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Do Industrial Gates Improve Security

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  • Paul Marren
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  • 11-10-2021
Do Industrial Gates Improve Security

Do industrial gates improve security? We offer large automated sliding gates and palisade swing gates throughout Newcastle. Find out how industrial gates can benefit your business.

Does my Industrial Premise Need Security Gates or Barriers?

Industrial and commercial premises will always benefit from security gates and barriers paired with bollards. Without them, the premises are welcoming to any potential thieves due to the valuable stock and machinery inside. 

The barriers are also helpful with managing the traffic flow in and out of the area. During after-hours, the security gates and fence will prevent intruders from entering the premises and act as an extra level of security.

One of the key advantages is that most security gates will require a key card that is only held by employees; if this becomes faulty, maintenance will be required. Another advantage is the prevention or control of unwanted visitors.

Are Access Control Systems Important For Security?

As a business, it is more than likely that you will have other business people trying to enter the area to give business cards or contact details. While sometimes this may not be a problem, it may become disruptive and happen too frequently. 

The gates will require any visitors to be let in with permission, which could deter them from coming altogether. The gates will normally lock automatically upon closure; this combats the common human error of forgetting to lock the gate.

Security barriers will help traffic flow in and out of the premises and help keep track of exactly how many vehicles have entered the area. 

It's essential to give a positive impression to clients, and investing in good security gates and barriers will tell customers that you value your products, not to mention that employees will feel safe and secure at the workplace.

Do Industrial Gates Improve Security

The initial cost of security gates will depend on the size, material and design, but will often be quite expensive. This money will be earned back long term because of the safety services they provide to the staff/team and the stock inside the premises. 

Without the security gates, the inventory could potentially be stolen, which can be costly to replace. 

Types of Industrial Gates  

Secure Automation is the premier manufacturer and installation service for bespoke industrial gates throughout Newcastle and the North East of England. Our skilled engineers oversee the complete process to ensure a high standard throughout.

Large Automated Sliding Gates 

Large automated steel gates offer the perfect solution for durable security across a large perimeter where swing gates are not a practical option. 

If there is a steep incline in the ground level or restricted space, the installation of swing gates will need to be substituted for a sliding gate. Our sliding gates can be opened by manual or automated opening systems.

Palisade Swing Gates 

Palisade industrial swing gated provide a durable and imposing security barrier for intruders. 

Our automation equipment is designed to withstand any level of traffic flow and can be coloured or designed to match the surrounding fencing and environment.

Balustrade Swing Gates 

Balustrade swing gates provide an alternative to palisade gates where the emphasis is on aesthetic appearance. 

Balustrade gates offer a welcoming entrance for areas where visitors or clients are expected to come through.

Commercial Security Barriers 

Secure Automation provides commercial security barriers which offer automatic or manually controlled access into or out of your site. 

We provide a range of options to improve the impact of the barrier, including signage, lighting and skirts fitted to the boom.

Which Security Gate Should I Choose? 

Choosing the right security gate for your company comes with a lot of choices, there are various designs on the market, and you can choose between manual and automated gates. Each security gate suits different types of businesses and premises. Hence, it's essential to do research and get advice on which gate best suits you. 

First, you need to consider how much available space you have and how you would like to use it. Some companies prefer a swing gate, while others opt for gates that open upwards. 

Also, the type of traffic you expect to be entering and exiting the premises will impact which gate to choose. Tall lorries or trucks will require a larger opening to get in without causing damage, whereas if you only need gates for traditional cars, you have more options. 

Business entrance automatic gates

The frequency and speed of the traffic entering your premises must also be considered, the automatic gates must be able to withstand constant use over time, and the idling time must be kept to a minimum. T

o do this, invest in electric gates that specialise in opening and closing promptly using technology to prevent a build-up of traffic. 

An operator and access control system will mean the gates can be paired with an automatic opener or keycard, or in some cases, by a keycode control pad. If you opt into this, you should hire a qualified professional to match the devices, reducing the risk of failure. 

Electric gates are suitable for facilities with a heavy flow of traffic into the premises. This will save time and increase productivity in comparison to the manual gates. The different types of gates that you have to choose from are slide gates, swing gates, vertical lift gates, vertical pivot gates and bi-folding gates. 

Benefits of Security Gates for Business

Security gates on the entrance to a business will most likely be a deterrent to criminals and thieves, gates paired with CCTV will make it difficult for criminals to gain entry without being seen on video. 

Therefore giving the business owner less limited control over the area, not to mention they will be saving money by reducing patrol officers during after-hour times once the gates have been installed. 

The initial cost of security gates can be pricey. Still, eventually, you will get a return on investment from the level of protection for the valuable goods that could have potentially been stolen and replaced. 

Not only will the gates offer security solutions, but they will give the business a professional aesthetic; onlookers and customers will most likely be impressed by the grand features.

Human error is a common problem in every industry, one of these errors being staff forgetting to lock doors on their way out. Electric security gates prevent this as they automatically lock after being opened for the convenience of staff. 

Benefits of Security Gates for Business

Common Applications For Commercial Security Gates

Security gates can be used for many reasons in many different industries, both residential and commercial. They ensure regulated access to visitors, customers and staff. 

An example of where commercial gates are used and are unique to others are in airports. Airport security is a grave concern, and for a good reason, individuals and businesses use aeroplanes daily to travel, transport supplies and deliver orders. 

Hence, it's crucial things are done safely. Security gates in airports can be used for car parks, aeroplane hangars, screening checkpoints, and pedestrian access points. The main difference with gates involving aeroplanes is the large scale they must be made to and the materials they must be made from (for example, steel) to make them strong.  

gates for commercial property

Another example of unique security gates for commercial property is those guarding public utilities. 

The potential threat of disruption to energy and power utilities is massive, so the gates protecting these must be incredibly strong and highly unlikely to be faulty. These gates can come with many layers of protection, lock-down systems to completely secure the area if needed, and are made from the strongest materials to prevent attacks.  

Other applications for commercial security gates are schools and universities to prevent the access of intruders or students after-hours, commercial factories to protect inventory and staff inside, rail crossings and train yards to deter people from vandalising or crossing tracks when trains are crossing. 

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