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Cost To Install Automatic Sliding Gates

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  • 08-06-2021
Cost To Install Automatic Sliding Gates

What does it cost to install automatic sliding gates?

Are you thinking of installing sliding gates onto your property. One of the first questions people ask is: What does it cost to install automatic Sliding Gates?

Sliding gates are appropriate for both residential and business installations. They are incredibly popular for commercial property. They are really safe and secure, extremely reputable, and need little maintenance. The operators can move a variety of gates considering up to 3500Kg.

What Determines the Cost of An Automatic Gate?

In residential circumstances, they once more are very ideal, yet care needs to be taken to make eviction so that it doesn't look industrial. That is usually the only constraint, and an effectively created sliding residential gate is optimal. Managed by the same tools as swing gates, we could offer a system developed to match you.

What does it cost to install automatic sliding gates? Newcastle

Gates run on a base rail which have to be level throughout the opening and as a result moving gates have the tendency to involve even more civil works. The driver can acknowledge pedestrian commands and open the gate partially. It is feasible to create a cantilever gate that does not require a ground rail across the entryway.

We recommend using some white flour to mark the spots where your posts will go. When you place your articles in your post holes, gauge the range between them once more to make sure. A powerful, trusted series of control and drive solutions are available. These are used for the automation of commercial gates and industrial moving gates.

Consistently rated and with moving gates movable approximately a weight of 4000kg. The action the range in between your posts prior to establishing them at least a few times. We recommend using some white flour to mark the spots where your posts will go. When you place your articles in your post holes, gauge the range between them once more to make sure.

A powerful, trusted series of control and drive solutions are available. These are used for the automation of commercial gates and industrial moving gates. Consistently rated and with moving gates movable approximately a weight of 4000kg. A range of versions is available to deal with both small and large automatic moving gates. The motor units are protected and space-conserving. Motor systems have a lockable release mechanism in case of a power failure. The array could operate any kind of gate considering approximately 2000 kgs.

A swing gate is the first choice if possible. A swing gate is usually more economical, much better looking and safer compared to a sliding gate. Nevertheless, if you have among the following conditions, you may want to think about a sliding gate:

  • Hefty snows that prevent the gate from swinging freely  
  • An uphill driveway that stops the gate from swinging internal
  • Normally, swinging gates turn inward to the building, nonetheless selected gate openers can be set up to press the gate to open up to the downhill side

Please tell us to understand beforehand if there are days or times when access is required. Otherwise, we recommend that throughout the installation, driveway accessibility may be limited for a time period; as much as 48 hours in cases where a sliding gate concrete structure has been laid.

Concrete Footing for Sliding Gates  

The sliding driveway gates usually roll on a metal track which requires sound footing. Therefore, the motors should have a concrete pad for them to control the gate properly. 

When adding in the concrete footing, you need to ensure the concrete is at least 100mm or 4 inches deep to ensure the foundation is solid enough to hold the weight of the gate. 

Steps to Install an Automatic Sliding Gate

There are several steps you need to take for gate installation and gate automation. 


Taking your time to plan the size and type of gate you want for your home is important to ensure you don't have to change later on and that there are no issues during the installation. This means you are sure about the quality of the gate and the automation you are using. 


You need to have the gate 300mm longer than the opening width if you plan to take your design for gate automation. This gives the motor room work efficiently. 


Ensure the concrete surface is suitable for the gate to roll across. If you add in support posts, ensure that the concrete foundation is deep enough to be secure and stable. Digging the concrete lower reduces the risk of it falling or moving.


It would help if you tried to centre your tract around 80-100mm from the face of the gate posts. Placing the tracks lengthways along the concrete ground before having them installed is good to make sure the tracks are level and straight with no slopes along the track somewhere.


Lay the gate flat on the ground and measure the locations of your 2 wheels that will be fixed. These locations are generally 25% in from the end of your gate.


You can install the guide bracket once the wheel tract is positioned correctly. The bracket is positioned on the post/pillar behind the motor and prevents the gate from falling over.  

A gate catcher is used to guide the gate on the track and ensure it stays straight and does not leave the track. Adding the gate stopper on the other end is essential to stop the gate from going off the track.

If you are having the gate automated, you should think about a few things beforehand.


