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Automate Existing Gates

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  • 21-06-2017
Automate Existing Gates

Adding Automation To My Existing Gates

We provide a vast array of systems to do this. Manual gates tend to be open for extended periods. This is to avoid the effort of physically pulling them from side to side.

Automated gates work more often with the closed-to-open-to-closed cycle. Our surveyor will appraise your gates and pillars to ensure they are appropriate and offer any type of suggestions if needed.

We will carry out a complimentary survey to evaluate your current gate system. First of all, we will keep in mind of your driveway, any slope and the range from the road and from a power supply.

We will then check that your existing piers and posts are strong enough to endure the constant pressures used by the proposed operators. They look for any 'possible wind loading' which might negatively influence the procedure of gates. As this will be putting extreme strain on the piers and posts. 

We could suggest reconstructing rock or block piers with appropriate steel reinforcement. You may also instal brand-new steel or wood blog posts between or behind your existing piers.

If you are questioning how visitors such as the postman or delivery vans will  get access, there are a couple of options:

  • Fit a keypad. Use to gain access to the code to open up the gate This code can be offered to other individuals that want gain access to.
  • Install a 'push to open' switch outside your gate. By utilising a timer, you could restrict times when this will certainly function. You may wish to place a push to open up button on the inside of your gate too to ensure that they can go out.
  • You can after that press a button on your phone to open up the gate and give access to your site visitors.
  • You could place a post box with a lock on your gate.
  • Make use of a transmitter. Added transmitters are offered.
  • Fit an Intercom. Use an intercom to open up the gate either from an intercom or a mobile device.  An intercom with a keypad will additionally supply the option to utilise to gain access to the code to go into the residential property. 

We will discuss your safety and security and access needs.  We consider your budget and advise you of the safety needs for your brand-new system. We utilise only excellent quality, reputable automation devices. These are the approved installers of the country's most highly regarded suppliers.

Although a little bit more expensive, a wonderful alternative is to fit a GSM intercom. This would call through to your mobile phone so you can always answer the gate where ever before you are as long as you have your phone with you.