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Electric Gates FAQ

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Electric Gates FAQ

Electric Gates FAQs

Electric driveway gates are becoming more common amongst residential properties up and down the country, but there are still some misconceptions regarding installing and owning electric gates.

 Secure Automation has compiled a brief list of the most commonly asked questions about electric gates and their answer below. If you don't see your question below, or if you would like discuss an answer in more detail, please simply contact us via 0191 511 82 40 and we will be more than happy to help.

Why Install Domestic Electric Gates?

What is the best gate style for me?

Just as each property and its owner is different, so are the gate options for that particularly property. Aside from the physical restraints of the site, such as the shape and size, the rest is entirely down to person preference and other requirements, such as privacy, price and material availability.

Can you automate my existing gate?

If you already have an existing driveway gate, it's entirely possible to install a gate motor and make it into an automatic gate. However, it would depend on the condition of the gate and surrounding features, such as gate posts and location for gate motors.

How long does an automatic gate last?

Secure Automation only uses the highest-quality components in our installations; the gate itself is manufactured by our specialist in-house workshop and designed with quality and reliability in mind. Our gates are supplied with a long-life warranty guarantee for your peace of mind.

Do I have to service my gate?

As heavy machinery in their own right, it's essential that your electric gate is serviced on an annual basis. Not only will this prolong the working life of the gate, it'll also give you the peace of mind that it's working at optimal performance.

Secure Automation offer a competitive and comprehensive service and maintenance contract across the North East of England, please contact us for more information.

Will I be trapped in a power-cut?

In case of a power failure, our electric gates can be opened with a manual override key for emergency access.

How long does it take to install electric gates?

The actual installation time will depend on several aspects, such as the location of the gate motor, style of gate and the condition of the site. In most cases, our expert installation can complete a residential installation within a day or two.

Can we design our own gate?

Of course! One of the main USP of a driveway gate is their flexibility; as our gates are manufactured to order, you are more than welcome to work with our specialist designers to tailor the design.

Do I have to be home to operate my gate?

This would depend on the access system you have chosen for your gate; Secure Automation offer a range of options, including remote access from your smart phone, which allows you to open your gate from any location, as long as there is internet connection.

What safety features are there on an electric gate?

All electric gate supplied by Secure Automation are equipped with the latest safety features, including contact sensors which detect when obstruction is present and immediate stops all gate activity.

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