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Choosing the best Access Controls system

Choosing the best Access Controls system for your gate may be confusing. Regardless of the design and material, one of the main incentives of installing an electric gate remains the enhanced security and the peace of mind that it brings.  

An electric driveway means that you no longer have to worry about unsolicited visitors on your property, including malicious intents such as trespassers and thieves.

While manual gates are excellent deterrents, they can be easily opened by anyone, and that remains one of their main disadvantages- the fact that it needs to be operated manually. To allow for convenient vehicular access, many homeowners have opted to leave their driveway gates permanently open, which completely defeat the object of having a gate in the first place.

Electric gates eliminate that problem as they are locked by default; with combined with an effective access control system, you can authorise access onto your property even when you are not home. Just as there are unique access control requirements, there are tailored solutions which Secure Automation specialise in offering. 

If you aren’t sure which access control system is most suitable for yourself, we’ve compiled a brief list below as a guide; to discuss your personalised security solution, please simply contact us via 0191 511 82 40 and we will be more than happy to arrange your free, no-obligation survey and consultation.

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Remote Control

This is the most basic form of access control systems, most commonly seen on automated garage doors. A number of remote controlling tokens are issued to open the gate from a distance, which eliminates the need to leave the vehicle when you are returning or leaving the property. There is often also a master switch within the property to authorise access.

Keypad Entry

Though we’ve placed it in its own category, this is very often combined with one or more of the other access control systems available, offering multiple means of accessing the property.

Audio Access

Audio access control systems are often combined with keypad entry systems and often used for apartments and flats. As the name suggests, this system allows the occupant and the visitor to communicate verbally before granting access to the building/property.

Video Access

Video access can be seen as a step up from audio access systems; occupants can view a live video feedback of the visitor at the gate and thus, more effectively verify their identity.

Commercial Access Control Solutions

In addition to above solutions, there are other systems which are more suited for large-scale commercial or public buildings, such as corporate offices.

Proximity Readers

While it’s realistically possible to install a proximity reader system at residential properties, it would usually be recommended for apartments and flats, or offices and warehouses, due to their cost-efficiency to issue multiple tokens which would only authorise access after it’s presented at a sensor.

Biometric Access

This is currently the highest form of security available and of course, the priciest. While you can specify the level of access an individual has, once again, it requires biometric contact so may proof inconvenient for private residential users.

When you decide to buy an electric automated gate for your commercial property, we can help you find the perfect automated gate. Call our helpful team today on 0191 511 82 40.