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Commercial Security Gates

Secure Automation offer a range of security options for commercial properties throughout Northumberland, Newcastle and Tyne & Wear. We can offer your business the security that you require to ensure that your property and employees remain safe and secure.

Commercial Security Gates

Find out more about the areas we cover for our made to measure gates in Tyne and Wear.

We offer a range of additional security options to ensure that you know who is entering your property and providing a barrier to those who you do not with to enter.

Commercial Gates

Our range of bespoke commercial gates provide the ultimate security solution to your business. We design, manufacture and install cantilever, sliding gates and hinged commercial gates to your specific requirements. We offer our clients the latest technology in security materials providing complete control of who enters or exits your premises.

Security Bollards and Barriers

Secure Automation manufacture and install a range of security barriers and bollards to provide a physical obstruction to prevent access of unwanted vehicles and intruders onto your property. Our barriers are available as manual or automatic operating and our bollards are available as static or automated.

Barriers:Our barriers can be installed as easy to operate manual opening or automatically controlled. We provide a range of security barriers for your commercial property to ensure that your business is protected. Our barriers are available as car park entrances, industrial centres and security for a range of businesses.

Bollards:We can install bollards on your property to prevent access for any vehicle. Our bollards can be an impassible barrier whist active and provide no obstruction when retracted.

Security Barriers in Newcastle

You can contact Secure Automation today to find out more about our range of commercial gates, bollards and barriers in Newcastle, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear by calling 0191 511 82 40 or completing our contact form with your enquiry.