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Electric Swing Gates Installation Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

If you are considering electric gates installation in the Newcastle area, we are the leading provider of automatic gates in the northeast. Secure Automation has over 12 years of experience in working with domestic and commercial clients who require a range of security services to keep your property free from unwanted intruders. Our automated security gates offer the highest levels of protection for your property and convenience for those who need to enter and exit.

Secure Automation has over 12 years of experience in working with domestic and commercial clients who require a range of security services to keep your property free from unwanted intruders. Our automated security gates offer the highest levels of protection for your property and convenience for those who need to enter and exit.

Hinged Swing Gates

Secure Automation can supply and install alongside manufacture a variety of bespoke and ready-made hinged swing gates suitable for both commercial and domestic security purposes. Your safety is paramount, and we want to ensure your new gate is both aesthetically pleasing and suits your surroundings.

We'll also help enhance your existing gates if necessary. Our experienced team offer remote control electric swing gates in various design styles, materials and access control systems, all installed and produced at top-quality standards.

Many commercial and domestic gates are bespoke and made-to-measure to inspire individual tastes and meet all property requirements. Hinged entrance automatic gates are arguably one of the UK's most prevalent domestic gate types installed with a single or double gate leaf.

However, electric sliding gate systems are usually worth the extra consideration for those that desire extra security for their property and belongings. Our swing gates can come in aluminium, timber, steel or GRP and are typically manufactured to suit any ordered sizes and designs. Our talented professionals and electric gate installers also provide controlled swing gates styles for new builds and renovation installations. 

Electric Swing Gate Designs

There are many types and styles of electric gate systems to select from. Secure Automation offers a whole range of designs, colours and infill patterns that will complement your property.

Aluminium tends to be the automated gate material of choice, predominantly because of its lightness and comparative strength. 

Aluminium gates are incredibly cheap to operate, require a less powerful motor, and ultimately less strain on your fittings.

There is often a lack of shortage in gate design possibilities, from classic to contemporary and many more whether elaborate or straightforward.

Take plenty of time to research and thoroughly explore the range. Bespoke options are also available so that we can craft gates that meet your desires and specific requirements. 

Electric Swing Gates Installations

Which Gate Material Is Best for Swing Gates?

Wooden Swing Gates

Wooden gates are highly sturdy and robust; they also provide an incredible aesthetic appeal that numerous customers find unbeatable. Well-maintenance wooden swing gates will be more long-lasting and hard-wearing. However, they have a few notable disadvantages regarding gate automation, starting with their weight.

They are cumbersome, especially during wet or harsh weather, because they absorb plenty of water. The motor of any wooden swing gate must be robust enough to move them without any manual help.

Another factor that many consider a disadvantage is the level of maintenance needed. Frequent varnishing and staining are excellent for upkeep; however, over time, the coating of the surface will eventually flake away or blister. Such pitfalls can mean that water will get into your wood and cause the structure of your gates to rot and crack slowly. 

Iron Swing Gates

Wrought iron gates are a stunning choice for those searching for metal automated gates. Built by skilled craftspeople, its designs can be highly detailed and ornate.

The same challenges you may face with wooden gates are also present with wrought iron gates. They require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they look up to standard.

Iron driveway gates are weighty and are powered by intense motors that enable operators to use them efficiently and safely. 

Iron Swing Gates

Aluminium Swing Gates

Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for those searching for brand-new electric gate installations. It's arguably the best material for any automated gates because it's incredibly durable and lightweight enough to move if you need to do so manually. Its fittings and motor experience less wear and tear than iron or wood gates, making it cheaper.

The advances in the design and manufacture of aluminium gates mean they are available in a wide range of finishes and styles, allowing them to mimic their alternatives. For example, the wood effect enables it to look like wooden gates, like a rot-free substitute. 

Swing VS Sliding Electric Gate Installation?

Choosing between sliding or swing gates will often depend on the amount of space you have available outside your property or home and the overall layout of your driveway. Those with more narrow driveways may prefer swing gates; however, they will at least require enough space to swing about and let yourself and your car through safely.

Swing gates are also far quieter, making them perfect for neighbourhood watch areas and those who work late and don't want to disturb the community when entering and exiting their homes. You want to ensure your gates don't swing out onto public areas and into the main pavements. 

They are affected by strong winds, so if you live in exposed local areas that are often affected by the harsh UK winds and weather, they may not be the safest option. Swing gates can be a great difficulty for those with upwards sloping driveways. When opening, you don't want to fear that gravity will cause them to swing the other way.

Sliding gates do not open onto driveways, so you never have to worry that there isn't sufficient free space for gates to swing onto, as they will easily slide outwards. The most significant factor of the sliding gate is that properties require space to run into that is, ultimately, far longer than the overall gate. It must be to one side of any posts or gate pillars and be directly in line with your driveway entrance. 

How Much Do Electric Driveway Swing Gates Cost?

We supply a wide range of electric driveway swing gates at vast prices. For example, our pedestrian gates are often around a hundred pounds; however, more bespoke, classical or contemporary designed gates are £2,000 to £4,000.

Electric driveway gate motors that are lightweight and low-intensity articulated arm motors are usually priced around a few hundred.

However, they can range up to £1,000, especially if you wish to opt for domestic swing gates with foundation boxes and underground motors.

If you wish to add automation or intercom systems to your brand-new gates, there are more considerations, such as the preparation and additional costs.

To have gate motors installed and mounted on your property, professionals may have to build a pair of solid pillars to hold them.

It would be best to consider the installation costs; these are deciphered by the types of gates you want to install and the groundworks required.

How Much Do Electric Driveway Swing Gates Cost?

Groundworks can often involve posts, pillars, drainage provision, underground motor installation, alongside the cost of providing your new, certified electrical supply. If there are any on-site issues, qualified installers will perform site surveys, including any costs of solving these problems in the final price. 

Electric Swing gate installation quote

An essential aspect of planning any renovation or home improvement project is getting quotes and comparing prices. We highly recommend that you speak to a broad range of professionals and local tradespeople in the industry. You'll want to ensure you receive fair, cost-effective quotes with the best competitive prices in your location when you're looking to set a budget for the overall cost of your electric automation gate installation. 

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