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Commercial Gate Access Controls

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  • 21-04-2022
Commercial Gate Access Controls

Find out more about Commercial Gate Access Controls. Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. 

Access Control and Intercoms

Reliable intercom systems and complete access control equipment are essential components of all automatic gate products, whether for your business or home. 

We have a broad stock with great variety in various intercom solutions and access control methods, leaving you no shortage of selections. We provide proximity readers, buttons, keypads, phone modules, video intercoms, loop detectors, wireless GSM, flat two open systems, and increased security techniques.

If you have any further questions or require expert advice on which system would best suit your property, don't hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly professionals are always willing to help with any services and details you need!

Automatic Gate Systems

Our commercial security gates at Secure Automation will allow you to control the flow and population of people and vehicles that enter your business space or premises. The components and overall build of each of our entry gates are high-quality, and you can utilise them for a wide range of industries, business fields and residents.

Understandably, you want your company's workload, staff and vehicles to move in and out of your property, car parks and loading bays quickly without disturbances from unauthorised individuals. Our commercial security supply includes industrial gates, bollards, blockers and barriers to allow the control you require to function efficiently. 

Commercial Access Control Systems

Secure Automation provides excellent, high-quality automated security gates which can successfully link to any access control systems in your possession or that you desire. Commercial access point systems allow you to have complete control using your CCTV cameras and membership databases. 

There are a few scenarios that this could come in handy for due to these reasons: 

Car park barriers have readers that can automatically recognise specific number plates for each staff member within your database; the barriers will open as they approach.

Automated bollards or security gates can detect when delivery vehicles or staff members are approaching your factory, warehouse or construction site, leading them to open and provide access immediately.

CCTV cameras have the technology to video record each driver and vehicle that gains access to your property. Such is helpful if you experience forced entry or unwanted guests to report such instances. 

You can also control security gates via smartphones, which is helpful for companies that are more hands-on and busy, as you don't need to have someone manning an access button or controls throughout the day.

Secure Automation provides an excellent site survey that outlines all your requirements to provide you with the highest quality perimeter security that your commercial business needs to function without disturbances. 

Our staff will assess the power supply to your fencing and gates that they join with, alongside the local geology, to ensure your underground motors are firmly fixed into the ground without obstructing any systems or terrain.

The fine line of protection for your business or company is the security gates that will prevent unwanted visitors and be the first thing many by passers and guests see. 

We want to help you present the right impression to your contractors and customers; therefore, we'll ensure to print the company logo on your if you wish. 

We can paint the gates with corporate colours to celebrate your company's design vision. Authorised personnel will be able to successfully enter whilst others will not and will require your further permission or management.   

Types of Access Control

Across the UK and worldwide, there is a broad range of access controls in various styles and types. Access control systems provide a vast number of benefits for a commercial or residential property; the most significant being it helps to protect you at all times, providing peace of mind and convenience.

Here we have a large variety of access control methods, how they work and which areas they are most suitable for:

Keypads are often referred to as code locks by many that have them. The keypad is a traditional and universally recognised form of security system. 

Professional engineers can install these keypads systems into your existing gate entry systems or brand-new ones. Access is given to operators through tapping in a four, six or eight-digit number, of which few people in the household or establishment know the specific code. 

Keypads are a highly reliable way of maintaining high-quality security protection and ensuring that the members of your household or property owners can gain access. 

Intercom systems are typically used and seen in offices or blocks of flats. They are an excellent automated gate option for those that require a superior security method to keep the establishment protected and unharmed. 

Intercoms allow staff members, property owners and residents to push a button to obtain contact with the property. They can directly speak to those in charge of the building, and they will allow them access.

Proximity cards are also seen as fobs or tags that many put onto lanyards around their necks. These provide individual users access to certain high-level rooms, buildings or through front doors; once set, they often include a unique ID number or QR code. 

The sensor or reader machine attached to the gate or wall will process this code or number and allow a person access to the room or property.

Such forms of security are often utilised for offices and establishment properties, educational buildings like universities and colleges, etc. 

Vehicle detection is used in numerous locations and has a variety of useful functions that allow admission and additional safety. 

Often installed systems have sensors capable of detecting a transmitter inside your or a vehicle. When the system detects that transmission, the gates will open and allow said vehicle access to the commercial premises.

