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Adding Value To Your Home With Electric Gates

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  • 11-02-2022
Adding Value To Your Home With Electric Gates

Find out more about adding value to your home with electric gate installation. Secure Automation provide electric gate installations throughout Newcastle and Tyne and Wear. Adding an automated gate can add value to your home. After you've weighed up all of the pros and cons, it's definitely considered one the wisest investments you can make.

Does A Gate Increase Property Value?

An automated electric gate may not always be the first that comes to mind when we think of "home improvement projects", but after you've weighed up all of the pros and cons, it's definitely considered one of the wisest investments you can make when it comes to improving the value and appeal of your property, adding up to 5% to the total property value.

Though automated gates are not a new concept, they have been traditionally associated with stately manor homes due to their high initial costs. 

However, as technology becomes more commercially available, electric gates are more affordable than ever, especially when we realise their practical benefits. 

Electric gates reassure a versatile security system on commercial and residential properties; they can also be combined with a secure access control system to further enhance property security.

So, apart from their traditional uses, how else can an electric gate add value to your home?

How Does An Electric Gate Increase Property Value?

Adding Value To Your Home With Electric Gate Installation

First Impressions 

Automated or not, your gate will be one of the first things a guest will see on your property. As the old saying goes, "you only have one chance to make a first impression", and there is no better way to leave an impression than with a majestic driveway gate. 

Driveway gates generally are available in a wide variety of styles and materials depending on several factors, including the style of your property, the shape and size of your driveway, and more.

A well-chosen design will gently complement the exterior of your home, including the front door, garage door and garden decor, helping to increase the overall appeal to potential buyers.

Enhanced Security 

Though briefly mentioned before, the most significant benefit of automatic gates is the enhanced security it offers.

Unlike manual gates, which are left open most of the time, electric gates are locked by default, so it's one less thing to worry about when you leave your property. 

 An automated electric gate is an effective deterrent to trespassers, thieves, and other unsolicited visitors who would otherwise be able to walk up to your property freely. 

Such is especially important if you live in an area with higher crime rates; the additional protection offered by the gate and access control system is invaluable compared to the gate's price.


A luxury automated gate of high quality means that you can control the entrance from the convenience of your vehicle using a remote control instead of manually locking it, which is a great selling point for prospective buyers. 

Such a practical feature is especially appreciated in bad weather or busy areas, otherwise mean holding up traffic. It is a feature that many other gate options, such as standard metal gates or wooden gates, do not have. 

Boundary Control 

Akin to a physical fence, an electric gate adds an effective way of determining property boundaries. 

As well as an excellent way of keeping intruders out, it's also a perfect way of ensuring that young children and pets don't leave the safety of your boundary boundaries.


The driveway gate design is mainly dependent on your personal preference, from ornate wrought iron gates to fully-enclosed timber-facing gates.

Fully-enclosed gates have the additional advantage of protecting your privacy from bypassers, which is ideal if you live in a busy area or if your property faces the main road and you wish to stay private.

Why Do Electric Gates Add Value To My Property?

Installing a gate to your household or property is often perceived as something one does purely for aesthetic purposes; however, it is more than just that and, overall, adds a relatively higher value to your home. Suppose your gate is well-suited to the property building and matches the interior or exterior garden decor. In that case, this adds incredible visual value, curb appeal and is far more appealing to potential buyers, but that is not all that allows you to sell.

Your electric gate is a great investment that adds value to your home by enhancing security for large houses, providing an objective and more physical deterrent to prevent unwanted trespassers and burglars. It also helps provide safety, stopping pets and small children from free-roaming the streets or running into dangerous main roads. Gates provides a sufficient degree of privacy, making your home feel and look that bit more upmarket and safer.

How To Preserve Your Gate's Value With Maintenance?

When you finally get your gate system installed, it is vital to pay attention to its condition, maintain its upkeep and ensure it is serviced regularly. It is also helpful to refer to the user manual of the gate, follow the instructions alongside any professional recommendations you receive from your gate installers. 

If homeowners keep up the maintenance of automatic gates or fencing, in the same way, you might for a car or boiler; this will up the value of your property's. Breaks or a short lifespan on gate systems can lower the value of your home or deter home buyers, so through frequent services, you can ensure all is repaired. 

Gate Maintenance Schedule

Every Two To Three Months

You may notice issues with your gate during regular use, for example, slow-moving gates or unusual squeaking sounds; however, these problems are easy to miss. It is wise to spend some time thoroughly investigating your entrance every two to three months to check for these issues. Such is especially critical after the colder months in Autumn and Winter, as harsh weather can often worsen existing problems. 

Rust and Damage: 

Ensure you take the time to check for defects and rust because they may not be as evident in everyday life or use. 

Damage can come in numerous forms, including corrosion, and they can lead to costly repairs if they get worse over time, so it is best to get them serviced. 

Messy debris: 

You must lubricate moving parts of your gate every so often; it is common for insects, dead leaves and dirt to stick to them and damage it over time as it accumulates. 

Use a nylon brush to wipe away debris, and then apply lubricant.

Track issues: 

For those households or properties with a cantilever or sliding gate, it is essential to inspect your gate's track for any bent areas or rust. 

Be sure to contact a professional to repair any bends.

It is also essential to inspect the gate's operator control box. During the checks, ensure the wires are in tip-top condition, not frayed, and nothing in the box is loose or rattling. Rid any cobwebs or insects that may have flown or crawled inside.

Keep all panels and controls for your gate clean, especially solar panels; remove any dirt so that they may function properly. 

Be sure to spray down your entire system and hose it every two or three months to prevent any debris build-up. 

Every Six Months

It is the hydraulic system of all the gate installation aspects and mechanisms that trusted professionals should check. Ensure you check the user manual to assess if it specifies a different inspection timeline. However, you can have your automatic gate-checked every six months if you can afford to do so. 

Every 12 Months

Yearly maintenance is all you need as long as you consistently keep up with frequent inspections and ensure your gate is clean and regularly lubricated to prevent rusting moving parts. 


It is paramount to lubricate the gate's hinges and utilise lithium grease substance in any form, such as thick formulations or aerosols. 

Apply the grease liberally with special tools or even with your fingers, ensuring the hinges are adequately coated. Many hinges have small holes, do not leave these out and directly apply lubricant to the pin.

Opener Gears: 

Be sure to unplug the opener, ensuring it is no longer powered and remove any plastic covers, ridding old grease build-up from the gears with a small paintbrush. 

Once this is done, apply a new layer of lubricant.

Chains / Tracks / Wheels: 

First, use a degreaser to remove any old lubricant on the chains, wheels or tracks; it is highly likely to be dirty. Next, you'll want to apply a generous amount of white lithium grease with a clean rag before ridding the excess.


Begin by wiping the exposed features of the arm; once you've done so, you can then start applying a brand-new coat of grease. A tip that may help the coating process is to open and close your gate a couple of times to ensure the lubricant is evenly spread around the hydraulics.

Control Box: 

You'll want to take off the front panel of your control box and utilise a lint-free cloth or canned compressed air to remove any debris that has gradually accumulated inside of it thoroughly. If you discover frayed wires, contact your contractor via phone or email so that they may repair them professionally.

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