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Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways

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  • 17-03-2021
Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways

Are you thinking about Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways? Find out more about the benefits of adding an automated driveway gate to your property.

When you need to choose a gate for your property, one of the critical considerations, you need to make it whether you want sliding gates or swing gates. There are positives and negatives to choosing both styles of the gate. However, in this post, we will be focussing on sliding gates. 

Here you will find information on the positives of sliding gates, how they work, whether adding a sliding gate to your property can influence its value, as well as how much sliding gates cost. For quotes or any other queries, please call or contact us today. 

Our team has years of experience in electronic sliding gates and would be happy to help with any questions you may have. 

Why Install Domestic Electric Gates?

What are the benefits of sliding gates for a driveway?

What are the benefits of sliding gates for a driveway?

One of the many benefits of choosing to have a sliding gate installed for your driveway gates is the security they provide. 

Unlike swing gates, who's use limits their size and weight, sliding gates can be as heavy and robust as you wish, therefore providing greater security for your driveway gates and property in general. 

Depending upon the space you have available, electronic sliding gates may also be your best option.  Sliding gates are also less likely to suffer from high load, heavy wind situations than swing gates. 

While swinging gates are at the mercy of high winds, given that they are required to pivot and swing inwards or outwards from your driveway, sliding gates do not suffer this same flaw.

The way sliding gates are installed on your driveway means they can more robustly withstand the effects of high winds safely. 

Sliding electric gates are also very elegantly designed.

With both utility and aesthetics in mind, sliding gates are the perfect way to both decorate the front of your house or driveway as well as ensuring that your property is well secured

Unlike swing gates, secured using latches or hook locks, you can secure your sliding electric gates far more safely. If your sliding gates are automated, this provides for your security needs far more than simple latches, thus allowing sliding gates to add greater protection to your property. 

Are electric gates worth it?

You will find the worth of getting electric gates installed on your property in the increased security they bring. While you may already have a security system installation, such as CCTV or an alarm system, the introduction of a tall automated sliding electric gate can help to secure your home even more. 

The simple intimidation provided by their size may be enough to deter any burglars from even thinking about making their way onto your property. The automated nature of automatic sliding gates means that you or anyone wishing to enter your property will need a security code to do so.

These codes allow you to control the security of your home or commercial property to a greater extent. If you have any valuables on your property or wish to provide more comprehensive protection for your family, then electronic sliding gates are the perfect solution. Sliding gates are then a cost-effective way to add greater security to both domestic and commercial properties. 

If your property also lacks space, sliding gates are a brilliant security alternative to more traditional swing gates. 

Do driveway gates add value?

The increased security provided by installing automatic sliding gates instead of swing gates by a qualified installer immediately adds value to any property. While adding kerb appeal, generally, the added security from automatic gates to a home or property adds at least 5% to its value. 

As previously stated, the size of sliding gates can deter any would-be burglars from attempting to enter your property illegally. This added obstacle to any intruder adds greater security and therefore boosts the value of the property. The automatic locking of sliding gates also increases the property's security and ensures greater privacy for the home inside the gates. 

Additionally, the elegant, modern designs of automatic sliding electric gates can also add value to the property's aesthetic value. While rusted and rotten wooden swinging gates will be a detriment to the right look of your home, a sleek, high-quality set of sliding gates can do wonders for your property value. 

Electronic sliding gates also allow you to make the most of any limited space you may have on your property. The aesthetic advances in sliding gate design allow you to match your gates to your home. 

Providers can cater to nearly all architectural styles of home or building, ensuring that your sliding gates do not appear out of place on their tracks. The durability of the wood or metal materials used in constructing sliding gates is also a great benefit and will undoubtedly boost any property's value. 

Do driveway gates add value?

How does an electric sliding gate work?

There are many ways in which someone might operate the gate automation of an automatic sliding gate. There are several points throughout the home or property at which you may control the gates.


The first and most versatile of which is the remote control, which is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is a mobile form of gate control and allows you to manage your security easily and effectively whether you are taking a trip to the shops or leaving for an extended holiday.  


The second way in which you may control your automatic sliding gates is the GSM access control system. This form of gate control operates through smartphones and apps. Suppose there are security cameras built-in as part of your gate security system. In that case, you will be able to view anyone wishing to enter your property. As long as you have access to a mobile signal, you can do this anywhere in the world. 


The next way you may control your electronic gates' automation is through the gate controls outside the gates themselves. These usually link through to your property via cameras, an intercom system or bells. This allows anyone wishing to enter the property to communicate with the owners inside. These systems can also include a keypad so that anyone who knows the security code to your property may enter. 


The fourth mode you may control your gates is the receiving end of the control panel located inside the building. From this control panel, you will be able to view whoever via cameras or hear through the intercom anyone wants to enter your property. You then have the controls to allow them entry into your property or not.


The final way you may control your automatic sliding gates' gate automation is similar to the one mentioned above. Like the control panels outside the gates and inside your home, there will also be an additional similar control system just inside the gates. This panel may also contain an egress button so that anyone wishing to leave the property may activate the automatic gates.

This button, however, must not be accessible from outside of your gates. You must ensure that any gaps around posts are secured to prevent unwanted persons from entering your property using the internal gate panels. Openings such as this are also a risk to your safety. Given the size and weight of automatic gates, the forces needed to open and close them are considerable.

Therefore you should seal any gaps where the gates may trap limbs once they are sliding. 

How much does an electric sliding gate cost?

The elements of your electric sliding gates that affect the price most significantly are the materials used to construct them and their overall design. 

Softwood Gates

Using softer woods to create your sliding gates is initially the cheapest option. However, softer woods will not last nearly as long as other options. 

Given the material's weakness, softwood gates will also require regular maintenance to ensure that they function correctly. 

Hardwood Gates

Hardwood gates, on the other hand, are stronger and will last far longer than softwood ones. But regardless of the strength of timber used, there are still common issues.

For example, wooden gates shrink in warm conditions and swell in damp conditions. This shrinking and swelling can cause any joining materials such as bolts or screws to come loose gradually. 

Wood may also rot, meaning that it will not last very long without regular maintenance.

Aluminium Gates

Gates made from aluminium steel sliding are a great option if wooden gates would be too much trouble for you.

Given the material's robust nature, they do not require regular maintenance, besides the occasional cleaning. Aluminium gates can also be designed to resemble wooden gates, adding to their versatility.

Highly decorative iron gates are the most expensive. Given that iron oxidises and rusts in wet conditions, gates constructed from this material will need regular maintenance. 

The more elaborate the design of your gates and any additional finishes or paints will add to your electronic sliding gates' cost. Given that electric sliding gates are automatic, they will require a motor. 

Generally, you will only require one motor to open and close the gate, but depending on your gate's size, weight, and usage; you may require different motors. For example, if you have a large, heavy gate that you use frequently, then you will need a more powerful, and therefore more expensive, motor. 

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