These gate systems are specifically designed to ensure they never close on a person, obstruction or vehicle whilst on the way in. If you find your car is struggling to enter, it won't close on you if granted access via the signal. 

Many areas allow you to use your smartphone to access various buildings and establishment properties through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a simple call. 

Our team of professionals can happily install units and skilful programme them to recognise certain phone numbers or devices so that specific persons can obtain access to a property or location. 

What are the Different Types of Security Gates?

At Secure Automation, we provide space-efficient bi-folding speed gates that are trackless and allow plenty of high-traffic vehicles of various sizes to pass through while ensuring you maintain security at all times. They are an excellent, high-security solution for factory units and warehouses, alongside industries requiring wide gate openings. 

Our industrial cantilever sliding gates are fitting for numerous high-usage areas that are low maintenance and need immense reliability for the industry you work in. A cantilever gate moves sideways; it can be designed in numerous ways to appeal to your specific business. The sliding gates we create are installed and carefully manufactured to comply with the current BS/EN12453 safety regulations. 

A sliding gate is a space-saving alternative to a swinging gate where there is not enough room for a swing gate to open. When sliding gates open, they offer a practical option where you must open gates frequently. These gates are available in the length and height of your requirements and can be automatic or manual opening.

Vehicle barriers are essential for those that desire efficient traffic management; they come complete with numerous features and designs that you may have altered by professionals and safe contractors to suit all on-site operations. Such forms of gate security are fantastic for car park security and serve as a strong visual deterrent. 

Our business provides manufactured double leaf swing gates. It can be ideally automated to suit all differing business or site requirements by adjusting the width, texture, colour, depth and gate height. 

Hinged security gates are available in any height or width and can be installed manually or automatically. These gates offer a robust and imposing security option for your premises.

Palisade gates are robust and provide a secure barrier against intruders. These gates can be designed to match the palisade fencing on your property.

A triangular barrier gate provides restricted road access when in a closed position. These gates provide a cost-effective and straightforward way to stop traffic entering a private road.

Wooden gates can be manufactured using a range of timbers and finishes to look good against the existing fencing and surrounding environment.

Wrought iron gates are available in a range of elaborate or straightforward designs. We can manufacture our wrought iron gates according to your individual requirements.

Common Applications For Commercial Security Gates

Airports & Seaports

Airports and seaports are particular as they are locations that need durable security gates for a range of purposes and areas. Our unique services allow us to complete designs to accommodate diverse needs. 

It doesn't matter whether you desire overhead beams, vertical pivot lift gates, overhead slide gates, swinging or sliding gates for restricted areas, screening checkpoints, car parks, foot traffic at pedestrian entry points, etc. 

One of the most significant areas of concern for airport security gate systems is that you need gates large enough to allow various people, vehicles and planes sizes through different entrances. Our services can provide broad selections of designs as we manufacture airport security fences to meet all requirements and keep potential attacks and unauthorised visitors away. 

Public Utilities

We understand how essential it is for public utilities to have the highest level of security, as working environments like power stations are so busy and require more robust, more innovative automated systems.

At Secure Automation, we have a whole host of power station security gates suitable for power stations and other public utilities with the capability of meeting diverse requirements. 

Industrial / Commercial Factories

Additionally, our installers supply an impressive collection of industrial security gates fit for commercial factories, warehouses, energy companies, etc. 

We have various products to keep your facility as safe as possible with crash-tested beams, crash gates, and shallow-mount crash bollards that you can use as effective deterrents against high-impact vehicle attacks or dangerous accidents.

Our specification team are all incredibly experienced in analysing the needs of our customers and can present the most cost-efficient effective solutions. 

Military Bases & Border Stations

The personnel that guards your military sites, stations and bases must be heavily armed and highly trained; however, this may not be enough in unlikely instances. 

Your base requires a security gate system that can resist dangers. Having a professional install a security gate with a thorough risk assessment can be one of the first lines of defence against forced entry, trespassers and vehicle impact.

{comapny_name} security gates allow you to provide a durable, robust system offering peace of mind. We provide swing gates, turnstiles and sliding cantilever gates designed to suit your specifications, whether you prefer two gates, specific gate designs, etc. Protecting borders is vital for those government agencies striving to protect us from harm.

