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Automate Existing Gates

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  • 05-10-2022
Automate Existing Gates

Can I Automate Existing Gates?

If you have wondered: Can I automate existing gates? then this article should help you understand how you can benefit from adding automation to your driveway or garden gates. Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. 

Benefits Of Automation

There are many benefits to automation, for example:

  • Increased safety and security for you and your family or for your business.
  • You have a lot of privacy, and you don't need to worry about anyone trespassing.
  • The gates themselves are operated using electricity, so you don't need to open or close them yourself. This is useful for businesses and rainy days.
  • Your insurance premiums will lower, as you are less likely to have a break-in.
  • You can choose the design and make them look as professional and classy as you like. They add character to your home or business property.

Automating Existing Swing Gates

Is your home in need of an automated electric gate? Then, look no further! Here at Automation and Security, we provide an excellent automation service for your existing swing gate. Automating existing gates is lower in cost than completely replacing and installing brand new gates. We will need to do a survey first to check the gates and ensure they can be automated. This may also include the ground the gate lies on.

Your Guide To Gate Automation

Automating Sliding Gates

Here at Automation and Security, we can also automate your existing sliding gate at an affordable cost. We understand how important it is to feel safe and secure in your home for you and all other members of your household. 

This why we take our customers needs and requirements seriously and provide the best service we can. Please get in touch with us today, and we will discuss your requirements, and give you any advice you need.

Can I Automate Existing Gates?

Why use an Experienced Gate Installer?

It is essential to use a professional, experienced and qualified gate installer to automate your existing gates. This is because the gate itself must meet a number of health and safety regulations, which professionals have been trained in. 

They also have the correct automation equipment to carry out the entire process, from the survey to the installation and maintenance. You may encounter problems with your gate in the future if professional services aren't used, which will mean high-cost repair bills.

How can People Access my Property if I'm Away?

If you are questioning how visitors such as the postman or delivery vans will get access, there are a couple of options:

  • Fit a keypad: Passcodes are used to gain access to the property, as the code will open up the gate. This code can be offered to other individuals that want to gain access to the property.
  • Install a 'push to open' switch outside your gate: By utilising a timer, you could restrict times when this will function. You can out a 'push to open' button on the inside of your gate to ensure that delivery people can exit your property.
  • Mobile Phone: You can also press a button on your phone to open up the gate and give access to your site visitors.
  • Post Box: You could place a post box with a lock on your gate, this way any deliveries or post will be able to go in there, without the need to give anyone your code, or for anyone to enter your property.
  • Make use of a transmitter: This is a remote that you can press to unlock and relock your gates back up for when deliveries need to be made.
  • Fit an Intercom: Use an intercom to open up the gate either from an intercom or a mobile device. An intercom with a keypad will additionally supply the option to utilise to gain access to the code to go into the residential property.

Do you currently have manual gates?

If you already have manual gates, you've likely spent a good amount of time choosing the perfect wood or wrought iron to match their surroundings.

However, if they are in good condition, it is straightforward for our team of professional installers to turn manual gates into automatic ones.

    Do You Currently Have Manual Gates?

    Does the automation on your gates need upgrading?

    If you already have automated gates but want to upgrade them, we can help too. Automatic gates are a significant investment, and our experts will only recommend replacing them with new gates if absolutely necessary. 

    As a general rule, upgrading the motors and automated equipment is the most cost-effective solution, rather than replacing the entire set of gates.

      Does your current automation meet today's regulations?

      One of the main reasons most people choose to upgrade their automated gates is to improve safety and help them meet current British Standards and HSE regulations. 

      If you're unsure whether your gates meet these regulations and are safe for you, your family and visitors, please don't hesitate to contact our team today.

        Automating existing driveway gates

        You can motorise most existing manual gates with automated systems. Naturally, the quality and type of gate that already exists determines this, given that motorised systems can have a significant impact on softwood gates. However, if we can automate your gates, it will save you a lot of money compared to buying new ones.

          Underground Motors

          One of the most popular motor configurations for automated gates is underground motors. They are more aesthetically pleasing, given that they're housed out of sight in a buried metal casing. While they are more expensive, since it requires more work to bury the electric motor, this configuration is quieter, safer and more secure.

          However, underground motors aren't recommended for those in areas prone to flooding, as this is a hazard to buried motors and will likely void any warranties.

            Above Ground Motors (Rams)

            If you live in a flood-prone area and are looking for a more cost-effective automation configuration, above-ground rams are your best option. However, whether above-ground motors are possible depends on the style of gate you already have.

            Post-mounted gates are ideal for the access they provide for future repairs and maintenance, whereas closed-board timber or aluminium gates hung on brick piers are not well-suited.

              Articulated Arms

              Articulated scissor arm gates are the most cost-effective configuration, given that they are very easy to install. They are also perfect for gates suspended from brickwork. However, you must be careful with them, as the system can move quickly and trap unwary visitors when the arms reduce.

                How Do I Automate Existing Gates

                Other gate automation considerations

                When automating your gates, the most important thing to remember is that they will be classed as machines. Therefore, they must adhere to the machinery directive's safety regulations and legal standards. Safety features, such as photocell sensors, safety edges or laser curtains, can help with this. Force-limited 24V gate motors will also prevent disasters if something blocks your automated gate.


                Being in a flood-risk or windy location will determine what kind of automatic gates you can have, or if you can have one at all.

                Underground objects

                The ducts and power cables attached to your gates must be placed underground. Therefore, any power cables, drains, tree roots, gas pipes or other underground objects will need to be moved where possible.

                Power supply

                Electronic gates require their own RCD-protected power supply from the mains, as tapping into other power supplies can lead to tripping or overloading. If you want lighting, CCTV or access controls, you will need additional cables running from your gates. If you plan on installing more equipment or features in the future, you will need to install extra ducting and cores.

                Existing gate support structures

                Your gate support structures determine the stability and performance of your electric gates. Brick piers, metal or timber posts and concrete columns are common and affect how your gates operate.

                Access Control & Intercom

                Access controls and intercoms are ideal for when guests come to visit. How else will you know that someone is waiting outside?

                After Care

                We offer a comprehensive after-care service for all the gates we install. Any machine with moving parts requires careful maintenance to ensure continued performance, and we can help your gates remain operational for years to come.

                  Are you looking for gate automation in Tyne and Wear? Find out more about our automatic gates throughout Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.