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Are Access Control Systems Important For Security

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  • 27-10-2022
Are Access Control Systems Important For Security

Are access control systems important for security? Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. Find out about the benefits of access control systems and how access systems stop threats.

Why is access control important?

Access control work is critical for efficient security and safety throughout your commercial building. It's essential to ensure the highest levels of protection for your employees, other occupants and any significant contents inside your building. Approximately 60% of companies across the country utilise dated systems and access control solutions that gradually become more inefficient and vulnerable to being broken into with each passing year.

We encourage you to update their access control and security systems regularly to improve efficiency and prevent unauthorised intruders from damaging your property or stealing information against company data privacy laws.

Suppose they gain access to server rooms, data protection areas or executive offices; thieves and intruders could then steal numerous amounts of personal data, particular files or commercial data that is highly sensitive. There may be unsecured devices inside the building, or they could gain access and launch harmful cyber attacks; if they have access points to your building at the same time as your occupants working hours, they could harm them or disrupt their work.

Access control techniques and security settings are vital and offer numerous benefits; for example, they help protect data and professionals in your premises and give valuable insight into the resources being utilised. It can allow and deny entry to car parks, conference rooms and other facilities. Building management security teams can extract accurate data to develop efficient plans for different facilities to manage movement, maintain social distancing or help reduce the security risk of overcrowding. 

What Are The Types Of Security Entrances?

How Quality Door Access Systems Stop Threats

Physical access control systems are necessary for filling in numerous security gaps and pitfalls, especially in certain areas where other procedures or your own staff may struggle; for example, visitor management can be challenging to control. Criminals can often bypass physical barriers and people much quicker than they could for those with bespoke technology installed.

It can be difficult for people and less intelligent systems to maintain efficient on-premise and offsite security levels 24/7 and prevent theft. Many professionals and police officers encourage businesses and even households to invest in quality door access systems for data protection laws. You can successfully control and adjust those individuals entering your household or commercial building using high-quality security systems that allow only specific people inside.

Perhaps you can implement video or audio intercoms, key fobs, lanyards, key cards, facial recognition, biometric readers and many more forms of access control that monitor who you let in and who is rejected. We encourage you also to monitor the number of people that exit and enter your building.

With visitors in your home or property, you may want to introduce temporary entrance rules or prevent re-entry once your employees or guests have left the premises, as you never know if they could forget to lock up efficiently again.

It's essential to ensure that your mandatory access control systems can perform such tasks and jobs, including:

24-Hour Coverage

Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Intrusion Alerts

Efficient Locks & Unlocks 

It helps to complete these security precautions remotely, whether from the comfort of your home, car, or outside of the city, town, or country with cloud-based technology or devices.

You never know when your household or business property could be attacked by people trying to break in, and it helps to apply your control systems ability no matter how you are to the building itself.

Are Access Control Systems Important For Security?

What Are The Benefits Of Access Control Systems?

Controlling those that can successfully enter the sites, rooms or buildings enables you and your businesses to assess the number of individuals allowed inside designated spaces or physical locations.

Such is vital for emergencies; for example, if there is a fire outbreak in the building, implementing robust access control systems would provide employers or authorities with the necessary data of the individuals accounted for and help to save time on counting heads.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to manage the capacity of the rooms of your building so that everyone is evenly spaced. Access control systems can help monitor the room's capacity and alert you, the employer, when a room has reached full capacity. 

New access controls offer plenty of protection for your customers and employees and ultimately reduce crime by restricting access from unauthorised individuals to sites, buildings and specific rooms. You can protect your staff from abuse, harassment and potential threats from outsiders or existing staff by denying insider threat breaches.

By controlling access to various devices and accessories, you can prevent people from other organisations from gaining access to sensitive information, legal company documents, hazardous materials and expensive equipment or tools.

Employers and business owners can tailor their systems to allow office workers access to specific workstations, kitchens or more communal areas but deny access rights to waste disposal areas or human resources offices unless they are wanted inside. 

It can be incredibly stressful to lose physical keys, and the disruption it can cause can be bad for productivity and the safety of your employees. However, all this can be efficiently negated should you install access management systems from professionals. Authorised users with entry cards are a better alternative than a physical key that you or professionals cannot track.

You can immediately remove the information or login credentials attached to an entry card from your company's system, so even if a random individual with malicious intent finds your card, they wouldn't be able to breach the security system by entering your property. Replacement cards can be introduced and set up within minutes of their loss, reducing the overall costs.

These proper access control methods also allow you to deny any member of staff access at the click of a button, especially if they leave the building early, without notice or if they no longer work for you.

You can receive valuable data for your business when using door entry systems and well-designed access control technology. It provides you with the devices to track a person from the moment they enter and leave your property.

Such is suitable for busy environments where you must double down on highly unauthorised breaks, lateness or employees leaving your premises early. 

Many businesses across the country aren't thoroughly staffed or surveilled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, or many may complete remote work.

Such means that cleaners, suppliers and delivery drivers often need access to your company building outside of your regular working hours. As an employer, you can have temporary access codes, video intercom systems and many more forms of remote access to grant entry to your workers. 

Access Control as A Primary Role in Security

Finding an adequate security system to protect your household or commercial properties from harm or damage can be incredibly challenging.

Similarly, it can be difficult to discover systems that accomplish and tackle various issues at once, whether you aim to double down on health screenings or remote surveillance.

Discretionary access control systems should be tailored towards specific business security programs, as this is vital to stop threats before they have the opportunity to worsen.

They also provide an effective deterrent for thieves, vandals, and criminals attempting to break into your property.

The most suitable system for your business or household will be the one that successfully assists and supports you in protecting your home or company's assets, people and any operations in place.

Access Control As A Primary Role In Security

It is a primary role in security, especially for offices, warehouses, factories, department stores, corner shops, workshops and plenty more industrial buildings, to help curate a safe and healthy working environment that your employees feel safe entering and exiting.

Many automation and security companies can help you tailor-make a plan and access control system that makes the most sense for your business organisation, customers and other people in the industry. Contact a local access control system company to set up a thorough consultation with their reliable experts. 

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