Firstly, are you going to use mains power or solar energy? If mains, you should think about where the power supply will be coming from and how expensive it will be to get.


Secondly, the motor unit should be located below the guide bracket and also attached to a level concrete surface so that it lays down flat.


Thirdly, the gear rack needs to be fixed to the gate where it sits the motor gear. Finally, you should arrange with an electrician to have the motor connected to the power line if necessary.   

How Much Does it Cost to Fit Electric Gates?

The cost of fitting an electric gate can vary depending on the style, the size, the materials, the way the gate opens (the mechanism), and many other factors.

It will also depend on which company you choose, as different companies have different prices. However, the average price for fitting electric gates is around £7000 but can be between £3000 and £12,000 depending on the above factors. The cost will also involve labour charges, which is usually only a very little amount of the overall cost.

It is also possible to make your existing gates electric, which could be cheaper in the long run, depending on the circumstances. However, putting brand new gates in can involve a lot more work, including digging holes into your ground and also purchasing brand new gates.

To find out our specific charges for fitting electric gates in the Newcastle area, please get in contact with us today on 0191 511 82 40.

How Do you Install an Automatic Sliding Gate?

How Do you Install an Automatic Sliding Gate? Newcastle

To install an automatic gate, it is best to get in touch with a professional, as they have been highly trained and qualified to do this at an expert standard. However, on average, the entire process can take around a day, depending on the circumstances of your existing gate situation.

This involves the planning, the preparation, making the gate track, fitting the gate, fitting the guide bracket, fitting the gate catcher and stopper and finally automating the gate.

After this process is complete, there will be a full demonstration of how to use the automatic gates to ensure all customers are left knowing exactly what to do.

However, we will always be available to answer any questions that you forget to ask, so please don't hesitate to give us a call; we're always happy to help, and we aim to leave all our customers with peace of mind.

Can you Make Existing Gates Electric?

Yes, you can make existing electric gates, electric; providing the existing gates meet all the necessary specifications, which is most often the case. You will save so much money using your existing gates, rather than completely starting from scratch. The process is also shorter, which is great if you need them as soon as possible.

Changing your existing gates to electric gives you that added sense of protection and security, and are also a great deterrent for thieves. It will also give you and your family, or employees if your gates are at a commercial property, peace of mind over being in the house and also over any possessions.

If you would like a free quote or would like to know if your gates can be made electric, then please don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll be happy to help and give you the information that you need.

How Much Electricity Does A Gate Motor Use?

How much electricity the gate motor uses will depend on how often the gates are on standby, and how often the gates are in motion. The gates use more electricity when they are opening and closing; however, the motion only lasts around 30 seconds, so it's only for a short time.

When the electric gates are in standby mode, they use around 100 watts per day, which is actually very low. This means you will be spending just under 2p on electricity for your gates per day. When the gates are opening and closing, they use around 700 watts, but as stated before, this is only for a short amount of time.

To find out more about affordable electricity prices for these types of gates, please give us a call today, and we'll be more than happy to discuss everything with you and answer any queries and questions you may have.

Are Automatic Gate Openers Secure?

Yes, automatic gate opener is much more secure than normal gates as it prevents people from being able to just push it open themselves. This prevents thieves from easily breaking into your property and also helps you feel more secure in your home.

The security of automatic gates is perfect for both homes and businesses, where you want to protect your employees, family and possessions of value, both money-wise and also sentimentally. With all this being said, you can put your gates on a setting so that you can open and close them manually, but you can control this yourself.

Automatic gates open using a sensor, which picks up any movement from a vehicle within a very specific range. When the sensor picks up a vehicle within that range, the gates will open, or you may have to type a pin code in.

Are Automatic Gate Openers Secure? Newcastle

How Long do Gate Openers Last?

On average, gate openers last around 10 years, providing you maintain them properly. This may include some small repairs, but these are usually fast and affordable. They can last longer if all the necessary repairs are completed, but this is usually their typical lifespan.

This can vary with the correct maintenance, and also how open the gate opener is used; for example, how often the gate opens and closes each day. Gate openers can usually do around 250 open and closes before it needs to be checked for repairs or to ensure everything is working properly.

If you are having problems with your gate opener, then please get in touch with a professional today. It is important to get the problem seen to as soon as possible to avoid further complications with your automatic gate.

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