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Electric Swing Gates Installation Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

Are you looking for automated wrought iron gates in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear? Find out how you can improve security for your commercial or domestic property with wrought iron gates.

If you are considering electric gates installation in the Newcastle area, we are the leading provider of automatic gates in the northeast. 

Secure Automation has over 12 years of experience in working with domestic and commercial clients who require a range of security services to keep your property free from unwanted intruders. Our automated security gates offer the highest levels of protection for your property and convenience for those who need to enter and exit.

Residential Metal Electric Gates

At Secure Automation our talented professionals specialise in custom-made steel electric gates and automation systems with many years of engineering training to complete jobs in the field. Traditionally, many may know these as wrought iron gates or barriers; however, much more modern or contemporary gate designs are made of cast iron or steel.

We offer bespoke steel gates or railings that are perfect for almost all premises due to their durable, robust and hard-wearing nature. Handmade in our factory and galvanised to prevent detrimental rusting, we paint the gates to provide the finish you need to keep up appearances! Elegant automated gates offer additional value to your home, ultimately increasing costs.

Alongside a broad range of colour options and different designs, you can even opt to have the name or number of your home or premises on the gate; this will add a more personal touch to either your home or your establishment building. We'll install your chosen or bespoke electric steel gate on steel posts to stand-alone, or you can have them fixed onto pillars, brick walls or stone.

If you have any CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings, we'd love to have them for your property reference; however, our skilled team strive to produce them for you if you don't have any.

Our company has manufactured gates into various styles, from decorative scrollwork that includes top-quality detail to more simplistic vertical bar infill. We'll offer and create gates that will enhance the appearance of your home or property and its overall security. 

Wrought iron automated swinging driveway gates

Our professional engineers can successfully add automation devices and controls to your existing gates or the driveway gates that we manufacture and offer.

There is a particular convenience that automated gates offer, allowing customers and clients to open and close gates at the click of a button on a remote control instead of manually getting out of your car and pushing a button or physically holding them open with gate stops. 

They are perfect for the nighttime or bad weather, as you won't have to face the elements or strangers.

Automation allows you to avoid significant struggles with heavy, large gates and provide safety features, such as installed intercoms that can better help you detect suspicious activity and unwanted callers.

Automated Wrought Iron Gates Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

Unlike manual gates, gates of this kind cannot be forced open as they have irreversibly geared motors. We highly recommend underground automation motor systems that are virtually invisible to help maintain your gateway's aesthetics and kerb appeal.

Secure Automation also provides various other systems to suit any property or requirement. Contact us today at our phone number or email address available on our website. We'll deliver an accurate free quote to match your requirements and any other project details you need. 

Wrought Iron Automated Sliding Driveway Gates

Wrought iron automated sliding driveway gates

Wherever you find limited space in your property or anywhere, swing gate systems could curate obstructions for various vehicles entering or exiting your property; you may want to select a sliding gate instead to fit your location better.

You can successfully utilise a cantilevered sliding gate installation in line where there are undulations or cross falls that professionals struggle to overcome.

It is also an ideal solution for sloping or steep drives. You can use slider gate systems for wooden gates and wrought iron materials.

The sliding gate is exceptionally secure as it is encapsulated at each end when closed. Sliding motors are typically fitted above ground level, and they are operated using a toothrack and cog.

Secure Automation understands that each customer has different requirements, but we'll guarantee the peace of mind that your design, structure and access controls will reflect your desires. We want to ensure that you have the correct combination of style and convenient security to benefit your work or domestic property. 

How Much Does Automated Metal Gates Cost?

Overall the average cost to cover any automated metal gate system often begins at £7,000; however, this heavily depends on the materials used by the manufacturers and the size produced, alongside many other factors, such as maintenance costs. Automated metal gates must be quoted individually, especially if they are bespoke gate systems.

Secure Automation has a reputable team of electric gate specialists that can help request precise quotations. 

Do Electric Wrought Iron Gates Use Much Electricity?

Generally, gate motors utilise 24V DC or 230V AC electricity. They need safe wiring for their control panels and a suitable mains power supply, alongside various other electrical safety devices.

In a more domestic or residential setting, automated gates tend to use 230V AC; however, numerous UK installed systems utilise 24V gate motors using transformers to step down the power level from the mains supply to the 24V DC. 

What Is The Best Cast Iron / Wrought Iron Automated Gates System?

The best of these styles of metal gates must be the correct fit for your current available space alongside the ground your property is sitting on.

The terrain will help you decipher the best metal for your household or commercial property gate. You'll want to ensure the metal isn't easily affected by the wind or elements; therefore, it must be durable.

Your automated gate should provide excellent resistance to any forced entry and complement your building's exterior.

You can enhance the efficiency and convenience of your metal gate system by adding elements of remote controlled access, intercoms and key padded access.

The best way to assess what would be best for your property is to contact a high-quality local gate automation service.

Our Berkshire professionals can discuss the best option and even do a visual inspection of your household or establishment to help you decide before installing or servicing your gates. Rest assured, you are in safe, experienced hands. 

What Is The Best Cast Iron / Wrought Iron Automated Gates System?

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