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Choosing Automatic Commercial Gates

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  • 12-08-2021
Choosing Automatic Commercial Gates

Top Tips for Choosing Automatic Commercial Gates

Are you looking for tips and advice about Choosing automatic commercial gates? If you are a business owner in the Newcastle area you may be considering purchasing a gate to protect your business. Keeping your business secure is a constant concern for many business owners. Find out how a bespoke security gate can improve security for your property.

Choosing a bespoke design for commercial gates

Are you a business owner in the Newcastle area and are considering purchasing a gate to protect your business? Well, you have definitely come to the right place.

Choosing a bespoke gate for your business can also give you the chance to choose which safety measures are most important. For example:

How quickly they open

Whether that is with a code or a fob

The direction that they open

Do you want them to slide?

Do you require a swing gate?

To have the driver underground.

A bespoke design also allows you to have complete control of what your gates look like. We have a team of designers that are more than happy to help you design your gate.

What are the Advantages of Electric Gates?

There are many reasons home, and business owners are adding electric gates to their properties, the main one being extra security. If an intruder saw these gates at the entrance of your property, rather than manual ones, they would automatically be put off trying to get into your home or workplace.

You can't be there to watch your property at all times, so by blocking your business or home from being entered, you are giving your property more privacy. This gate system ensures no one can see into the property, and therefore none of your possessions are on show.

These gates control who comes in and out of your premises, as you can check the car before you allow them access, making the security system even better.

Installing Parking Barriers  

Parking barriers are a perfect way to control who has access to your car park. They are not exactly a security measure, but they will be able to control the flow of traffic into your car park. However, if you want to add extra security, why not have one of our automatic commercial gates fitted?

These parking barriers are used as a deterrent to stop people parking in your car park, that aren't using your services. We can install a wide range of car park barriers, all designed to ensure you have the perfect control over traffic flow. To do this, we will discuss your requirements to find the perfect option.

Fitting Commercial Palisade Gates  

Palisade fencing is a very common security measure as it is very strong and allows very limited access to a property. With added features such as CCTV cameras, you can have complete control from the comfort of your office, home or other property.

Your business needs to have a good solid gate to ensure no money is lost and the business isn't forced to close down. You can choose from a sliding gate or a swing gate, an automatic gate or a manual one; our design team can help you find the best solution if you struggle to decide.

Are Cantilever Sliding Gates Right for You?  

A cantilever gate is perfect if you have many vehicles coming in and out of our premises, and you are worried about the track in the ground.

This is because the Cantilever sliding gate doesn't require tracks to operate; instead, it has rollers with precision bearing in the bottom, offering cross support for the gate to open and close.

Cantilever sliding gates are typically fitted with an electronic motor, and you have control over how far they open - halfway or the whole way.

This will enable you to even further control who has access to your business and help keep your staff safe.

Top Tips for Choosing Automatic Commercial Gates

Are you looking for commercial gates?

Here at Secure Automation, based in Newcastle, we have a wide range of automatic gates, remote control gates, Cantilever sliding gates, swing gates and electric gates to choose from.

We have years of experience in gate automation to ensure our customers have the best and most professional service possible. We can fit our gates to your residential or commercial property.

Please find out more about our commercial security gates by giving us a call today. Our gates also come in a range of metal types, including steel and aluminium, and there are also many security features to choose from.

Please find out more about our commercial security gates in Tyne and Wear.

We put our customer's safety and security first, whether it's for their business or home. We have years of experience to offer high-quality services, expert advice and a wide variety of choices for gates. We also offer a range of features to add to your gate for maximum protection.

Things to consider

Automatic and security gate systems are crucial components of any commercial business, industrial operation, or facility to help you control who can access your site or business park. They fulfil several practical functions, the two main ones being the maintenance of security on your site and controlled accessibility through managed checkpoints. Automatic security gates can create accessible routes for vehicles and pedestrians while keeping your commercial business secure.

Function & Placement of Security Gates

As with any commercial enterprise, you will need to have a thorough risk assessment carried out when selecting which gates you want for your property. Considering what the site is going to be used for and any related health and safety risks or hazards that could arise.

You must also consider the gate's function and location. You will need to decide on the primary function of the gates, whether for vehicle use or pedestrian use. It is important to keep these two uses completely separate for greater health and safety, mitigating the risk of any injury.

In terms of the gate's location, you will need to decide if it will form part of the exterior fencing of your site or be located within the internal layout. The gate will need to match the outer fencing's height, security level, and aesthetic appearance if it is the former.

Manual &Automated Gates

There are several factors you will need to decide on when choosing between manual or automatic gate systems. 

These include:





 Available Space

Wider gates will obviously take up more space and be significantly heavier than thinner ones. Therefore, if you consider installing wider gates at your site and decide on an automated system, you will need to invest in a more heavy-duty motor to power the gate. Naturally, this will also increase costs.

If you decide on manual gates, you can only control them in two ways: either staffing them with an operator or having them unmanned and operated by those using them. Conversely, automated gates can be fitted with a variety of access controls, such as intercoms, keypads or card readers, so that you can better control who enters your site remotely.

Security Gate Maintenance

After your gates have been installed, you must maintain them properly to ensure adequate security. 

You must regularly check manual gates for any damage to the structure, while automated gates require assessment from a qualified gate engineer. 

It would be best if you also kept hinges and swinging fixtures well lubricated for smooth operation.

Security Gate Maintenance - Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Choosing the Best Automatic Gate Opener

Once you have made your choice between sliding or cantilever gates, or you wish to automate the gates you already have installed, you will need to select a suitable motor for them. Either gate style will use the same motor type, and each has similar requirements when choosing the right automated system.

How wide is the gate?

Each motor has a set width of the gate they can open alone, so you will need to ensure that you select the right one for your gates. The motor manufacturer can detail the different width limits to you. 

What is the total weight of your gate?

The weight of your gates is a similar consideration to their width. However, it is more an issue for automated gates on residential properties. Gates on commercial sites are expected to be very heavy, and the motors for them will naturally be built to handle this. 

How much use are your gates going to have per day?

Commercial premises naturally see a larger amount of traffic in a single day than residential properties. Therefore, commercial gate systems often require more robust motors. 

Does your ground slope at all, or is it uneven?

If you plan to install your gate on a sloping or uneven surface, then suspended cantilever gates are your best bet. It is incredibly unsafe to install heavy, sliding gates on inclines in case the motor system should fail.

Does wind resistance matter?

Wind resistance is not a concern for sliding gate systems, given that they are firmly fixed in place within the gate structure. However, wind resistance is something to think about if you have solid, swinging gates.

Does your gate need to cycle quickly?

If, for example, you live on a busy road where there is no space to sit and wait for the gate to open in your driveway, you will need a gate that cycles quickly. As a general rule, gates with more powerful motors can open at faster speeds.

Are you looking for Automatic Electric Gate Installation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our commercial electric driveway gate services throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.