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Electric Gate Operators Newcastle

Secure Automation provide a range of options for electric gate operators to give you complete control of the security for your property.

With over 12 years of experience, we are proud to the leading provider in the North East for all aspects of automated electric gates. We provide a one-stop solution from design, manufacture to installation and ongoing maintenance, servicing and repair. From our central location in Newcastle, we work with private and commercial clients throughout the North East. 

We offer a range of personalised options so that you can install an automated gate that works according to your requirements and business needs. Our automated gates are manufactured specifically to fit your property with the control system to make the best use of your security access management.

Gate Automation

If you have an existing gate in good condition, Secure Automation also offer a cost-efficient alternative to a brand-new installation- we can automate your existing gate with our versatile operator systems. 

Our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss the feasibility as part of your free initial quote. Please call us at 0191 511 82 40 to arrange a site visit where we can discuss your requirements in more detail. We offer the following access control and operator systems throughout Newcastle, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear:

Underground operators

By installing an underground operator, you can retain the aesthetic qualities of your automatic gate by storing the complete control system underground. An underground operator is hidden from view and is inaccessible to anyone trying to gain access from outside, which removes the risk of any malicious tampering.

They are not suitable for all properties as it requires the correct ground conditions; as they require ground excavation, they are typically more costly to install. Although the main operator system is located underground, there is a control unit above ground which is used in emergencies such as manual overrides.

surface operators

Where an underground operator is not a suitable option, our surface operators provide an elegant solution. Our skilled installation team will ensure that your gate and operator are installed to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your property whilst providing a convenient solution to your gate operation. 

swing operators

This system usually incorporates a pair of operators, one for each leaf of the swing gates. In most cases, they work in simultaneously to create a seamless operation, though for smaller gates, you can use a single motor to save on the overall costs. They demand less maintenance than sliding gates as there are less exposed parts, though they require sufficient space behind the entrance in order to operate correctly.

sliding operators

A sliding operator can be added to an existing sliding gate or installed with your new gate. The motor provides a smooth and silent operation to make access easy and convenient.

The sliding unit is hidden out of sight so as not intrude on the aesthetics qualities; if required, they can be designed to complement the design of your gate. They are ideal for properties which have a wider access point or on uneven ground which means swing gates are unsuitable.

Security Gates Tyneside

Secure Automation provide complete solutions to security for your commercial and residential property. You can count on our years of experience to provide you with an unrivalled professional service.  Find out more about the areas we cover for our made to measure gates in Tyne and Wear.

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Our team of highly trained and experienced gate engineers will work with you to design the perfect security solution for your property and individual requirements. We will offer you a range of bespoke options for style and level of security required.

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