Security gates help enhance the safety of employees, resources and most importantly, our citizens from those without authorised access. Our company provides a full range of security gate ideal solutions for secure border stations and can allow a range of large commercial vehicles to pass through. 

Railroad Depots / Crossings / Train Yards

Transport stations like crossings, railroad depots, and train stations need efficient gate security systems to prevent numerous amounts of people from passing through without the correct tickets and, more importantly, for safety purposes. 

Many crossings for ground tracks, public roads and ramps are vertical or horizontal lifting security gates with counting or traffic light systems.

Our company has a wide range of fantastic gate security systems and access control operators suitable for any local railroad station or crossing. 

Water Treatment & Chemical Plants

We can assure customers that our power station, chemical plant and water treatment security gates are rigorously tested to undergo and withstand immense impact, everyday wear and tear and extremely harsh weather conditions. Our staff aims to provide electrical sub-station gates that meet the very highest industry performance standards.

We will deliver a quality matched system that includes all necessary features, such as the hardware, operator and access control and various accessories that you will require for a seamless experience. 

Public Service Institutions

Public service institutions, for example, firehouses, government offices and police stations, are responsible for ensuring our local areas and the country are running smoothly and, most importantly, running safely. It is paramount to keep public service buildings and properties safe and out of harm's way so that individuals cannot trespass or steal assets and resources or harm those in charge.

At Secure Automation we have a top-quality selection of security gates and solutions fit for police stations and numerous other public service facilities. Our staff are incredibly dedicated to providing products that have been meticulously tested to keep communities safe. 

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities are vital aspects of life that we must do our best to protect in many ways and for various reasons. Many of these buildings contain critical historical artefacts, but most importantly, they host a safe, available space for our children and young students to learn and grow.

Each parent and the new generation of young people depend on their educational buildings to provide a shield of safety to learn comfortably. At Secure Automation, we harness custom-configured security gates perfect for any academic buildings and student residential settings.

Commercial vs Residential Security Gates

Residential and commercial facilities often have differing access control needs and perimeters; therefore, our company provides a broad range of gate types. Generally, there tend to be stricter requirements for commercial property, and they often have a higher traffic flow volume than the average home.

Therefore, most commercial security gates have to react fast for productivity purposes; they also must be far easier to operate than residential gates for driveways. Many security gates for businesses are made from aluminium; its lightweight yet durable nature is also favoured for its corrosion-resistant properties.

They are less prone to wear than various other materials, so your maintenance costs will often stay low without fearing that your system will compromise its service and security levels. 

Which Security Gate Should I Choose?

Choosing the correct security gate to accommodate your business is often more thought than deciding between automatic systems and manual gates. There are various configurations and designs that customers can select from, many with specific advantages and bespoke applications. 

The most common choice of security gates involves bi-folding gates, cantilevered slide gates, groove rolling slide gates and many more. Speciality products and pedestrian gates include barriers and bollards. 

Some aspects must be considered when choosing security gates suitable for your businesses, companies and organisations:

Space & Opening Size

It's vital to understand there are different types of gates that utilise large spaces in a wide range of manners; for example, many can move upwards, some swing forwards, and others slide out. When considering the space and opening size you require, it's best to consider the level and type of traffic your property expects.

If you're expecting delivery vans, moving vehicles and commercial trucks, we highly suggest a much larger opening so that vehicles can move in and out your gate safely. 

Frequency & Speed

It would be best to aim to have your automatic gate installed and designed to keep any idling time to a limit, especially for businesses. 

Doing so will improve productivity and speed up the pace of those moving in and out of your establishment if you regularly expect high traffic. You must also ensure your gates are durable enough to withstand the frequent use of rigours. 

Operator &Access Control Systems

Security gates are typically paired with automatic openers, whether through key card systems, number pad systems, or other forms of access control. You should ensure all components are effectively matched with the help of qualified professional gate and access control installers. 

During the initial visit to your company or residential properties, discuss your requirements, as this will reduce the risk of failure.

You'll receive everything you desire regarding the devices you need to operate. A wide range of access controls and operator systems will allow for a more efficient way to detect vehicles and pedestrians, for example, intercoms, audio and video, wi-fi and app-related devices, remote controls, etc. 

These aspects can better help you utilise your electric security gates in industrial settings. 

Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.