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Choosing automatic commercial gates

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  • 14-10-2016
Choosing automatic commercial gates

Choosing automatic commercial gates

Keeping your business secure is a constant concern for many business owners. Find out how a bespoke security gate can improve security for your property.

Choosing a bespoke design for commercial gates

If you are a business owner in the Newcastle area you may be  considering purchasing a gate to protect your business. Then you may well think that getting a bespoke gate is a costly idea.

You don’t really need it to look ornamental you need it to function and keep people out of of your business. This of course is completely true. However, getting a bespoke gate rather than one off the shelf allows you to choose the features of the gates as well as the looks.

A bespoke gate for your business gives you the choice of what security measure you would like. It gives you the following options:

How quickly they open

Whether that is with a code or a fob

The direction that they open

Do you want them to slide?

Do you require a swing gate?

To have the driver underground.

Plus a whole load more options that ensure your business is as safe as you need it to be.

A bespoke design also allows you to have complete control of what they look like. This gives you the chance to make them as formidable or welcoming as you like. They can either scream 'keep out' to intruders or be welcoming to your customers.

We have a team of designers that are more than happy to help you design your gate. But ultimately it is your decision how you would like people to perceive your business.

Choosing a bespoke design gives you far more options. We can offer  more customisation for ways of keeping your business under lock and key while you are away from it.

For many of our customers a bespoke design is the only way to go to take complete control.

What are the advantages of electric gates?

A lot of home and business owners nowadays are adding electric gates to their properties for many reasons. One of these reasons of course being added security.

Electric gates provide a barrier from intruders. Sadly we live in a world nowadays where it is crucial to provide security to your home and business. This is necessary  because you can’t be there to watch it all the time.

Of course by blocking your business or home from being entered also affords you privacy.  It is a lot harder for people to take a look into your property and see what you may have in there when you have electric gates.

Many manual gate owners leave them open most of the time to make it easier to go in and out?

Remember if you do this you are making it easier for other to access your property as well.

Thanks to electric gates you can access your property just as easily but make it a lot harder for others to. You can get remote controls with your electric gates. This is to allow you to simply push a button to allow access to your property and then your gates will close behind you.

As well as keeping people out it also allows you to keep control of who enters or leaves the property. This gives your whole property a security for staff and property.  You will not  have to worry about intruders gaining access because they won’t have the remote or the code to open the gate.

These are just some of the great advantages to electric gates they also make your property look great and add security to your business.

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Installing Parking Barriers

Parking barriers are a perfect way to control who has access to your car park.  They are not exactly a security measure but they will be able to control the flow of traffic into your car park.

For the ultimate security measure you could get one of our security gates fitted. Then you have the option to add more control with one of our parking barriers.

Have you ever had an issue with pesky weekend shoppers. While looking for a place to park on the weekend they choose your car park. Then you may want to think about a car park barrier.

They are a great deterrent as a lot of people will see one and just turn around. No longer will your business fall victim to weekend shoppers!

We can install a wide range of car park barriers all designed to ensure you have the perfect control over traffic flow. Before we fit any thing we will discuss with you the general flow of the car park. We will discuss how many staff you have and  then we will be able to recommend the perfect barrier for the job.

Please do remember though that car park barriers are not a security measure as such. They are simply there to control traffic into your business or car park.

They work great in conjunction to one of our security gates as our gates allow you to lock your business down at night.  Then the parking barrier can control the flow of your staff in the morning.

If you have been effected by any of the issues raised in this blog post regarding shoppers parking in your business then do get in touch.

Fitting Commercial Palisade Gates

Palisade fencing is one of the most commonly used types of fencing to keep people out of business.  We see it on industrial parks every day. It is very strong and allows a very limited access to a property.

By installing a gate that gives the same strength throughout the property your business will be protected on all fronts.

Most people have gone through a palisade gate in their life. The feeling of security is quite intense.  Having an automatic palisade gate installed at the entrance to your business is a benefit. It can allow you complete control over anyone wanting to have access to you property.

Now this will ensure that your business is safe and also your staff.   With added features such as CCTV cameras you can have complete control from the comfort of your office.

Now this will ensure that your business is safe and also your staff.   With added features such as CCTV cameras you can have complete control from the comfort of your office.

With a rise of crime to business over the last few years it is now more important than ever to get a good solid gate to protect your business. If you are thinking that it wouldn’t ever happen to you well then I am afraid that that is what the last guy thought.

If you have palisade fencing around your property we can provide you with a palisade gate to go with it. This material doesn’t restrict you with what action you would like the gate to have.

You can have a sliding or swing which is automatic or manual. That is entirely up to you. Our design team can help you build the perfect palisade gate.

Don’t wait for a crime to convince you to get a gate on your business, get a gate and take control.

Are Cantilever Sliding Gates Right For You?

If you are interested in getting a sliding gate to protect your business you can have one with or without a track in the ground. If you have a lot of vehicles coming in and out and you feel that a track may get damaged over time. Then a cantilever sliding gate is right up your street.

Cantilever sliding gate systems is perfect for anyone who has a busy entrance to their business. It will work for anyone who  cannot have a track on the ground for any other reason.

This system does not require a track to operate instead it has rollers with precision bearing in the bottom. These offer cross support which enable the gate to open and close.

These gates are typically fitted with an electronic motor. In manual mode they can be easily opened by hand thanks to them precision bearing in the rollers.

Cantilever sliding gates are 1/3 larger than typical sliding gates.  Because they don’t have a track on the floor they need this extra third to act as a counter balance. They can provide your business with a wealth of security measure.

These are also great if you have a lot of pedestrian traffic in to your business. You can decide to open them half way or less to allow access by pedestrians and keep anyone in a vehicle out.

This will enable you to even further control who has access to your business and also to keep your staff safe.

Not only do they work superbly but they all look the part as well.  Anyone thinking about trying to gain access to your property will have a major re-think when they come up against one of our cantilever gates!

Find out more about our commercial security gates in Tyne and Wear.