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Access Controls Security Gates Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

If you are considering electric gates installation in the Newcastle area, we are the leading provider of automatic gates in the northeast. 

Secure Automation has over 12 years of experience in working with domestic and commercial clients who require a range of security services to keep your property free from unwanted intruders. Our automated security gates offer the highest levels of protection for your property and convenience for those who need to enter and exit.

Access Control and Intercoms

Reliable intercom systems and complete access control equipment are essential components of all automatic gate products, whether for your business or home. 

We have a broad stock with great variety in various intercom solutions and access control methods, leaving you no shortage of selections. We provide proximity readers, buttons, keypads, phone modules, video intercoms, loop detectors, wireless GSM, flat two open systems, and increased security techniques.

If you have any further questions or require expert advice on which system would best suit your property, don't hesitate to contact us today. You can call us on 0191 511 82 40 and send a message to, both available on our website. Our friendly professionals are always willing to help with any services and details you need!

Automatic Gate Systems

Our commercial security gates at Secure Automation will allow you to control the flow and population of people and vehicles that enter your business space or premises.

The components and overall build of each of our entry gates are high-quality, and you can utilise them for a wide range of industries, business fields and residents.

Understandably, you want your company's workload, staff and vehicles to move in and out of your property, car parks and loading bays quickly without disturbances from unauthorised individuals.

Our commercial security supply includes industrial gates, bollards, blockers and barriers to allow the control you require to function efficiently. 

Access Controls Security Gates Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

Types of Access Control

Across the UK and worldwide, there is a broad range of access controls in various styles and types. Access control systems provide a vast number of benefits for a commercial or residential property; the most significant being it helps to protect you at all times, providing peace of mind and convenience.

Here we have a large variety of access control methods, how they work and which areas they are most suitable for:

Keypads are often referred to as code locks by many that have them. The keypad is a traditional and universally recognised form of security system. 

Professional engineers can install these keypads systems into your existing gate entry systems or brand-new ones. Access is given to operators through tapping in a four, six or eight-digit number, of which few people in the household or establishment know the specific code. 

Keypads are a highly reliable way of maintaining high-quality security protection and ensuring that the members of your household or property owners can gain access. 

Intercom systems are typically used and seen in offices or blocks of flats. They are an excellent automated gate option for those that require a superior security method to keep the establishment protected and unharmed. 

Intercoms allow staff members, property owners and residents to push a button to obtain contact with the property. They can directly speak to those in charge of the building, and they will allow them access.

Proximity cards are also seen as fobs or tags that many put onto lanyards around their necks. These provide individual users access to certain high-level rooms, buildings or through front doors; once set, they often include a unique ID number or QR code. 

The sensor or reader machine attached to the gate or wall will process this code or number and allow a person access to the room or property.

Such forms of security are often utilised for offices and establishment properties, educational buildings like universities and colleges, etc. 

Vehicle detection is used in numerous locations and has a variety of useful functions that allow admission and additional safety. 

Often installed systems have sensors capable of detecting a transmitter inside your or a vehicle. When the system detects that transmission, the gates will open and allow said vehicle access to the commercial premises.

These gate systems are specifically designed to ensure they never close on a person, obstruction or vehicle whilst on the way in. If you find your car is struggling to enter, it won't close on you if granted access via the signal. 

Many areas allow you to use your smartphone to access various buildings and establishment properties through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a simple call. 

Our team of professionals can happily install units and skilful programme them to recognise certain phone numbers or devices so that specific persons can obtain access to a property or location. 

Commercial Access Control Systems

Secure Automation provides excellent, high-quality automated security gates which can successfully link to any access control systems in your possession or that you desire. Commercial access point systems allow you to have complete control using your CCTV cameras and membership databases. 

There are a few scenarios that this could come in handy for due to these reasons: 

Car park barriers have readers that can automatically recognise specific number plates for each staff member within your database; the barriers will open as they approach.

Automated bollards or security gates can detect when delivery vehicles or staff members are approaching your factory, warehouse or construction site, leading them to open and provide access immediately.

CCTV cameras have the technology to video record each driver and vehicle that gains access to your property. Such is helpful if you experience forced entry or unwanted guests to report such instances. 

You can also control security gates via smartphones, which is helpful for companies that are more hands-on and busy, as you don't need to have someone manning an access button or controls throughout the day.

Commercial Access Control Systems

Secure Automation provides an excellent site survey that outlines all your requirements to provide you with the highest quality perimeter security that your commercial business needs to function without disturbances.  Our staff will assess the power supply to your fencing and gates that they join with, alongside the local geology, to ensure your underground motors are firmly fixed into the ground without obstructing any systems or terrain.

The fine line of protection for your business or company is the security gates that will prevent unwanted visitors and be the first thing many by passers and guests see. 

We want to help you present the right impression to your contractors and customers; therefore, we'll ensure to print the company logo on your if you wish. We can paint the gates with corporate colours to celebrate your company's design vision. Authorised personnel will be able to successfully enter whilst others will not and will require your further permission or management.   

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