-lasting and incredibly robust. 

Although not as robust as steel, Aluminium is relatively hardy, easy to maintain and durable. These gates are also cheaper than steel and more lightweight. 

Glass gates have incredible flair and provide optimum light penetration and visibility. The only downfall is that it requires plenty more upkeep and cleaning maintenance, and it isn't as durable as other materials unless you choose to opt for more glazing. 

Wood gates have a rather homey, rustic or countryside charm. They provide plenty of privacy and are often completely solid.

They require much more upkeep than other materials, like metal, as they must be re-stained periodically. Wood is also more prone to pest and weather damage. Many wood gates can be double swinging to have more variety.  

Selecting a wrought iron gate will provide a stunning hand-crafted appearance that can suit stately and traditional homes and properties. 

Automate Your Gate

The final step involved in the process is to select an efficient gate operator. Look for an operator that can easily understand and handle the weight, features and controls you desire. Many modern automated openers offer the following:

A robust keypad

An intercom system

Telephone entry

Car remotes

Reversing sensors

An anti-tailgate feature

You may wish to consult knowledgeable professionals at Secure Automation Ltd for further information on the gate features. Our team of experts can help you determine the gate operator most suitable for your industrial, commercial or residential property. Our services include installing, repairing and replacing all materials and controls. We'll strive to assist you throughout the whole process. 

Things To Consider

Placement Of Security Gates

Our fencing professionals should immediately carry out a thorough risk assessment on the security gates when you specify. 

The risk assessment should consider several factors, including longer-term and more immediate use of the site location, alongside the surrounding potential hazards, the threats they pose and the impact they would have. 

The gate's functionality and its precise location are vital and should be considered during this stage of the process. 

Whether your gate is being utilised for pedestrian or vehicle use, this should be deciphered so that you can decide on a suitable style and placement.

You should also consider if you want your gate to form part of the properties perimeter or if you want it to be integrated into the internal property layout.

Manual Or Automated Gates

Manual gates are either unmanned or manned; alongside this, professionals can build a wide range of quality access control systems for all automated gates. These control systems can include coded keypads, card readers, video or audio intercoms. 

Similarly, you can choose to have sliding or swing gates built onto the entrance depending on numerous factors, such as height, width and you should also consider the depth limits. For example, if the driveway is not deep enough, you may want to consider sliding gates instead or swinging gates. 

It would be best if you considered the frequency of the entrance in and out of your home or property; the movement of the gate you choose should satisfy and suit the traffic flow. You'll have peace of mind that our staff at Secure Automation Ltd are always happy to help you in choosing the right gates and fencing for you.

Gate Maintenance

Once you have had your security gates specified, wholly built, and adequately installed, safety maintenance throughout is crucial for the correct operation of the gate. 

While manual gates do not require regular visits from engineers, they should still inspect the overall structure frequently for any signs of or glaring damages. All hinges and fixtures should be inspected and lubricated. Keep the gate clean and record all maintenance in a log. 

All automated gates, by law, are required to comply with all EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC regulations. 

Gates For Commercial Properties


"Office" is a highly generic word that encompasses various building sizes and styles. Depending on the size of the premises and the number of employees, it's commonplace to see the gate incorporated as part of the access control system, with tokens issued for authorised personnel and a central security office for manual operation.


Industrial sites such as warehouses and factories typically have a large entrance span, making it impossible to install swing gates. However, this is not necessarily bad, as sliding gates generally are preferred for their cost-efficiency and enhanced security capabilities.

Public Buildings e.g. Hospitals

For public buildings or offices that receive a good number of visiting traffic, we'd generally recommend a combination of electric gates and car park barrier systems to effectively control pedestrian and vehicular access.


The design of the gate can be tailored to incorporate any company colour and logos, which overall contributes to a professional company image and can help improve customer gratification.

Schools must protect their pupils, so effective security measures need to verify the identity of any visitors. 

Swinging wrought iron or steel sliding gates are generally recommended for the main entrance, centrally controlled by staff members to monitor access.

Barrier Systems

Car park barriers systems are often combined with access control systems to control vehicular access onto the site effectively. It is beneficial for businesses in busy areas, as it helps to restrict unwanted access to your parking spaces. The barrier can be raised automatically with a proximity token or manually by security personnel once the visitor's identity has been verified.

Gate Materials

Unlike residential gates made from various materials, commercial gates are usually between wrought iron and stainless steel, with the rare exception of occasionally using timber in school gates.

Such is mainly due to the metal being a sturdier material than wood, thus offering a higher level of security. Metal commercial gates are also more resistant to vandalism and other malicious acts such as break-ins and require less overall maintenance than timber.

The design of the gate can be tailored to incorporate any company colour and logos, which overall contributes to a professional company image and can help improve customer gratification.

Are you looking for commercial electric gates in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.